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Best Storage Trunks

Updated October 2021
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Southern Enterprises Pyramid Storage Trunk Cocktail Table
Southern Enterprises
Pyramid Storage Trunk Cocktail Table
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With its mission oak finish and gleaming hardware, this practical storage trunk doubles as a table and adds a touch of rustic charm to any room.


Sturdy construction and supports up to 180 pounds of weight. Plenty of space inside; many users find it ideal for linens or toys. Despite capacity, it has a relatively small footprint. Fits even in smaller living rooms. Goes with many different styles of decor.


At 61 pounds, the trunk is somewhat heavy and not designed to provide portable storage. Several users found assembly to be time-consuming.

Best Bang for the Buck
SONGMICS Storage Chest with Lid
Storage Chest with Lid
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An affordable storage solution with a nice design.


Both stylish and budget-friendly. It features handles and a lid that will keep items out of sight when needed. Perfect for any room, this trunk is both foldable, waterproof, super convenient, and easy to use.


Some buyers found that the material wasn't very solid.

Sorbus Storage Ottoman Bench
Storage Ottoman Bench
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Collapsible storage option that comes in 7 colors and is ideal for up to 370 pounds of storage.


Versatile design can blend into the room or become an accent piece. Lid is sturdy enough to be a coffee table, footrest, and seat. Faux suede, padding, and top stitching combine well to provide an elegant look to an otherwise budget-friendly piece.


Not the strongest construction due to its collapsible design, and some users reported that the lid broke after light use.

eHemco Heavy Duty Water Hyacinth Storage Trunk
Heavy Duty Water Hyacinth Storage Trunk
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Most Stylish
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This is a solid storage trunk perfect for household items.


This stylish storage trunk will look great in any room. It is large enough to fit books, blankets, or other accessories. Made of water hyacinth, and features handle cutouts so it can be moved easily from room to room.


Some buyers had a bit of difficulty assembling this storage trunk.

Household Essentials Large Vintage Decorative Home Storage Trunk
Household Essentials
Large Vintage Decorative Home Storage Trunk
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Simple Yet Solid
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Antique-style trunk that is great for a decorative storage solution.


This vintage-inspired storage trunk is great for guest rooms, living rooms, and more. Made of leather and features three drawers to help you organize items. Very good reviews and a great accent piece for your home.


This trunk is not waterproof, so keep away from moisture.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best storage trunks

Many of us have items in our home that we want to access easily, and it’s not always practical to keep them stowed in a closet, attic, or basement. If you’re looking for a solution so that your linens, toys, or tools can stay within easy reach, a storage trunk may be your best bet.

Storage trunks are large, well-constructed chests that hold a variety of items. Because of their strong build, they become long-term investments as both furniture and storage solutions. In addition to holding your possessions, some storage trunks double as seating.

While you may be familiar with traditional wooden trunks that sit at the foot of a bed or the old-fashioned footlockers used in travel, there is a myriad of other types as well. Small trunks are popular additions to children’s playrooms. Plastic storage trunks are large enough to store equipment like bats, rackets, and tools. More ornate, decorative trunks are also available, and they are as functional as they are decorative.

If you’re ready to find a winning combination of home décor and storage solutions, we invite you to check out this buying guide.

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Always consider future uses for your storage trunk. If you plan to use it once, aesthetic details might not matter much. If it’s something that will be in your home for a while, opt for a model that matches the décor of different rooms and spaces.

Key considerations


Storage trunks are designed to accommodate collections of items, and they come in a variety of sizes. Small storage trunks are generally around the same size as a child’s toy box — between two and three feet in length. Traditional wood trunks have the largest range of sizes, though they make up the bulk of mid-size models. Many of these stretch between three and four feet long. The largest trunks are often footlockers and plastic storage models that can hold larger items. These are usually between four and six feet long, though there are some smaller and mid-size versions available.

Size is expressed in different ways, but most trunks are notated in terms of length, width, and height. Makers of plastic storage trunks often list capacity in quarts or gallons, too. Weight capacities may also be listed — especially since some storage trunks are designed to perform double duty as seating options.


When choosing a storage trunk, consider what you’ll be keeping inside. If you’re looking to store linens, towels, or clothing, a cedar-lined model may be ideal. The material helps keep fabric dry and preserved.

Toys and games can fit in nearly any storage trunk, though you could opt for a kid-friendly model with special safety mechanisms for hinges. For tools and sporting goods, consider a plastic storage trunk. These are designed to handle heavy metal and oddly shaped items.

Long-term plans

What are your long-term plans for your storage trunk? Some can function as furniture and could be placed in different rooms as you redecorate your home over the years. Others are simply storage solutions. The best of these trunks are reliable and durable enough to withstand years of use.

Down the line, if you decide you don’t want to keep your traditional wooden storage trunk as is, you could repaint it, refinish it, or even re-gift it to a beloved family member. Similarly, a child’s storage trunk could be repurposed once it’s no longer useful for toys — perhaps as a mudroom addition. When you’re finished using your plastic storage trunk for a move or a job, you could keep it in your garage for the storage of off-season sporting equipment or tools you don’t use very often.

