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Best Lint Rollers for Pet Hair

Updated November 2023
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Evercare Pet Extreme Stick Plus Lint Roller Combo Pack
Pet Extreme Stick Plus Lint Roller Combo Pack
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Stickiest Choice
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A super-sticky lint roller that picks up pet hair easily and completely.


This combo pack includes 1 lint roller and 2 refills for a total of 180 sheets. Each sheet is extra sticky and picks up pet hair with a single pass. Includes an ergonomic handle for easy rolling.


The sheets are so sticky they can sometimes stick to each other.

Best Bang for the Buck
PetLovers Extra Sticky Lint Roller Set
Extra Sticky Lint Roller Set
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Most Comprehensive
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Comprehensive set for those with shedding pets featuring two rollers, three backups, and powerful adhesives.


Set includes two lint rollers with sizable and comfortable handles. Features five rolls in all, each with 90 sheets, for a total of 450 sheets. Handles have a convenient hole for easy hanging and storage. Solid value.


Inconvenient size for traveling. Lacks protective cover.

Scotch-Brite Lint Roller Combo Pack
Lint Roller Combo Pack
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Trusted Brand
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A good lint roller from a trusted brand that you can trust not to damage sensitive surfaces.


Includes a total of 475 sheets with an ergonomic handle. Sheets are easy to tear and the adhesive won't damage formal clothing or sensitive surfaces.


Isn't quite as sticky as some other brands.

Metkix Extra Large Lint Roller
Extra Large Lint Roller
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For Large Areas
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An extra-large lint roller that covers a large area in one pass and is great at picking up pet hair.


Roller is 6.3 inches wide, making it ideal for larger surfaces. Includes a protective cover so sheets don't pick up dust and dirt when not in use. Sheets are very sticky and pick up pet hair easily.


The short handle is a little awkward to use with such a wide roller.

Chom Chom Roller Pet Hair Remover
Chom Chom Roller
Pet Hair Remover
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Simple Yet Solid
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Quality-made roller that forgoes adhesive in favor of static electricity to simply and effectively remove unwanted pet hair from clothes and furniture.


Simple, straightforward usage without any adhesive sheets or need for a power source. Will not damage fabric. Brush system traps hair and dust in a small receptacle. Sturdy, light construction; easy to transport.


Pricey. May require frequent emptying and more force to remove tough hairs.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best lint rollers for pet hair

While pets provide much love, comfort, and unforgettable memories, chances are most dog and cat owners could do without the shedding hair. Some breeds of dogs and cats shed more than others, and that hair lingers and embeds itself easily, finding its way into carpet, furniture, and even clothing.

One of the best tools for removing pet hair from apparel is a lint roller. This simple, inexpensive device offers the means to keep your clothes and other items around the home free from pet hair, which can trigger allergies and unwanted reactions if it remains around for too long. Lint rollers designed for pet hair are similar in shape and design to other lint rollers, but they typically offer more power to remove thicker, more stubborn pet hair, mainly through the use of adhesives.

It’s important to find the right lint roller for your needs, lest pet hair stay where it shouldn’t. 

Shedding typically increases as noteworthy weather changes approach, so prepare to see more fur around during temperature increases and drops.

Key considerations

Roller type

Most lint rollers feature disposable adhesive sheets that are removed once they fill up with hair. The sheets are typically perforated so you can easily tear away what has been used and ready the next sheet. Once the entire roll is used up, you can purchase additional rolls.

However, there are some reusable options that cost a bit more upfront but can save you money over time. Most of these models collect lint and hair by static electricity, depositing debris into a little container that will need to be emptied after use, not unlike a vacuum cleaner. Other types feature a washable surface that will maintain its stickiness after repeated use and cleaning. Reusable lint rollers may not be as effective as disposable options on the first pass, though, requiring extra effort.


Most lint rollers are 3 to 5 inches long, an apt length for removing pet hair from clothing. Smaller options offer more portability, though they aren’t ideal if you're using the roller for larger surfaces, such as rugs or furniture. In that case, you may wish to seek out longer options. While most lint rollers are handheld, there are some that operate like brooms or mops, with a head of 1 or 2 feet designed to clean larger areas.


Most handles are ergonomically designed with a comfortable material that fosters ease of use. The handle may be perpendicular to the adhesive roller, requiring you to make movements similar to the way you’d move a broom or mop. This structure is suitable for rolling over flooring and furniture. But the traditional lint roller looks more like a wand, with the handle adjacent to the lint roll. These are easiest to use when removing lint from yourself, affording control and precision.

