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Updated November 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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PetFusion Premium Pet Blanket
Premium Pet Blanket
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Luxury Option
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This high-quality, luxury dog blanket is the ultimate source of comfort for your precious pups.


Double-layered micro plush allows for supreme pet comfort. Fabric does not shed. Reversible, 2-tone design. Machine washable. Available in various sizes.


Lint can shed off of the blanket after heavy machine washing.

Best Bang for the Buck
Bedsure Waterproof Dog Blanket
Waterproof Dog Blanket
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Most Versatile
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This waterproof blanket is meant to be thrown on the couch to protect it while making your dog more comfortable.


One side is microfiber fleece and the other is Sherpa, with the Sherpa side being waterproof. It’s machine-washable for easy cleaning and it comes in 6 sizes and 8 colors. Perfect for couches.


The microfiber side and the lining of the Sherpa side are not waterproof.

Comsmart Pet Blanket
Pet Blanket
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Lightweight Fabric
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A cost-effective choice for buyers seeking a pack of multi-colored dog blankets.


Extremely lightweight fabric great for car trips and carriers. Larger size is available. Offers adequate warmth despite its light design. The ideal size for smaller dogs.


Fabric was thinner than some customers anticipated. Seams can unravel after machine washing.

Bone Dry Microfiber Pet Blanket
Bone Dry
Microfiber Pet Blanket
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Soft & Comfortable
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The ideal purchase for customers wanting a cozy blanket with a pup-inspired style.


Polyester microfiber offers an exceedingly comfortable feel. Lightweight fabric for easy portability. Customers appreciate the supremely soft, luxury fabric.


Colors not true to online depictions. Does not hold up well for dogs that like to chew.

PetAmi Premium Waterproof Pet Blanket
Premium Waterproof Pet Blanket
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Easy to Clean
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Another top-quality pick recognized for its waterproof technology and sleek design.


Buyers rave over the blanket's 100% waterproof design; perfect for protecting furniture from pet messes. High-quality fabric holds up under indoor and outdoor use.


More expensive than other comparable products. Some buyers wish the blanket was thicker.


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Buying guide for best blankets for dogs

Just as humans like to find comfort and coziness at home, so too do our furry friends. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a dog – regardless of breed, size, or temperament – that doesn’t enjoy a soft and warm spot to relax. Blankets specifically made for dogs offer our pets relief. They provide a soft surface for lounging, warmth, and a sense of security and relaxation. They also protect furniture as well as prevent dogs from getting your household blankets dirty, smelly, or full of dog hair.

Blankets for dogs aren’t dissimilar to blankets for humans. They’re usually made of soft, thick fabric and come in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes. They’re also easy to wash and maintain. However, dog blankets have some useful dog-specific qualities. Many blankets for dogs are manufactured to be durable enough to withstand chewing, while others are waterproof.

You’ll find everything you need to consider when shopping for a blanket for your best friend in our buying guide.

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If your dog already has a blanket at home he likes, introducing a new one may be tricky. Try putting treats or toys on the blanket for him to find.

Key considerations


Dog blankets can protect furniture and car seats from dog hair and dirt. They’re ideal for wet dogs and dogs with chewing or clawing habits. Dog blankets can also offer comfort and warmth for dogs.

If you’re seeking protection, you’ll want a larger, more durable dog blanket that can withstand the elements and is big enough to drape across furniture or your car. For comfort, however, you’ll probably want a softer, smaller dog blanket.


Dog blankets are made from a variety of materials. Fleece blankets primarily provide warmth and comfort. Microfiber dog blankets are made with durability and protection in mind. Other dog blankets are made from velour for optimal plushness.


Picking the right size dog blanket is not necessarily reliant on how big your dog is. Size may come down more to your dog’s personality and habits. Some dogs like to burrow and be wrapped up cozily. Others just like something soft on which to rest. However, if you’re buying a dog blanket for protection, make sure it’s large enough to cover your furniture or car seats.


Some dogs have a greater need for warmth during the colder months. A thicker blanket made from fleece will provide warmth, but larger or furrier dogs may quickly get too warm. Similarly, a thinner blanket may provide comfort for a larger dog but little relief from the cold for a smaller or shorter-haired pet.


