Updated May 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Lifebuoy Pool Alarm Pool Alarm System
Lifebuoy Pool Alarm
Pool Alarm System
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Most Comprehensive
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This high-tech pool alarm has an innovative design that makes it easy to childproof ponds or pools wherever you go.


Highly adjustable sensitivity. Comprehensive app. Automatically resets 10 minutes after swimming. Bluetooth connectivity. Alarm is loud. Has an in-home companion alarm. It's portable.


It's prone to go off during storms due to its high sensitivity.

Best Bang for the Buck
Pool Patrol PA-30 Pool Alarm
Pool Patrol
PA-30 Pool Alarm
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Best for Everyday Use
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This pool alarm is a surprisingly effective solution if you have a small pool or spa.


A fairly affordable model. Features adjustable sensitivity levels. Includes an in-home companion alarm. Simply floats on pool surface. Alarm is exceptionally loud. Especially easy to set up.


Best for smaller pools, unless you buy multiple pool alarms.

BCone Smart Floating Pool Safety Alarm System w/ Alexa and Google Assistant
Smart Floating Pool Safety Alarm System w/ Alexa and Google Assistant
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Simple Yet Solid
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The classic red alarm system connects to your phone and tracks things when you're not there, too.


This connects to smart assistants for increased convenience. You can connect up to 4 pool units with 1 home unit. Swim mode turns the alarm off when you aren't using the pool.


It doesn't work well in wind. No titles or tags on the video files.

SwamCam Pool Alarm Camera System
Pool Alarm Camera System
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Easiest to Use
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This drowning prevention syndrome helps keep an eye on the pool when unexpected accidents happen.


This takes live video that beams straight to your smartphone without any hassle. There's an alarm system that directly dials emergency alerts and lets you know on your app. Buyers report life-saving results.


This one is pricey.

SPQ Brands YardGard Gate Alarm
SPQ Brands
YardGard Gate Alarm
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Safest Option
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Anyone with a gate or pool house and children in the area should consider kid-proofing easily accessible entryways with this reliable pool alarm.


Affordable. Easy to install. Optimized for windows, doors, and gates. Water-resistant. Especially loud alarm. Simple 1-touch entry for adults. Available in 2, 3, and 4-packs.


Batteries not included.


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Buying guide for best pool alarms

A backyard pool provides plenty of fun and healthy exercise for the whole family, but it can also pose a serious risk to unattended children and pets. A child or pet that falls into the pool can drown in a matter of minutes if no one is around to pull them out. That’s why a pool alarm is essential for every pool. Even if you don’t have kids or pets of your own, you want to protect family and friends and any young neighbors who wander into your yard. 

There are several types of pool alarms, but they all provide an audible alert (and, in some cases, other notifications) to let you know when someone has entered your pool area or entered the water. For increased security, you can pair different types of alarms so you don’t miss any activity in or around your pool. 

But for a pool alarm to be effective, you must be able to hear it when you’re inside the house. If your pool is some distance from the house, the alarm must be extremely loud or it might not be audible across a large yard. Many alarms are also designed to reduce the risk of false alerts, such as the alarm going off when a strong gust of wind blows across the water or an automatic pool cleaner is working. 

The Lifebuoy Pool Alarm System is our favorite option, offering highly adjustable sensitivity and a comprehensive app to make monitoring your pool as easy and stress-free as possible. If you’re on a budget, we also like the Pool Patrol PA-30 Pool Alarm because it boasts an extremely loud alert and easy installation that won’t damage your pool. 

Best pool alarms

Lifebuoy Pool Alarm System

The top pool alarm on our list floats on the water’s surface and uses motion detectors to sound an alarm when a person or pet falls in the water. What sets it apart from similar alarms is the comprehensive app that enables you to set up and control the alarm from your phone or another Bluetooth-enabled device. You can also use the app to adjust the alarm’s sensitivity and volume. This alarm works best in pools that measure 20 by 40 feet or smaller. If you have a larger pool, you can use two or more to cover the entire area. 

At 85 decibels, this isn’t the loudest alarm available, but you shouldn’t have a problem hearing it. It has a range of 50 feet from the base unit, which is less than some other systems, but you still have some versatility in where you place it inside your home. It comes with the lithium batteries needed for operation, so you can use the alarm right out of the box. 

