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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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National Tree Company Winchester White Pine
National Tree Company
Winchester White Pine
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Most Realistic
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A gorgeous white Christmas tree by a top U.S.-based company that is built to last for many holiday seasons, according to our DIY expert.


We love this tree's durable, realistic branches that have the appearance of actual pine. Assembly is straightforward for setup and storage. Available unlit or pre-lit in several height options.


Doesn't appear quite as it does online. A few owners reported burned-out lights on pre-lit trees.

Best Bang for the Buck
Prextex 23-inch Mini White Christmas Tree with Warm White Lights
23-inch Mini White Christmas Tree with Warm White Lights
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Best for Small Spaces
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A miniature Christmas tree with miniature LED lights for your office or small room.


This may be under 2 feet tall, but it looks like it could be real. It's easy to assemble and put away. There are miniature ornaments and lights in the box with it. A great tree for college students who don't have space.


The stand is quite flimsy.

Vickerman White Salem Pencil Tree
White Salem Pencil Tree
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Modern Design
Bottom Line

If you are looking for a white Christmas tree with a unique look, chances are you'll like this model's pencil design.


Tall yet slim, which makes this option nice for contemporary decorating and rooms with limited space. Easy to set up. Comes in a wide selection of heights, from 4.5 to 8.5 feet.


Branches are a bit sparse, and some have obvious black wires. Customer service could be better.

National Tree Company Dunhill White Fir
National Tree Company
Dunhill White Fir
Check Price
Most Versatile
Bottom Line

Worth considering if you prefer the look of a fir tree for your Christmas decor. It's versatile, too, as it comes in many sizes.


Manufactured by a top name in Christmas trees, this model sports branches that look and feel like those of a real fir tree. Durable. Choice of heights from 4.5 to 9 feet.


Rare reports of quality control issues, such as branches that are missing white paint.


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Buying guide for Best white artificial Christmas trees

Maybe you thought your toughest decision regarding Christmas trees was whether to select an artificial tree or a natural one. Thanks to the non-traditional colors that are now available, including white artificial Christmas trees, your task is a little bit more complex than that.

White is one of the most popular artificial Christmas tree colors. A white artificial Christmas tree may not appear as “realistic” as an artificial green tree, but white trees certainly have a unique look. With the all-white color, they almost look like they are covered in powdery snow.

You can decorate a white artificial Christmas tree in a similar manner to a traditional green tree, or you can try something completely different. The use of white trees can spark some unique decorating ideas. Some people like to use a white tree as a themed tree, such as one that only holds candy canes or one with only metallic ornaments.

white artificial Christmas tree
A white artificial holiday tree should last around 10 years. Because they show grime and soil more easily than green trees, people may replace white trees more often than they replace green trees.

How to buy the best white artificial Christmas trees

Green vs. white artificial Christmas trees

White artificial Christmas trees and green artificial Christmas trees share many similarities. In fact, if you placed same-sized green and white holiday trees from the same manufacturer side-by-side, the color would be the only difference you would notice.

White is a popular enough option in holiday trees that you can find a wide range of shapes, sizes, and price points. Red Christmas trees are also available, though they are not quite as readily available as green or white.

If a red or white tree is not enough of a break from tradition for you, a number of other unique Christmas tree designs are also available.

Expert tip
With active pets and kids in the household, consider tethering your tree to the wall with a wall anchor and rope. This can prevent damaged ornaments, injured loved ones, and broken hearts.
BestReviews Home Improvement and DIY Expert

Tree height

White artificial Christmas trees come in a range of height options. Whether you want a tall white tree that nearly scrapes a vaulted ceiling or a small white tree that can sit on a tabletop, you are likely to find what pleases you.

The average white Christmas tree measures 6 to 7 feet tall. The smallest white Christmas trees may only be 3 feet tall, and the tallest white Christmas trees may stand 9 feet tall. In short, you should be able to find a tree of almost any height between 3 and 9 feet. A few white trees even fit outside this range, although the largest Christmas trees of 10 feet+ are typically green.

Tree shape

Finding the right shape of a white artificial Christmas tree is another important consideration. The shape of the tree you select comes down to personal preference and your available space.

