Updated October 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Intex Inflatable Furniture Corner Sofa
Inflatable Furniture Corner Sofa
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Best for Large Spaces
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Large corner air sofa perfect for living rooms and times when more seating is required.


This is great when you have guests over and need extra, temporary seating. The top is waterproof, protecting against spilled drinks. Features a 2-in-1 valve that makes setup and breakdown quick. Can seat several people at once.


This couch has some longevity issues; it tends to deflate after a short time.

Best Bang for the Buck
Alpha Being Inflatable Lounger
Alpha Being
Inflatable Lounger
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Bargain Pick
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Durable and portable air sofa made with convenience and comfort in mind.


Air sofa is lightweight, cheap, and comes in a variety of colors. Features ergonomic design, and includes pockets and cupholders for convenience, and stakes for secure placement. Also includes a bottle opener.


Just over 6 feet long when inflated. May only stay inflated a couple hours at a time.

Mockins 2 Pack Inflatable Loungers
2 Pack Inflatable Loungers
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Portable Convenience
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A unique, lightweight air sofa with longer lasting inflation that is sold as a set of 2.


These air sofas are ideal for camping, outdoors, or when you need extra seating. They are available in 7 color options. No air pump needed. Simple to bring along on trips and outings. Very affordable price. Portable and convenient.


These are not very easy to inflate and may take some time.

Fatboy Lamzac the Original Inflatable Air Lounger
Lamzac the Original Inflatable Air Lounger
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Simple Yet Solid
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Bring this inflatable lounger with you anywhere for ultimate comfort.


Great for days at the beach or for outdoor sporting events. Available in 9 bright color options. No pump needed. Nylon material resists liquids and dirt. Easy to bring with you in the backpack carrying case. Lounger is very budget-friendly.


This lounger may leak sometimes, and material can rip easily.

JSVER Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa
Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa
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Long Lasting
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Durable, waterproof, and long-lasting inflatable lounger at a great price.


One of the cheaper loungers out there. Durable fabric means it will withstand more usage on different surfaces. Company says inflation will last 24 hours. Made with a headrest. Will float on water.


Only fits 1 person. Only 2 color options available.


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Buying guide for best air sofas

Traditional sofas are often quite the investment. Plus, they are less-than-portable pieces of furniture. Air sofas, however, are inexpensive, mostly easy to set up, and highly mobile without sacrificing comfort.

Air sofas are inflatable couches that provide short-term, portable seating inside the house and out. You can choose a traditional inflatable couch, which works well in a guest room, den, or kid’s room. However, a newer option is an air lounger, which is best enjoyed away from the house. An air lounger’s lightweight and quick inflation without the need of an air pump offers convenience for camping, hiking, or relaxing in a park or on the beach.

Air sofas are a great addition to any outdoor excursion, but understanding how they work and what they can withstand is important. Our buying guide covers everything you need to consider when shopping for an air sofa. You’ll find our five favorite products in the matrix above.

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It’s not uncommon for air sofas to have a puncture. The easiest way to locate a puncture is to submerge the sofa in water and seek out the air bubbles emitting from the hole.

Key considerations


There are essentially two different types of air sofas: air loungers and inflatable couches. The two types differ in how and where they are used as well as in price, longevity, and comfort.

  • Air loungers: Air loungers have grown in popularity over the last decade, especially with a younger generation of campers, beachgoers, and travelers. They do not require an air pump and instead are inflated by “catching” the air. The lounger is a long piece of fabric with an open end. By moving quickly while holding the mouth open, air will get inside the lounger and fill it up. You then tie the end off quickly to keep the air inside, and the lounger is inflated. This technique takes a bit of time and sometimes some luck to get the hang of. Once you do, however, you can inflate an air sofa very quickly. Air loungers are lightweight, mobile, and usually fit a single person.
  • Inflatable couches: Inflatable couches bear a closer resemblance to traditional couches. An inflatable couch is akin to an air mattress. An air pump is used to inflate the unit, and a durable fabric cover makes for longer, more stable use. Whereas air loungers may deflate slowly over a period of hours, inflatable couches stay inflated far longer and provide better comfort. As a result, they are more expensive than air loungers.


Air loungers are best utilized where mobility and convenience are important, particularly outside. Inflatable couches, meanwhile, are meant for indoor usage and are usually associated with playrooms or game rooms. An inflatable couch fits nicely in a guest room as well and can work as a bed for overnight company.


Whether you’re buying an air lounger or inflatable couch, size is a factor, but this is especially true for air loungers. That’s because they tend to only fit a single person, and some shorter loungers may not give taller users the full air-lounging experience.