Pool Patrol PA-30 Pool Alarm 

This affordable alarm is one of the easiest on our list to set up, and it won’t damage your pool structure or surfaces. You have plenty of control over the alarm because it offers several sensitivity levels. You don’t have to worry about false alarms while protecting children and pets. This alarm works in pools of any shape and effectively covers those that are 20 by 40 feet or smaller. If you have a larger pool, you can use additional units to protect the entire area.

At over 100 decibels, this alarm is very loud, so there’s little chance you won’t hear it. It runs on 9-volt batteries, which are easy to replace when necessary. 

BCone Smart Floating Pool Safety Alarm System

You can forget about false alarms with this smart pool alarm. Its advanced algorithm keeps it from going off when the wind blows, the rain falls or the automatic pool cleaner moves through the water. The alarm sounds from both the floating and home units. Best of all, it works with all types of pools, spas and even garden ponds that are 20 by 40 feet or smaller. You can add multiple alarms to cover larger pools as well. The device is portable, so you can bring it with you wherever you need to keep your kids and pets safe. 

This high-end alarm also offers a connected app so you can control the alarm remotely, even if you’re away from home. Plus the app is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can use voice commands to change settings. The Swim Mode makes it easy to swim without setting off the alarm, but the alarm automatically turns back on when no movement is detected for several minutes. 

SwamCam Camera Pool Alarm System

If a pool alarm alone isn’t enough to give you peace of mind, this model that offers 1080p full HD video monitoring might be for you. Using AI motion detection, this alarm sounds at the pool, inside your home and remotely on your smartphone. The connected app not only provides live video of your pool but also sends alerts, lets you talk to anyone poolside and allows you to make system adjustments. 

There’s a one-touch Emergency Dial in the event of an accident. And you can use the Auto-Arm to select a custom time for the system to restart if you forget. This system comes with a weatherproof keypad that makes it easy for guests to use the pool, and the hardware is guaranteed for a year. 

SPQ Brands YardGard YG03 Gate Alarm

If you need an alarm for the fence around your pool, this is one of our favorites and the most budget-friendly model on our list. The alarm is water-resistant to withstand splashing, and its one-touch bypass lets you enter the gate without setting off the alarm. It’s also versatile enough to use in other locations, such as sliding glass doors or windows, to keep your little ones safe.  

The alarm sounds at a very loud 120 decibels, so it can alert you wherever you are in the home. It also comes with mounting hardware and is battery-operated, so you don’t have to be a DIY electrician to set it up. 

Poolguard PGRM-2 In-Ground Pool Alarm

This convenient battery-powered alarm easily covers an area of 800 square feet, or pools measuring up to 20 by 40 feet, to keep your family safe. The in-house receiver has a 200-foot range, so you have plenty of options for where to place it. This system is tamper-proof, so the alarm sounds if it’s removed from the pool. You’ll be alerted with an 85-decibel chime if something falls in the water. This unit runs on 9-volt batteries you can find at any store, so maintenance is easy. The batteries usually last for a year, so you’ll typically only have to replace them once a summer. 

Blue Wave NA4212 Poolwatch Pool Alarm System

This convenient pool alarm system works for both aboveground and in-ground pools, making it one of the most versatile models on our list. It can detect objects that weigh 18 pounds or more, so it will alert you to most kids and pets that fall into the water. The system is designed to prevent false alarms, reducing the chances that it will sound due to wind, rain or an automatic pool cleaner. The in-house receiver has a 100-foot range to give you flexibility in where you place it.

This pool alarm sounds at more than 101 decibels, one of the loudest models on our list. The pool sensor runs on D batteries, but you can power the receiver with 9-volt batteries or an AC adapter to avoid having to replace batteries. 

PoolGuard DAPT-2 Water Hazard Pool Door Alarm

If you want an alarm that reacts quickly, this door alarm system sounds at 85 decibels in just 7 seconds when a child opens the gate. It keeps going until it’s reset, so you’ll never miss a thing. It also has a feature that allows adults to go through without triggering the alarm. The system runs on a 9-volt battery that lasts for about a year, and a convenient low battery indicator warns you so you’re never caught unaware. This pool alarm is made in the United States and backed by a yearlong warranty. 

IC ICLOVER Pool Alarm System

This unique pool alarm system doesn’t just sound an 85-decibel alert when something happens in your pool; the in-house receiver also flashes a red LED light, so it works well if you or someone in your family is hearing impaired. It works well for pools that measure 16 by 32 feet or smaller and can detect fallen objects that weigh 13 pounds and more. 