  • Full: A full-size white Christmas tree has a wide girth and numerous branches. You will need a lot of space to accommodate the width and depth of it, although some full-size white artificial Christmas trees do have a flat side, allowing them to sit tight against a wall to conserve space.
  • Slim: Slim white Christmas trees are round with plenty of branches, but they have a narrow design. This is a good shape for a small space.
  • Sparse: A sparse design in an artificial tree means it has a small number of branches, leaving quite a bit of space between branches. This design is popular among people who want to view their ornaments from multiple angles.
Expert tip
I recommend buying a Christmas tree storage bag. You can keep your tree upright in a basement of a utility room neatly tucked away so all you have to do is fluff it when the season rolls around again.
BestReviews Home Improvement and DIY Expert

White artificial Christmas tree features

Built-in lights

Some white artificial Christmas trees have light strands built into the tree. Others require you to add your own strands of lights. A few white trees make use of fiber optics in the tree branches to create a unique look.

Type of tree

Artificial holiday trees are often modeled after a particular species of natural evergreen tree. Some of the available species in white artificial Christmas trees include the following:

  • Fir: Firs have lots of branches, yielding a full shape. This is the most common type of artificial white holiday tree.
  • Pine: Pines often have fewer branches, creating a sparse look. That said, some artificial white pines have a large number of branch tips, creating a full look.
  • Spruce: Artificial trees that attempt to simulate the spruce species look thinner than firs but thicker than pines.

Branch count

The number of branch ends impacts the fullness or thickness of a tree. White artificial Christmas trees with 1,000 or more branch ends appear full and thick. Trees with 300 or fewer branch ends have a more sparse design.

white artificial Christmas tree
Expert tip
If you opt for a shorter tree and want to add height, place your tree on a sturdy box or wooden platform to give it a boost.
BestReviews Home Improvement and DIY Expert

How much do white artificial Christmas trees cost?


The least-expensive white Christmas trees cost up to $50. These typically stand 5 feet tall or less. They are not excessively thick trees, containing a lower number of branch tips than average (usually less than 300). Inexpensive white trees may end up yellowing within a few years.


The average white artificial tree for the holidays costs $50 to $100. These trees usually stand 5 to 8 feet tall with several hundred branch tips. Some may have lights built into the tree structure.


The most expensive white trees cost $100 to $300 or more. Expect to find trees measuring 7 feet or taller in this price range. These are extremely full trees with 1,000 or more branch tips. Artificial green trees that have white flocking, or snow flocking, may appear in this price range, too. Some of these are pre-lit trees.

If a white Christmas tree seems wobbly on its included stand, use wood or plastic shims that you purchase at the hardware store to stabilize it.



  • Cover the stem. If you want a perfectly white tree that appears to have a full snow cover, you may want to use a white polyfill or a similar material and place it near the main stem in the center of the tree. Some areas where light connectors are visible or where branches connect to the main stem may show colors other than white.
  • Stick with off-white colors. To maintain the snowy look of a white tree, consider using ornaments and lights that are primarily white. White holiday lights, which may have a pale yellow tint, work well. Silver, slightly off-white, and champagne-colored ornaments are complementary to a white holiday tree.
  • Use bright colors. On the other hand, some people prefer bright colors with a white tree. When you have bright greens, blues, and reds in decorations for a typical holiday tree, they blend in with the green tree. But with a white faux Christmas tree, these reds, greens, and blues really pop and become the focal point of the display.
  • Use a tree skirt. Some people like to include a red or green tree skirt with the white tree, creating an offsetting color. You may want to add snowflakes or powdered snow to the tree skirt, making it appear as though the “snow-covered” tree dropped some powdery snow onto the tree skirt.
white artificial Christmas tree
Fluffing the branches is a good way to refresh the look of the tree and lengthen its useful lifespan. Instructions for fluffing the branches should be included.


Q. Are fake white Christmas trees tacky?

A. Not necessarily. A traditional green artificial holiday tree may always be the most popular, but white artificial Christmas trees can provide a nice change of pace or an accent piece in a holiday setup. If you like the look of a white tree, there’s nothing wrong with using it, regardless of whether someone else finds it “tacky.”

Expert tip
If you want to have a more bottom-heavy tree for better stability, consider mounting the stand to a square wooden plank. If you do this, line the bottom with felt so your floors are protected.
BestReviews Home Improvement and DIY Expert

Q. What artificial materials make the most realistic white holiday trees?

A. The majority of trees consist of various forms of plastic. While older trees may feature stiffer plastics, newer plastics have more softness and pliability. This gives faux white holiday trees more of a natural droop, like a real tree. They also feel nicer to the touch than older trees. Materials like PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and polyethylene are desirable.

Q. How do I pick the right size of white artificial Christmas tree?

A. As a general rule, a 6-foot tall tree is standard. For those who want a larger tree, leave about 12 inches of free space from the ornament you will place on the top of the tree to the ceiling. Some white Christmas trees are meant for smaller displays. These may only be 2 to 4 feet tall.

An infographic detailing what to consider when choosing a white artificial Christmas tree


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