Some dogs are content to lie on top of a blanket, while others like to dig, burrow, and puff their blankets. If you have a pet that prefers to make his own bed, then a softer blanket is ideal. A stiffer blanket is preferable for covering couches or car seats that you’re looking to protect from wear and tear. These dog blankets move around less than throw-style blankets for dogs.



A waterproof blanket can protect car seats or couches from a wet dog. It may also provide protection from dogs who are prone to accidents inside the house. Waterproof blankets are usually not as soft and fluffy as other blankets for dogs, but they should prevent fluids from soaking the material underneath.

Colors and design

Blankets for dogs come in a range of colors and patterns, although most have a dog theme. Paw prints or dog bones often adorn the blankets, but different color options are readily available. So, while you’re purchasing a blanket for your dog, you can opt for a color that matches your decor or taste.

Value packs

Some blankets for dogs come in value packs of two, four, or even six blankets. This is useful if you have more than one pet or several spots around the house you want to use dog blankets. Plus, buying in bulk provides ready backups if your dog blankets tend to wear out quickly. Some packs also come with a dog bed or pillow.

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Did you know?
Dog blankets aren’t just for the cold. They can be used to provide paw protection from hot surfaces like asphalt during the summertime.


Dog beds

Best Friends by Sheri Shag Donut Orthopedic Dog & Cat Bed
Dogs also enjoy sleeping in a bed, and a blanket helps, too. A dog bed is the ideal place for your pet to feel comfortable and secure. Depending on your dog’s preferences, you can buy a large, flat bed or a dog bed with padding around the sides, like this popular shag donut bed from Best Friends by Sheri. Your dog may enjoy a blanket placed underneath for more comfort or on top for warmth and protection.

Dog toys

Kong Wobbler Dog Toy
If you think your dog might not embrace a dog blanket, opting for a dog toy and pairing it with the blanket can help. Dogs often like to retreat back to their spaces of safety and comfort with toys. This Kong Wobbler is one of the most popular dog toys on the market. It can be filled with treats and is virtually indestructible.

Dog treats

Pawstruck Joint Health Beef Jerky Dog Treat Chews
Similarly, treats may help your dog get used to the dog blanket if you’re trying to wean her off using human blankets. Placing treats, like these all-natural beef jerky chews from Pawstruck, on the blanket helps with association and familiarity. These chews contain glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joints, too.

Blankets for dogs prices

For under $10, you can find small blankets for dogs that provide warmth and offer some durability. You’ll have plenty of design and color options to choose from in this range.

Between $10 and $20 there are a number of options for dog blankets in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. You may also be able to find a value pack of two or three blankets.

Blankets for dogs over $20 tend to be the largest available. You’ll also find dog blankets that are waterproof and more durable.


  • While some companies may boast that their dog blankets are chew-resistant, there are always exceptions. Some dogs like to rip and chew, and no blanket will stand in their way.
  • If your dog has taken to a blanket, bring it with you from room to room, outside to the yard, and in the car on trips. Familiar toys, beds, and blankets provide comfort for your dog.
  • Dog blankets are relatively cheap and provide security for your dog. It’s best to have backups if one gets lost or ruined.
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Donate your old dog blankets. Dog shelters and rescues are always on the lookout for blankets, towels, and beds.


Q. How do I wash a dog blanket?

A. Most blankets for dogs are machine-washable. They can be washed like other blankets or towels. However, some consumers report that waterproof blankets can lose their protection after too many washes. For these blankets, consider hand-washing in warm water for the longest lifespan.

Q. How do dog blankets hold up outside?

A. Dog blankets can be used outside for dogs to keep warm in the evening or provide a space to lay out in the sun. However, they should not be left outside. Rain, cold, and heat will deteriorate the blanket over time.

Q. Do blankets for dogs withstand chewing?

A. While some blankets are more durable than others, no dog blanket is likely to withstand the dedication of a dog who enjoys chewing. Redirecting the chewing, using a dog toy or treats, can help prevent your dog from destroying the blanket.

Q. Can a dog blanket protect my furniture from dog hair?

A. Yes, to an extent. While dog blankets can provide a bit of cover so furniture doesn’t get covered in dog hair, it’s almost inevitable that some hair will persist. Vacuum regularly to get rid of dog hair around your house.

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