Weight allowance

Air sofas have varying weight capacities. Be sure to check the maximum weight allowance before purchasing. While it’s common for air sofas to support 400 to 500 pounds, some inexpensive models may only support up to 200 pounds.


Indoor inflatable couches are simple to inflate: just connect an air pump and turn it on. Air sofas are trickier and require some physical effort by running and quickly catching air. If there is too little of a breeze, inflating an air lounger may prove difficult.


Any decent air lounger will work as an inflatable floating device on water. However, most companies do not advertise this use because air loungers are not necessarily made to withstand water. They are not life-saving devices, and they can topple or deflate easily if not properly inflated. Floating can be a nice perk, but it shouldn’t be the main reason for buying an air sofa. If you want to relax in the pool, invest in a proper pool float.


Most air sofas come in a wide range of colors and patterns, so you can pick a model that complements your home’s decor or appeals to your taste.


Pockets and pouches

It’s best to keep your pockets empty when lounging on an air sofa for optimal comfort and to avoid poking any holes in the fabric. Some sofas have pockets or pouches where you can store keys or a wallet. Pockets are also great for keeping magazines or books at the ready between naps.


Some air sofas come with cupholders, which are another useful feature for maximum lounging. Cupholders will keep your beverage close by and secure.


Headrests are common on most air sofas. If you intend on spending a considerable amount of time lounging, you will want some head and neck support. Many companies tout the ergonomic design of their air sofas, which usually means the sofa has a headrest for better comfort.


Air loungers should be secured when used outdoors. Any amount of wind can pick up an air lounger and blow it away. Some companies include a set of stakes for securing the sofa in the ground or sand.

Satisfaction guarantee

There are many companies selling similar air loungers. In order to set themselves apart, some manufacturers offer various satisfaction guarantees, ranging from a few months to one year to a lifetime.

Air sofa prices


For less than $25, you’ll find basic air sofas. These will mostly be single-user air loungers with various degrees of durability and manufacturer guarantees.


A greater assortment of air loungers is available between $25 and $50. These air loungers usually come from better-known companies, feature a higher weight allowance, and offer longer satisfaction guarantees.


For over $50, you’ll find inflatable sofas that resemble traditional couches and require an air pump. Price increases with size, but any high-end air sofa will support a great deal of weight and be made for indoor seating.


  • Practice inflating your air lounger. Catching air and filling up the air lounger can take a bit of work. It’s worth practicing until you get the technique down before trying to inflate the air sofa when you need it.
  • Always keep an air sofa secured. An air sofa is a perfect kite. It’s lightweight and has a lot of surface area, so any little bit of wind will catch it and send it on its way.
  • Stay on top while floating. Air sofas can be great loungers in a pool or on a lake as they are naturally buoyant. However, getting onto one from the water can be especially difficult and may submerge the sofa.
  • Use air sofas for naps, not for sleeping. Because it’s hard to guarantee how long an air sofa will stay inflated, it’s best not to rely on one for sleeping. You don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night on a flat sofa.
  • Weight allowance is different from force. An air lounger may tout a high weight allowance but settle in gently. The speed at which you sit on a lounger increases force, which can rapidly rise above the air sofa’s weight threshold.

Other products we considered

As air sofas have become more and more popular, the number of options from which to choose has also multiplied. The AOMAIS Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa comes at a decent price in a variety of colors and includes pouches to store items. The ORSEN Inflatable Hammock Lounger is similarly priced and comes with a one-year warranty. This air lounger is offered not only in a range of colors but also fun patterns like a starry night print. Lastly, the MIABOO Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa comes with a set of stakes to secure the lounger and boasts inflation that lasts up to six hours.

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An air sofa with a hole isn’t a lost cause. Superglue, proper duct tape, and some patience can repair a puncture.


Q. How long does an air lounger stay inflated?
. Catching the wind and tying off an end of a large piece of fabric will inflate an air lounger quickly but not endlessly. Most air loungers keep their size for a few hours, although some companies boast a full day of inflation. How effective you are at initially trapping the air as well as the intensity of your usage determines an air sofa’s longevity.

Q. How much do air sofas weigh when folded up?
If you’re buying an air sofa for camping, knowing the carrying weight is important. Most air sofas are under five pounds when rolled up in their carrying case, but some are lighter and sometimes every ounce is important.

Q. Do I need an air pump to inflate an air sofa?
. If you are purchasing an inflatable couch for indoor usage, an air pump is required but is usually not included with your purchase. However, most inflatable couches have two different holes that match common air pump nozzles. An air lounger does not require an air pump but is instead inflated manually by catching air.

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