You don’t have to worry about kids or pets accidentally setting it off, because the alarm has accidental touch protection and won’t go off if someone bumps into it while swimming or playing. The receiver has a 300-foot range, giving you plenty of options for where to place it in your home.

What to know before buying a pool alarm

Pool type

Whether you have an in-ground or aboveground pool, you’ll want to be sure that the alarm you choose is compatible with your type of pool. This is especially important if you’re choosing an alarm that mounts to the pool wall. It might be more difficult to mount an alarm to a round wall than a straight wall.

Alarm type

Wall/fence-mounted alarms: These pool alarms provide a simple solution if your goal is to keep intruders out of your pool area. Opening the gate triggers the alarm, so you’ll know right away if someone is trying to break in. However, these alarms can be easily thwarted if the intruder simply jumps over the fence.

Personal immersion detectors: Parents interested in keeping young children or pets safe around the pool might want to invest in a personal immersion detector. A child wears a wristband (which can also be attached to a pet’s collar) that communicates with an alarm base unit. If a child or pet goes in the pool, the alarm is automatically triggered so that you can come to the rescue.

Pool-mounted alarms: These alarms can be mounted to the pool wall or float on the water with a tether connecting them to the edge. The alarm sounds when it senses waves or a substantial weight entering the water. There are also some underwater pool-mounted alarms that detect subsurface movements. One of these is a smart choice if you’re interested in an alarm that can both guard against intruders and alert you to anyone who may accidentally fall in the pool.

Alarm sensitivity

A pool alarm is a useful device but not if it’s responding to every leaf and twig that falls in the water. Too many false alarms could make you less inclined to use it. Manufacturers have found a way around this by instituting different sensitivity levels. 

Most alarms are set up so that they won’t sound unless something that weighs at least 15 to 20 pounds enters the pool. This should be large enough to detect most pets and young children while avoiding false alarms from leaves or other debris. The best pool alarms let you adjust the sensitivity level to minimize false alarms.


If you’re purchasing multiple alarms or a pool alarm with multiple components, such as a personal immersion detector, it likely has a base that sits outside the immediate pool area in a place where you can hear it if it sounds. In that case, you need to pay attention to the alarm’s range so you don’t position the alarm and base too far apart. Too far apart and the system may not work properly.

Some pool alarms connect to an app on your phone and automatically notify you if the alarm goes off even if you’re not at home when it happens. This is a nice option if you’d like to keep an eye on your home when you’re traveling.


Some pool alarms include a remote that enables you to turn off the alarm. Others require you to turn off the alarm at the base unit inside your home or at the alarm itself. A remote isn’t an essential feature, but it’s certainly convenient if your alarm isn’t within easy reach.

Additionally, you want your pool alarm to be loud enough to hear but not so loud that it wakes up the neighborhood in the middle of the night. Look for a pool alarm with an adjustable volume control.

Tips for using a pool alarm

  • Read the instruction manual first. Make sure that you understand how to use and maintain your pool alarm before you install it.
  • Know how to shut off the pool alarm. Teach all the adults in your household how to use the system to prevent false alarms. And always remember to turn the pool alarm back on when you’re finished enjoying the pool.
  • Replace the batteries in the pool alarm regularly. If your pool alarm uses batteries, be sure to replace the batteries on a regular basis to keep the alarm functioning properly.


Q. How much do pool alarms cost? 

A. Pool alarms range in price from about $80 to $300, and most cost about $100 to $175. You can expect to pay more for an alarm with specialty features, such as an app that controls the alarm from anywhere. But if you only need a basic unit to alert you to unexpected pool users, you shouldn’t need to spend more than $200.

Q. How much weight will set off a pool alarm?

A. That depends on the alarm. Most have adjustable sensitivity levels so you can control the amount of weight that sets it off. In general, pool alarms are set to go off if something that weighs about 15 to 20 pounds enters the pool.

Q. Can wind trigger a pool alarm?

A. If you have a pool alarm that’s triggered by waves on the water’s surface, wind could set off a false alarm. If this concerns you, you can try a pool alarm that sits below the water’s surface and picks up subsurface motion.

Q. Can pool alarms be used in hot tubs?

A. Many pool alarms should work in hot tubs. If you’re unsure, contact the manufacturer to find out.

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