Most handles are 4 to 6 inches long, designed to fit comfortably in the hand. However, some boast longer handles to provide convenience when you’re trying to access hard-to-reach places and very large surfaces.

While shredding is a natural and healthy process in pets, excessive shedding could indicate a problem. Dehydration, poor food quality, or allergies can contribute, and it may be worth consulting your vet.


Sheets per roll

Each lint roller contains anywhere from 50 to 100 sheets. Those with more sheets per roll will be bulkier at first, which could be an issue if you want to keep the item in your coat or purse. However, a lint roller with more sheets per roll is typically a better value.

Notably, it’s expected that the perforated sheets will be easy to remove. However, some lint roller sheets are more difficult to separate than others.

Extra rolls

Some disposable lint rollers come with extra rolls of adhesive. Your purchase may include anywhere from one refill to four or five. Typically, the extra cost per refill is less than it would be if you bought refills separately.


Some lint rollers for pets feature a pleasant yet mild scent. This addition is unnecessary, though some users like it. Others prefer unscented lint rollers.


Adhesive rollers feature a cover to protect the exposed portion, though these covers vary in quality and ease of use. In some cases, the cover is a piece of nonstick paper. In other cases, the cover is a plastic sleeve that slides over the roller to protect it.

If you’re in a pinch, you can devise a makeshift lint roller by wrapping tape, preferably masking or duct tape, around your hand or a utensil with the adhesive side facing out to grab unwanted hairs.



Pet vacuum

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser
If your pet’s hair is getting on your clothes and furniture, it’s probably on your carpets and other flooring as well. We recommend investing in this powerful and effective vacuum designed for pet hair removal from Bissell, a trusted name in cleaning.

Dog brush

FURminator Short Hair Dog Deshedding Tool
You may be able to limit the amount of hair your dog sheds through proper grooming and coat maintenance. Check out this useful de-shedding tool that pulls up loose hair and helps maintain healthy fur.

Lint rollers for pet hair: prices


Small pet lint rollers cost between $5 and $10. For the money, you should expect a comfortable handle and, in most cases, an included refill.


Most lint rollers for pet hair cost between $10 and $20. Expect to see several options in terms of size and sheet number.


The largest lint rollers for pet hair, like those used on floors or carpets, cost over $20. You'll also find options in this range with higher sheet-per-roll counts and several refills.

Avoid using the roller directly on your pet to remove loose hair. It can cause discomfort and even damage the skin or fur, and it won’t be nearly as productive as brushing your dog or cat.


  • Keep it covered. The sticky surface will cause anything to stick to the roller. Therefore, when not in use, you will want to keep the material covered to avoid wasting sheets.
  • Have a few on hand. A lint roller for pet hair is only good if you have it on hand when you need it. Consider investing in more than one and stashing them at home, in a purse or backpack, and in your car.
  • Protect your clothes. While lint rollers can tackle most pet hair, cut off the problem at the source by storing your clothes in a closet or drawer and folding them in an area where the pets are not allowed.
Lint rollers, particularly larger ones, are a useful starting point for cleaning surfaces and rooms. They can pick up small, embedded items that some vacuum cleaners may struggle with.


Q. Are lint rollers safe for clothes and fabrics?

A. Lint rollers that use adhesive to remove lint and other particles from clothes will likely leave behind traces of adhesive on clothes, though it’s unlikely the adhesive will damage most clothes. Still, the residuals can become an issue for vulnerable fabrics over time. Consider not using an adhesive lint roller on more expensive apparel or anything plush, knit, fuzzy, or vintage.

Q. How can I curtail shedding?

A. While some shedding is inevitable, there are ways to limit and manage it. One of the best ways to curtail shedding, especially as the weather changes during the spring and fall, is through frequent brushing. Daily brushing of your pet can remove loose hair while keeping the coat clean and healthy. Quality food and proper hydration are also key to managing your pet’s coat.

During the winter, dry air can prompt increased itching and flaking, which can cause hair and other particles to escape into the air and onto surfaces. In this situation, we recommend using a humidifier to keep the air moist.

Q. Can my lint roller for pet hair pick up other items?

A. The adhesive nature of lint rollers offers myriad benefits when tending to messes. Use it to clean up anything that is too small, light, or dangerous to be picked up by hand, including bits of broken glass or plastic, grass clippings, glitter, and tiny bits of food. You can even use your lint roller for pet hair to remove human hair from surfaces.

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