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Best Pencil Christmas Trees

Updated March 2024
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Balsam Hill Sonoma Slim Pencil Tree
Balsam Hill
Sonoma Slim Pencil Tree
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Trusted Brand
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This simple yet elegant tree is pre-lit with LED lights.


It comes in three heights: 7, 9, and 10 feet. All of them are less than a foot wide, making them perfect for smaller homes or apartments. The 7-foot tree can also come unlit for more personalized decoration.


Some found it hard to hide the lights' cord inside the tree.

Best Bang for the Buck
HOMCOM Artificial Pencil Tree with 390 Realistic Branch Tips
Artificial Pencil Tree with 390 Realistic Branch Tips
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Easy to Set Up
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Slim and easy to set up—all you need to do is fluff out the branches and watch the tree take shape.


Made out of flame-retardant materials that are safe next to your cozy Christmas fire. The plastic base is lightweight but secure. The branches are sturdy and hold your favorite ornaments. Great for homes and offices.


It's quite short for a Christmas tree. Not very realistic.

National Tree Company Artificial Hickory Cedar
National Tree Company
Artificial Hickory Cedar
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Attractive Design
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This slim pencil tree keeps things realistic from top to bottom and earns our DIY expert's approval.


Features life-like branches and is solidly made. Its impressive durability stands out against the competition. Quality, fire-resistant, and non-allergenic materials. The clever wrapped-branch design makes setup and takedown quick and painless.


It can be time-consuming to make it look fluffier.

Senjie Artificial Christmas Tree, 6 foot, white
Artificial Christmas Tree
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Great for Small Spaces
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You won't have to dream of this 6-foot-tall white Christmas tree as it looks convincing.


The white branches have a slight green undertone that looks like snow-covered pine. The slim design works well for small houses and apartments. Its sturdy metal stand keeps it secure. It's easy for you to store year-round.


Not pre-lit. Some of the flocking falls off.

Vickerman Ashland Artificial Christmas Tree
Ashland Artificial Christmas Tree
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Most Stylish
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This cute tree has a rustic and natural look that will fit great in any home.


Features realistic green PVC tips, grapevines, and real pinecones. Arrives mounted on a flat metal base. Very easy and quick to assemble. Measures 72 x 41 x 41 inches and weighs 16 pounds. A truly maintenance-free option—just box it up and put it away.


Buyers say the tree's shipping box is too small, so it needs some fixing upon arrival.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best pencil Christmas trees

The right Christmas tree is the perfect centerpiece for your holiday décor. If you have a small home or want an additional tree for your foyer, you could have trouble finding one that fits your space. Fortunately, a pencil Christmas tree can dress up even the narrowest area with plenty of festive spirit.

As the name implies, pencil Christmas trees have an extremely slim shape. They’re available in various heights too. Thanks to their shape, the trees don’t take up much floor or table space, allowing you to decorate even the smallest living area. In fact, the narrow profile also makes this type of tree an ideal option for a second Christmas tree in an entryway. 

However, finding the best pencil Christmas tree can be tricky. It’s important to understand the difference between a slim regular tree and a pencil tree to decide which would be the better option for your home. Sizes, various materials, and styles of needles are also important considerations, and a good buying guide and trusted recommendations can help your decision.

I1 pencil trees
Because of its extremely sharp profile, a narrow pencil Christmas tree can make as bold a statement as your main tree. 

How to buy the best pencil Christmas tree

Slim Christmas trees vs. pencil Christmas trees 

A traditional Christmas tree can certainly make a bold statement in your home, but it can also take up a great deal of space. If you have a small house or a small room where you want to place a tree, a narrow Christmas tree is your best bet. You can choose from either slim regular or pencil Christmas trees.

Slim Christmas trees typically have a diameter (at the widest part) that is at least 3 inches smaller than a standard tree. A slim Christmas tree can certainly save you floor space if you have a smaller home,

Pencil trees have a diameter (at the widest part) that is less than half that of a full-size tree, giving them the narrowest profile of any Christmas tree, so pencil trees save the most space in your home. That’s why they work especially well as a second or third Christmas tree in areas like an entryway, foyer, or hallway. A pencil tree also works well as the main tree in smaller homes and apartments.


If you’re trying to decide whether a pencil Christmas tree is the right option for your home, it’s important to note the dimensions to make sure the tree you want is the right size. 

Like most Christmas trees, you can find pencil trees of various heights, typically ranging from 4 to 16 feet. The widest diameter of a pencil tree depends on its height, but most trees have a diameter of between 19 and 23 inches. Some taller trees have a diameter of up to 35 inches. 


Like other artificial Christmas trees, pencil trees generally have needles made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyethylene (PE). 

PVC: These needles are made of plastic that’s cut into thin strips that have fairly sharp edges. Pencil Christmas trees with PVC needles are more common, and often more affordable too because the manufacturing process isn’t as complicated as it is for PE needles.

PE: Pencil trees with PE needles typically look more realistic because the needles are made of injection-molded plastic and resemble real pine needles. Many trees with PE needles also have some PVC needles to give the tree a fuller look and minimize gaps. You’ll pay more for a pencil tree with PE needles, but some consumers feel the higher price tag is worth it for a more realistic-looking tree.

St1 tree skirt
Expert tip
Consider tethering your tree to the wall with a wall anchor and twine. This can prevent damage, injuries, and heartache when/if your tree gets knocked down by pets or kids.
BestReviews Home Improvement and DIY Expert

Features to look for in a pencil Christmas tree


While many of these trees have the traditional look of a real evergreen tree, you can also find some that are more whimsical. These pencil trees are designed to stand out with colorful needles in red, silver, purple, blue, or white rather than the classic green. If you’re planning to put up a themed Christmas tree with ornaments and decorations in a specific color scheme, you might prefer a pencil tree with colored needles that match. 


