Updated June 2022
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Evans Sports Wooden Gun Rack
Evans Sports
Wooden Gun Rack
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Stylish Looks
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A beautifully made wooden model that holds up to 4 long firearms and accessories.


Constructed from solid wood and wood veneers. It has a timeless look that equally matches a rustic cabin or a den. Features predrilled mounting holes and hardware. Includes soft-stick Velcro pads to protect your gear.


Can only hold 4. Storage compartment does not lock.

Best Bang for the Buck
Johnson Brothers Felt-Lined Wall-Mount Hooks
Johnson Brothers
Felt-Lined Wall-Mount Hooks
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Great Bargain
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An affordable option if you only have 1 or 2 rifles that need hanging.


Tough metal hooks that blend in with any décor. Can accommodate rifles and shotguns of all sizes. Foam lining for extra grip. Simple assembly with 4 mounting screws. Reasonable price reduces risk for high-quantity buys.


Some have said that the foam lining is inconsistent from one hook to the next.

Savior Equipment Tactical Wall-Mount Rifle Rack
Savior Equipment
Tactical Wall-Mount Rifle Rack
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Best Capacity
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A favorite among collectors, this minimalist option securely holds up to 6 firearms.


Heavy-duty, powder-coated steel holds up to 150 pounds. Can be adjusted to hold rifles of different lengths. Prongs wear soft rubber to prevent scratching. Several colors available. Includes mounting hardware.


Users have commented the packaged mounting screws are poor-quality and should be replaced.

Hold Up Displays Vertical Gun Hanger
Hold Up Displays
Vertical Gun Hanger
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Simple Yet Solid
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A high-quality, vertical-display option that adjusts to accommodate any shotgun or rifle.


Yoke pivots to accommodate buttstocks of different sizes. Foam-covered hooks protect from scratches. Available in ash, cherry, oak, and black walnut woods. Strong, sturdy model that's easy to mount.


Not the ideal solution if you have several items that need hanging.

USA GunClub Shotgun or Rifle Rack
USA GunClub
Shotgun or Rifle Rack
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Versatile Pick
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A sturdy and well-made option that features a unique design.


Unique design that fits all shotguns and rifles. Made from steel with rubbery hydrophobic coating to protect from moisture. Fits easily into any space and is budget-friendly. Easy to hang and adjust. Mounting screws are included.


Included mounting hardware is a little flimsy, so you may want to supply your own.


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Buying guide for best gun wall racks

Many avid hunters and gun collectors like to display their most beloved guns for others to see. These guns may be displayed for decoration only, or they may be kept there for easy access in case of an intruder. Some gun wall racks can hold several guns of different calibers; others hold only one gun and promote it as a focal point.

Adding a gun wall rack to a room increases its rustic feel, especially if there are wooden walls or floors. A feeling of safety or comfort may come with it as well. Knowing that a gun hangs nearby reassures many who live in the middle of the woods or out in the country.

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Use a level when hanging a gun wall rack for both aesthetic and safety reasons. An uneven rack could cause a gun to fall off the rack and into a child's reach.


Single vs. multi-gun racks

Single-gun racks

There are gun racks available that consist simply of two hooks. Hung parallel to each other, the hooks hold one long gun, such as a rifle or a shotgun. A single-gun rack can be useful if you want to keep a gun near a doorway for easy access. It can also be used to display a favorite piece over a mantle or on a wall.

A more modern version of the two-hook rack is the vertical gun hanger. Two hooks that are connected to the same backboard act as a yoke for the buttstock of the gun. The gun hangs with the muzzle pointing downward. Again, this type of single-gun rack is useful for hanging near an entrance or exit for quick access.

There’s also a contemporary single-gun wall rack that acts as a small shelf on which to set the gun. Another piece accompanies the shelf-like structure, attaching to the wall over the shelf to hold the barrel of the gun. This type of rack is the most stable of the three because there’s no chance of the gun falling out of it. The rack is created to contain both the barrel and the stock in an upward position.

Multi-gun rack

Most horizontal multi-gun racks hold three to five long guns. The rack is constructed with notches for the barrel and stock to rest in. These racks are often made of wood, such as cherry or pine. Some sport decorative carvings or etchings; others are muted and plain.