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Expert Tip
If you’re buying a storage trunk for children, check for hinge safety mechanisms. The lids are specially designed not to close on their own and are sometimes featured on toy chests.




Wood is an excellent material for storage trunks. It’s an enduring material that keeps contents dry — especially cedar-lined models. Cedar contains oils that naturally repel moths. Although effective, cedar doesn’t completely prevent moths or other pests, so if you’re storing wool garments in your trunk, opt for an extra layer of protection with a sealed, moth-free garment bag.


Some storage trunks are made of metal, and many have toolbox-like elements. Not only are they functional, but they’re also trendy and decorative with a variety of finishes and hardware. What’s unique about metal models is that they often come in sets of two or three, so you can achieve a styled, coordinated look by stacking them or spreading them around a room.


Plastic storage trunks leave something to be desired when it comes to aesthetics, but many are highly functional. You might use a plastic storage trunk to house sporting goods or tools. Some are rugged enough to be kept outdoors. Many are airtight and leak-free, unlike other trunks. If you’re looking for something with locks, wheels, or removable interior compartments, you may be able to find these features in a plastic storage trunk.


The storage trunks of the past often locked, mostly because they were used for travel — think transnational trains and cross-Atlantic trips of the last century (or two). Locking trucks still serve a purpose, especially those used in moving, but now they’re more decorative than anything else. For ones that do have functioning locks, you’ll see padlocks and embedded locks that come with keys.


Some storage trunks are equipped with wheels. The wheels should be exclusively picked by the manufacturer to handle weight limits of both the trunk and its contents. Some models have swivel casters for 360-degree mobility. Others, especially footlockers and those trunks found in storage trucks, only roll back and forth.


Storage trunks with portability features are usually equipped with handles. These are typically made of metal or plastic and built to withstand a lot of handling. For footlocker models, the handles tend to match the rest of the hardware of the trunk.

"The stylish, iconic footlocker is making a big comeback in interior design and home décor. "

Storage trunk prices

Storage trunks that the average citizen might consider range from $35 and $200, although there are expensive models on the market that push $2,000.

For $35 to $60, expect to find storage trunks made with materials other than wood, particularly plastic and other synthetic materials. These aren’t always the most aesthetically pleasing items, but they do the job on a tight budget.

Storage trunks between $70 and $100 are more design-driven and take on attractive features, like wheels and carvings. Many of these end up becoming staple pieces of furniture.

Storage trunks between $100 and $200 tend to be much trendier, with far better hardware for trim, hinges, locks, and handles. These products are often constructed with high-end wood, flush edges, and seamless panels.

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Expert Tip
For a storage trunk that will double as seating, consider a bench cushion or some decorative throw pillows.


  • Use bug-proofing techniques. If bugs are a major concern, take advantage of mothproofing and pest control solutions. This shouldn’t be limited to the area around your storage trunk. Consider a house-wide treatment annually with pest control.
  • Turn it into a living room surface. Bring your storage trunk into the living room to become an extra surface and conversation piece. The trunk could serve as a coffee table, footrest, or extra seating.
  • Maintain the finish. Although storage trunks are built to last, it’s important to maintain them with the proper products, whether it’s wood polish or gentle surface cleaners.
  • Give as a housewarming gift. Especially for first-time homeowners, storage trunks are unique and functional gifts. New homeowners often find themselves spending money to furnish their new place; a storage trunk is a sentimental and functional addition to a new living space.
  • Keep a plastic storage trunk in your RV. If you enjoy camping and road trips, invest in a plastic storage trunk to store equipment and to serve as seating.
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You could benefit from organization solutions inside your storage chest, especially if you keep a multitude of items in it. Magazine racks, shelving, storage bins, and drawer dividers can help you maximize space and prevent smaller items from getting lost inside.


Q. Should I put wheels on my storage trunk?
You could, but keep in mind that it would involve some carpentry to properly secure the wheels. You’ll also need to seal off any new holes to keep dust and insects out of the trunk. Another option is to hire a carpenter or cabinet maker. It’s a small job for them, and they have the tools and experience to do it the right way.

Q. Do I need to line my storage trunk?
It’s not necessary, and it probably should be avoided, especially if you have a cedar-lined trunk. Cedar is what keeps moths and other pests at bay, so you’ll want it exposed to the content if you’re keeping fabric inside. As for other materials that make up the inside of a trunk, most of these are designed to protect and preserve the contents — so there’s really no need.

Q. Does a storage trunk need to be heavy to be sturdy?
Storage trunks are designed to hold a reasonable amount of weight, and even lightweight models of good quality can hold up to a few hundred pounds. Solid wood trunks are attractive and have a reputation for surviving for generations, but many other trunks built with other materials are also strong and have lasting power.