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Best ILIFE Robotic Vacuums

Updated October 2023
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iLife A10 Robot Vacuum
A10 Robot Vacuum
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Smartphone Operation
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An easy-to-use vacuum with on-unit controls and Wi-Fi capability that is easy to navigate.


Maps out the home automatically while in use. Controlled via a smartphone application and compatible with voice assistant devices. Works on various surfaces including thick carpets. Comes with a charging stand and dustbin.


May lose certain functionality after some usage.

Best Bang for the Buck
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The best value robot cleaner from ILIFE is geared for use on hard floorings like wood and tile.


The vacuum uses a more powerful, more robust motor to suck up more challenging debris. Can handle pet hair and stains by mopping up hardwood floors. The price point is exceptional for this combo unit.


Limited tank doesn't distribute the water uniformly.

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A good robot cleaner from ILIFE that offers basic cleaning features at a decent price point.


Easy to schedule and run automatically. Can control the robot in real-time with the included remote control. Self-charging features keep the vacuum powered without the user having to do anything.


Louder than other ILIFE robot options.

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Simple Yet Solid
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One of the best ILIFE robotic vacuums meant for hardwood floors.


Adjustable suction strength and motor power mean you can tailor the vacuum's use to different types of messes. Can schedule different cleanings throughout the day or week. Cleans without damaging hard surfaces.


Limited self-charging capabilities will not force the vacuum to return to the charging port when low.

iLife A4s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner
A4s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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Suction Boost
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A remote-controlled robot vacuum that increases suction automatically on carpets.


Comes with a remote control and has an on-unit button. Includes a device that creates a virtual wall to stop vacuum from operating past the barrier. Charges itself automatically. Remote features a timer. Has a 12-month warranty.


Dust bin may need to be emptied frequently.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best iLife robotic vacuums

ILIFE robotic vacuums are designed to handle a variety of surfaces and are an affordable alternative to other competing robotic vacuum brands. ILIFE vacuums have a lower profile than many other robotic vacuums, allowing them to slip under low furniture with ease. With smart panoramic navigation, a longer-than-average battery life, and high-performance filters, ILIFE robotic vacuums are designed to make cleaning your home easier.

Choose a robot device from one of the three ILIFE model series depending on your cleaning needs. ILIFE offers vacuums with mopping and vacuuming capabilities that can clean hardwood and carpeted floors. The company sells models at various price points and with a variety of features to choose from.

ILIFE sells the ideal robotic vacuums for the budget-conscious homeowner seeking a straightforward, hands-free cleaning experience. If you’d like to learn more, continue reading our buying guide. If you’re ready to buy, check out our top recommended models.

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Read product specifications to make sure the ILIFE robotic vacuum you choose can handle the depth of your carpet’s pile.

Your floors

Before picking an ILIFE vacuum for your home, do a quick check of your floors. Are they mostly hardwood or carpet? The vacuum series you select will depend on the type of flooring in most of your home. Here are the ILIFE vacuum series:

A series

These robot vacuums are ideal for cleaning carpeted floors.

W series

These machines are designed for wet mopping hard floors and don’t feature a vacuum function.


These robot vacuums are two-in-one devices that offer both wet and dry cleaning modes. They are some of the most affordable dual-mode models on the market.

ILIFE robotic vacuum features

Pick a vacuum model that’s designed for your home’s main flooring type, but don’t forget to choose a device with features that suit your needs, too. If you don’t want to run the vacuum at the same time every day, pick a model with scheduling capabilities. If you aren’t interested in emptying the dustbin each time the vacuum finishes, opt for a model with an extra-large dustbin. While features vary from model to model, here are a few important ones to consider when selecting your new ILIFE robotic vacuum cleaner.

Water tank

Unlike other robotic vacuums, ILIFE mop-enabled devices are equipped with a special water tank. The technology allows water to flow only when the machine is moving through your home, which prevents water from pooling on your floors.

Dust bin

The size varies from model to model, with a maximum capacity of 750 mL.


ILIFE vacuums have a slim profile, so they’re capable of maneuvering under most pieces of furniture without getting stuck.