A vertical multi-gun rack can hold as many as 10 to 15 long guns. The guns sit on the buttstocks, and the barrels point upward. These racks are less for decoration and more for function. They’re manufactured from welded steel and have rubber buffers to place the guns against.



The traditional gun wall rack is manufactured out of wood — usually pine or oak. One reason wood is a classic material is because of its decorative nature. Attractive etchings or rich stains can be added to the wood to increase its aesthetic appeal. However, hardwoods can be tricky to use for gun wall racks. Because of their sturdiness, hardwoods have a tendency to split along the grain of the wood if dropped or significantly bumped.


Metal gun wall racks are lighter than wooden racks. Despite the light weight, however, metal is durable and is resistant to heat (if a house fire should occur). Another positive aspect of metal gun racks is that they aren’t easily breakable. They won’t crack or warp like wood might. However, they are susceptible to corrosion, which can affect the integrity of the rack.


Magnetic gun racks use magnets to hold the guns tightly in the rack. The rack itself is a magnet, which attracts the metal of the gun barrels. Magnets are resistant to most elements, and they are affordable and convenient. One drawback of using a magnetic gun rack is the lack of aesthetic appeal. This material is prized for its functionality, not its looks.

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For your safety
A gun should never be kept within reach of children. If you store guns on a wall rack, hang it out of reach of children.


Extra compartments

Some gun racks boast extra compartments in which to store bullets, scopes, or other parts. The compartments may lock to ensure the safety of the contents. Other gun wall racks have a simple shelf beneath the guns where you can store extra materials. An open shelf like this obviously won’t lock, but it can be useful to have bullets ready and near the weapon.

Easy installation

Most gun racks can be installed in 15 to 30 minutes. The most difficult part may be finding a stud in your wall. If you’re installing hooks, they likely only require four screws and a power drill. Most gun racks come already assembled, which eases the installation process. There are no confusing instruction pamphlets or complex diagrams involved.

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Gun wall rack prices

The most affordable types of wall gun racks are single-gun holders. These are hooks or mounted yokes that cost between $10 and $30. Because of their simplistic design, it just doesn’t cost a lot for manufacturers to make the product.

In the $30 to $100 range, you will find horizontal multi-gun racks that can hold as many as five guns. If you’re an extreme gun advocate and own more than 10 weapons, a vertical gun-wall rack will be the best option. However, the price bumps up considerably for these racks. Expect to spend between $200 and $500.


  • If you’re the primary gun user, hang your gun wall rack at your shoulder height. That will make it easier for you to grab the gun on short notice.
  • Create a gun or hunting room that locks. That way, you can hang as many guns in the room as you’d like, and you will have more control over who has access to those guns.
  • Never hang a gun on the gun rack by the shoulder strap. It’s dangerous, and it’s not how gun racks are intended to be used.
  • Don’t try to use hanging hooks that aren’t made for guns. Gun hooks are tested and proven to hold guns; ordinary hooks found in the hardware store may not be strong enough.
  • Even though your gun is hung up, it’s important to keep the weapon clean. Regularly remove it from the rack for cleaning so it will be ready when you need it.
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For an extra bit of character, mount two hooked gun wall racks on an old barn board or piece of driftwood. Then, hang the entire piece on the wall. The hooks will still hold the gun, but now the entire display has a unique twist.


Q. How do I know how much weight my gun wall rack can hold?
The product should state the maximum weight allowed. If you are worried about the weight of the rack and the gun, screw the rack into a stud in the wall.

Q. Do I need to hang the rack from a stud?
If it’s a multi-gun rack, yes, you should hang it from a stud. Because of the weight of the rack itself plus the weight of the guns, it’s safer and more practical to screw the rack into a wall stud. Use a stud finder to make your job easier.

Q. Shouldn’t guns be stored in a gun safe?
A locked gun safe may be the safest place to store guns, but it isn’t required. A gun safe offers additional protection from outside occurrences such as fire, flooding, and robbery. Be sure to position your gun wall rack out of the reach of children.

Q Are there wall gun racks available for pistols?
Yes. There are some gun wall racks made specifically for pistols, but the options are limited because of how small pistols are. They don’t look as impressive on the wall, and they don’t take up as much space in a drawer or cabinet.

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