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Updated November 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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Buying guide for best coleman grills

If you’re looking for a great portable grill, it’s nice to know the company behind them has the knowledge and experience to produce a durable, quality product. Coleman has that background.

In addition to Coleman’s excellent range of cooking appliances, it also manufactures a wide choice of gear from tents to coolers, airbeds to lanterns. Everything they do is designed to make it easy for you to enjoy the outdoors. So, whether you’re tailgating on a Friday night or setting off for a week in the wilderness, a Coleman grill provides you with the latest in portable cooking style and efficiency.

We’ve been taking an in-depth look at the entire selection so we can help you decide which one is right for you. We’ve made some recommendations that underline just how wide a choice you have, and in the following buying guide we look at all the technical aspects you’ll want to check out. We also answer several of the questions that crop up most often.

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If your Coleman grill has a closing lid, you can add smoky flavor by wrapping damp wood chips in foil, piercing the package, and heating it with your food.

Key considerations


If you’re buying a grill to use at home, you have a choice of electric, charcoal, or propane gas. However, unless you’re running a powerful generator, electric grilling isn’t really practical for tailgating or camping. Coleman does produce a compact charcoal grill, but carrying briquettes around isn’t always convenient. As a result, most Coleman grills run off of a standard 16-ounce (1 pound) propane bottle. They’re available everywhere, are small enough to be easily portable, and thanks to Coleman’s advanced fuel management, offer plenty of cooking time.


Overall size: In order to be fully portable, Coleman grills are all quite compact. They vary from the Fold N Go design that weighs just 10 pounds and can easily be carried in a backpack, to the RoadTrip models, the largest of which have their own wheeled stands yet tip the scales at under 50 pounds. Even these should fit easily in your car’s trunk when folded down. Still, if you’re packing other gear as well or stowing one in your RV, you might want to check the dimensions.

Grill size: To choose the model that suits you and your family best, you’ll want to look at the actual grill area offered, given in square inches (sq. in.), and the heat provided.

Burners: Up to three burners are provided, depending on the model. Rather than being round, they’re horseshoe shaped to ensure balanced heat across the whole grill surface. Where more than one is used, each is independently adjustable, allowing you to create separate grilling and warming zones.


As with all grills, power is given in British thermal units (Btu). While it’s difficult to relate Btu to actual cooking temperatures, experts agree that ideally you want upwards of 50 Btu per square inch for efficient performance. Do some quick math and you’ll see that Coleman grills range from 57 Btu to 70 Btu per square inch, so there’s more than enough heat to give your steaks a good sear!

Ignition: Instastart matchless ignition is offered with many Coleman models for quick and easy push-button lighting.


Weather protection

If it’s windy, grilling outdoors can be challenging. Coleman grills offer two solutions. Several of the smaller models have WindBlock panels (which can flip down for use as side tables), and most use Coleman’s PerfectFlow and PerfectHeat technologies, which maintain gas supply regardless of conditions. They also improve fuel efficiency, so even the largest models can run at full heat for as long as two hours on a single 16-ounce propane bottle.


Removable grill grates are porcelain coated, which helps maximize heat transfer and makes them easy to clean. Conveniently, they’re also dishwasher safe if you happen to be using the grill close to home. Grease management systems, and removable water pans on larger models, also keep cleanup time to a minimum.


On Fold N Go and RoadTrip models, the removable grill grates can be swapped for either griddle or stove inserts, making your portable grill even more versatile.

Larger models have side tables, which slide away neatly, built-in thermometers, and locking lids for safe and secure transport.


Meat thermometer: Kizen Instant Read Meat Thermometer
This is just what you need for grilling on the go, and it’s compact, clever, and cheap! The clear screen gives a reading in just a couple of seconds. You can set an alarm at the desired temperature. It turns itself off when closed, and there’s a useful hanging hole and magnet. It even comes with a spare battery.

Griddle: Coleman Fold N Go Accessory Griddle
A Coleman grill is a versatile cooking tool, but for things like pancakes, you need a griddle. This accessory is competitively priced, and it’s made of aluminum, so there isn’t much extra weight to carry around.

Carrying Case: Coleman Fold N Go Grill Case
A tough, zip-up nylon bag makes it even easier to carry your compact Coleman grill around, and this one is padded for extra protection. There are two draw-string pockets for 16-ounce propane bottles and an internal divider so you can add your griddle and cooking tools.

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They might be small, but never use a Coleman grill indoors. They give off carbon monoxide, which is odorless, invisible, and potentially lethal.

Coleman grill prices

Despite their quality and flexibility, Coleman grills remain very affordable.

Inexpensive: Propane Fold N Go models start at just $50, and the larger tabletop models are around $100.

Mid-range: If you want something with its own stand, you can get the Sportster for about $140.

Expensive: Even the hugely impressive top-of-the-range Roadtrip LXE is only $400.


  • Check for any restrictions. When camping or RVing, make absolutely sure you’re permitted to light your grill in that area. At different times of the year, restrictions may be in place to prevent wildfires.
  • Find the right spot. Set your grill up on as stable a surface as possible, in an area free from undergrowth, other obstacles that might trip you, or any overhanging branches or structures.
  • Keep kids and pets safe. Make sure your Coleman grill is away from play areas. Keep dogs tethered or in your RV while cooking. If children are helping, make sure they’re supervised at all times.
  • Don’t leave a fire hazard. Ensure that any charcoal is completely extinguished before you leave your grill, particularly at night. Dowse it with water or cover it with a layer of dirt.
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A temperature gauge only gives you an idea of the grill’s heat. It can’t tell you that the food is cooked properly. For that, you need a meat thermometer.


Q. Which of the Coleman grills is the most portable?
They’re all designed to be easy to move around, but the most compact are the Fold N Go models. If you choose the charcoal version, you have to think about carrying the briquettes. The propane version just needs a 16-ounce gas bottle.

Q. Are Coleman grills easy to clean?
They are, and many of the grates are dishwasher safe (you might want to check before ordering). Full cleaning instructions are included with each model, but it shouldn’t interrupt your fun for too long!

Q. Can I use full-size propane bottles with Coleman grills?
For portability they’re designed to run off 1-pound (16-ounce) gas bottles. They can be used with 20-pound bottles, but you need to buy an extra adapter and hose from Coleman.

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