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Updated November 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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Buying guide for best flagpoles

Flagpoles allow you to show your loyalty to country, state, school, or team by giving you a platform to fly your flag. They can also provide a festive way to fly your holiday cheer. An effective flagpole for the home will often come with a sturdy bracket to allow you to easily put up and take down the pole as needed. Flagpoles should come with hooks for flag hanging. Some will actually come with a flag.

Some flagpoles are more portable than others. Pricier flagpoles are likely to be more decorative and may last longer. Permanent flagpoles require ways to secure them, such as bolting them to a structure or cementing them down. It’s important to find weatherproof options that will stand up to the wind and weather while still being lightweight and easily portable.

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Consult the U.S. Flag Code before flying your American flag to make sure you are showing the proper respect.

Key considerations

Primary use

Whether you want a flagpole for tailgating, for displaying on your front porch, or for flying high over the neighborhood, it’s important to get the right one for your needs. If you just want a small flag to use during a barbecue, you probably don’t need a 25-foot pole mounted in concrete. Think about where and how you plan to use your flag in order to find the pole that’s best for your needs.


Some flagpoles are intended to be placed in a small holder mounted to an exterior wall. Others are designed to be installed permanently in the ground. Still others are made to be used only temporarily during an event or get-together. Look over the area where you plan to mount your flagpole to help determine which type you will need. You may have to alter your plans if the area you’ve chosen doesn’t allow for that kind of mounting.


Most flagpoles range from three to 25 feet high. Think about where you want to display your flag(s) and any obstacles that may prevent a clear view from the ground. You also need to make sure that there are no trees or other obstacles that might get in the way of a taller flagpole.

Single or multi-flag use

Some flagpoles have the capacity to hold multiple flags; others are too short or lack the proper fasteners. If you plan to display more than one flag on your flagpole, make sure you get one that allows you to do so. Some flagpoles are expressly designed for this use; others may be modified slightly to allow for it. But some flagpoles hold only one flag, so you’ll want to check the product specs before ordering.

Weather concerns

When choosing a flagpole, the weather in your area should be an important consideration. If you plan to install a 25-foot flagpole in your backyard which faces Lake Superior, you’ll need a flagpole (and a flag) that can sustain persistent high winds and rain. On the other hand, if you simply want to mount a small flag outside your front door in a suburban cul-de-sac, you won’t have the same needs.

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For your safety
When using a tire-mounted flagpole, follow directions explicitly when lowering. Not doing so could cause damage to your vehicle or injury to those in the area.


Rotating pole

Some modern flagpoles have a rotating option. This allows a portion of the pole to blow in the wind along with the flag itself. With a rotating pole, you don’t have to worry about your flag wrapping around the pole in high winds and obscuring itself. It should be constantly visible.

Decorative topper

If you want to make your flag even more pleasing to the eye, consider a flagpole with a decorative topper. Stars, eagles, and spheres are just a few of the available options. Some flagpole toppers even have special meanings. At the very least, a topper can add a little extra style to a flagpole.

Tire mount

Popular with those who like to fly their flag at tailgate parties and other sporting events, a tire mount is the perfect way to let your flag fly when you’re on the go. Tire mounts are typically used with wind-resistant portable flagpoles and standard outdoor flags.

Solar light

Some flagpoles come equipped with solar-powered lights at the top of the pole. These charge by the sun during the day and light up your flag at night. They are a great feature for anyone who wants to keep their flag up and lit overnight. Keeping a flag lit is a sign of respect and adherence to protocol.


A yardarm is a bar that crosses the flagpole on the perpendicular axis. The purpose of the yardarm is to turn a standard flagpole into a nautical flagpole. Ropes that go from the tip of the yardarm to the base of the flagpole are used to hang flags with nautical symbols.

Flagpole prices

Inexpensive: Flagpoles between $15 and $70 are generally smaller poles for wall-based or porch-based flags.

Mid-range: From $70 to $125, you’ll find flagpoles with more variety than those in the inexpensive range. These flagpoles include a number of ground-mounted and tailgate flags.

Expensive: The most expensive flagpoles, which range from $125 to $175, also tend to be the most permanent and durable. The majority of these poles are meant to be concrete-mounted and last for many years.


  • Make sure you follow the proper protocols for flying any national, military, or other flags to avoid any accidental signs of disrespect.

  • When purchasing a flag for outdoor use, make sure you choose one that will hold up in any kind of weather.

  • If you plan to fly flags in a neighborhood with a homeowners’ association, you will need to check the rules or get permission first.

  • Always use the proper leveling equipment when mounting a flagpole in the ground. Once the job is done, it’s difficult to go back and fix an uneven mounting job.

  • Make sure to only use weatherproof flagpoles outdoors. Indoor flagpoles do not stand up to the elements the same way that outdoor flagpoles do.

  • Never attempt to raise or lower a flag during a lightning storm. The pole could attract lightning and cause serious injury.

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Consider the wind level of the area when choosing a flagpole. You want to make sure the base and pole can withstand any winds that may come up.


Q. Will my flagpole rust in the rain?

A. Most outdoor flagpoles are made of aluminum or another metal with a rust-proof coating. Any outdoor flagpole should be free of rust for years before it needs to be replaced.

Q. Do I need to have my flagpole professionally installed?

A. That depends on the flagpole you have chosen and your level of comfort with do-it-yourself projects. Many modern flagpoles are easy to self-install.

Q. Can I use any material for flags on my flagpole?

A. No. If your flagpole is outside, you will need to purchase a flag that is meant for outdoor use. Otherwise, you could end up with a frayed and mildewed flag.

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