An advanced panoramic navigation and route-planning system is featured in several higher-end ILIFE models. The sensors allow the device to scan a room to increase its efficiency and avoid obstacles, keeping the robotic vacuum from falling down the stairs or bumping into furniture. Models equipped with this technology are less likely to pass over an area that’s already been cleaned.


Many models have sturdy, RoadRover wheels that allow for easy navigation and enable the vacuum to easily transition from surface to surface without getting stuck or overloading the wheels.


ILIFE robotic vacuums have a runtime of up to 140 minutes, though this number can vary by model.

Auto charging

ILIFE machines are capable of heading back to their charging station as soon as a low battery is detected. Once fully charged, the unit picks up where it left off.

Voice feedback

Most ILIFE robotic cleaning devices offer voice feedback and can provide homeowners with a vacuum status update. This feature alerts you when your vacuum gets stuck or the battery is low.


Nearly all ILIFE models are equipped with a scheduling function that allows you to choose when the vacuum runs throughout the week.

i-Dropping technology

If you have hardwood, vinyl, or tile flooring, consider an ILIFE vacuum with i-Dropping technology. The wet mopping feature is designed to drip water as the vacuum moves so that your floors are cleaned evenly.


Certain models are compatible with the ILIFE Electrowall barrier, which allows users to keep the vacuum from entering areas or rooms that might pose a navigation issue or are currently occupied.

ILIFE robot vacuum prices

ILIFE offers some of the most affordable robotic vacuum cleaners on the market. You won’t pay more than $300 for an ILIFE robotic vacuum. The least expensive models include several older V- and A-series cleaners. You’ll pay a premium for the newest versions, which typically have better navigation and improved cleaning technology.


  • Check your home first, especially if you have kids or pets. Before unleashing your robotic vacuum cleaner, remove cables, wires, toys, and other items to keep the vacuum from getting tangled up and stopped in its tracks.
  • Read the instructions. Get acquainted with your device’s instruction manual before you use it, so you’re not left scratching your head when your robot starts beeping or talking to you.
  • Position the charging station correctly. Keep the vacuum’s charging station in a convenient location and in a spot that’s not blocked by obstacles so your vacuum can easily return back to its home. If your vacuum continues to shut off during a cycle without returning to its base, consider repositioning the charging station to make sure it can reach the base before it runs out of battery power.
  • Empty the dustbin and check the vacuum regularly. If your vacuum isn’t effectively sucking up debris, it might be time to empty the dustbin. Check the wheels and brushes periodically and clean out any tangled hair or dirt to keep your machine running smoothly. Clean the vacuum’s sensors occasionally, too.
  • Confine your vacuum to one space. If your home has a lot of rooms, you may find your vacuum has trouble navigating it. You can avoid missing a spot by closing your vacuum in one room or using the ILIFE Electrowall barriers (if your vacuum has this feature).
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Some models have a dustbin detector that alerts you when there’s no dustbin or when the dustbin has been improperly installed. This prevents the unit from sucking in dirt and clogging the machine’s parts.


Q. Will this type of robotic vacuum leave scratches on my wood floors?

A. No. Most robotic vacuum cleaners are designed to gently pick up dirt and debris on all types of hardwood flooring without leaving scratches behind.

Q. Which parts of the robotic vacuum need regular maintenance?

A. Any brushes on your vacuum will need to be replaced regularly. You’ll also need to replace the device’s filter once in a while. Eventually, the robotic vacuum cleaner’s lithium-ion battery will also need to be swapped.

Q. Can I use an ILIFE vacuum to suck up water on my floors?

A. No. Do not use your robotic vacuum cleaner to vacuum up liquids. This may damage your machine. Even the mopping-enabled devices aren’t designed to suck up water.

Q. My ILIFE vacuum isn’t charging, what’s going on?

A. Check the charging plates on your device and on the docking station. Dirty sensors may prevent proper charging. Pick up any obstacles around or near the charging dock so your vacuum can easily find its way there without getting pushed off its base.

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