Many pencil Christmas trees come already strung with lights, making it much easier to decorate because you don’t have to take the time to wrap strings of lights around it. 

The lights on these pencil trees are either incandescent or LED. Incandescent lights are the most common option and typically the most affordable, but they aren’t very durable or energy efficient. LED lights are generally brighter as well as extremely durable. They’re more expensive, but they are energy efficient and will last for years. 

The lights in pencil Christmas trees come in white, multicolor, and single color options like blue, red, or green. You can also switch between colors on some trees, so you can decorate your tree with white lights one day and multicolor lights the next. These trees usually give you the option to let the lights shine steadily or twinkle, depending on your mood. 

Frosting and flocking

Some pencil Christmas trees have decorations that make them look like they're dusted with snow. The needles are either lightly painted with white to give the branches a frosted look or flocked with fibers to appear blanketed in snow. 

A frosted or flocked pencil tree is an ideal option if you prefer a more rustic or natural look for your Christmas décor. It usually doesn’t require as many ornaments and decorations because the faux snow gives the tree a more finished look. 

Flat-back trees

While regular pencil Christmas trees save space with their narrow design, some take up even less space than others. That’s because these trees have a flat back, so they can rest flush against the wall to limit the floor space they take up. A pencil tree with a flat back is an excellent option if you have an extremely small home or room. 

St2 pencil tree lights
Expert tip
To more securely keep that tree upright, weigh down the base with a sandbag, dumbbell, or even a brick. It will be hidden under the tree skirt and the pile of presents.
BestReviews Home Improvement and DIY Expert

How do I accessorize a pencil Christmas tree?

Christmas lights

If you opt for an unlit pencil Christmas tree, you’ll want to purchase a set or two of Christmas lights to decorate the tree. White and multicolor lights are the most common options, but you can also find lights in single colors like red, green, or blue. 

Holiday ornaments

A pencil tree might not need as many decorations as a full-size Christmas tree, but you’ll still need plenty of holiday ornaments to dress it up. Some people prefer simple balls, but you can find many novelty ornaments in fun shapes and designs. 

How much do pencil Christmas trees cost?


The most affordable pencil Christmas trees typically cost between $10 and $50. Most trees in this price range are 5 feet or shorter. They usually don’t have any lights or decorative elements like frosting or flocking. Most of these pencil trees have PVC needles, though some have needles made of tinsel.


These trees generally cost between $50 and $400. Most trees in this price range have PE needles or a combination of PE and PVC needles. Many also include lights, and some feature flocking or frosting. Prices vary based on the height. Trees between 9 and 16 feet tall usually cost more than $200. 


The most expensive pencil Christmas trees cost between $400 and $1,000. Nearly all the trees in this price range include lights, and some also have frosting or flocking. In addition, most of these trees have high-quality realistic PE needles. These pencil trees are usually at least 7 feet tall and can be as tall as 16 feet. 

St3 pencil christmas tree festive
Expert Tip
Even though lit artificial trees are less likely to start fires than real trees, you should still never go to bed or leave the home with the tree lights on!
BestReviews Home Improvement and DIY Expert


  • Choose a color pattern or theme for your tree. Because pencil trees are so narrow, they look best if you stick to a few colors or a single theme for ornaments and decorations. That keeps your tree from looking too busy.
  • Pay attention to ornament size. Large balls and oversize ornaments that look good on a traditional full-size Christmas tree can overwhelm a pencil tree. Your tree might look better with small or medium ornaments and just a few large decorations scattered through the branches.
  • Add some garlands or ribbons. Long, thin decorations help add definition to a pencil tree’s narrow shape and some bulk to the width of the silhouette. 
  • Choose a unique tree topper. The tree’s slim shape naturally draws the eye upward, so choose a decoration for the top that truly stands out. 
  • Calculate the lights you'll need. If your pencil Christmas tree doesn’t come with lights, figure on adding 100 lights for every 1.5 feet of tree. You might want to increase or decrease the amount based on your preference.
i2 ornaments
For the most balanced look, hang larger, heavier ornaments closest to the trunk and smaller ornaments on the outer branches of your tree. 


Q. How many ornaments does a pencil Christmas tree require?

A. It depends on the height of the tree, the size of your ornaments, and how decorated you like your Christmas tree to look. As a general rule, it’s recommended that Christmas trees shorter than 9 feet have 10 to 15 midsize ornaments per foot. With a narrow pencil tree, you should probably stick closer to the lower number and adjust based on your personal preference. Don’t forget to leave room for other decorative elements like garlands and ribbons.

Q. How do I shape my pencil Christmas tree?

A. A pencil tree has a thin shape by design, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look as full as possible. You’ll usually get the best results if you start shaping at the bottom and work your way up. First, fluff each branch, making sure to spread out its tips to help hide the center pole. Then step back every so often to see if any areas need more shaping or have noticeable gaps you need to fill to get the best look for your tree.

Q. Where does a pencil Christmas tree look best?

A. Thanks to the narrow shape, pencil trees work well in any small space. They work particularly well in corners, so you can place one in the corner of your living room if it’s your main tree. If you’re using it as a secondary tree, you can place it in your entryway or foyer or even add a couple of pencil trees to your dining room for even more holiday spirit. 

An infographic detailing how to choose the best artificial pencil Christmas tree