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Best Floor Squeegees

Updated May 2023
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RAVMAG Silicone Broom & Squeegee
Silicone Broom & Squeegee
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One of the more popular choices, this helpful product allows you to sweep and dry all in 1 go.


Able to clean both dry and wet areas. Silicone materials, including broom bristles, are resistant to water and most non-silicone-based solvents. Extra-long handle for easy reaching. Rubber bristles clean pet hair.


At 15 inches wide, it's not exactly small, but it's also not big enough for restaurant-grade messes.

Best Bang for the Buck
Rubbermaid Commercial Heavy-Duty Floor Dual Moss Squeegee
Commercial Heavy-Duty Floor Dual Moss Squeegee
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Best for Big Jobs
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A budget-friendly, expert-grade option that cleans effectively and efficiently with a natural rubber blade.


Features a durable, natural moss rubber blade. An effective mid-size option at 22 inches in length. Excellent for wet and dry spills. Works well on uneven surfaces like grouted tile. Tapered handle.


Some found the clamp attachment for the handle wasn't very secure.

FURemover FURemover Broom with Squeegee
Floor Squeegee Broom
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Versatile Design
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A lightweight, multipurpose tool that cleans both wet and dry messes.


Features a 180-degree pivoting head. Handle can be adjusted from 27 to 51 inches. Rinses clean with just water. Effective for cleaning up pet hair and windows, too. An excellent value for the money.


Can leave streaks behind.

Quickie 24" Dual Blade Floor Squeegee
24" Dual Blade Floor Squeegee
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Durable Model
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This double-bladed rubber squeegee is the ideal way to keep your garage floor clean and dry.


Curved blades glide over irregular surfaces with ease. The fiberglass handle can withstand harsh environments and constant use. It works efficiently to carry more water wherever you need it to.


This option may be too big for some people's needs.

Conliwell 2-in-1 FloorSqueegee Scrubber
2-in-1 FloorSqueegee Scrubber
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Best for Small Projects
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Conliwell's floor squeegee stretches a long way, great for cleaning second-story windows and hard-to-reach spaces.


The long handle adjusts to up to 55 inches. You can clean your shower floor, your pool, garage, tiles, and windows with the same piece. The 13-inch scratch-free scraper covers a large surface area at once.


Best for smooth surfaces. Be cautious of rough terrain.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best floor squeegees

While most households own a mop, sometimes you need a specialized tool to keep hard flooring clean. When dealing with spilled liquids, a floor squeegee is a helpful addition to your cleaning arsenal.

A floor squeegee resembles a window squeegee that is larger in size. Its primary function is to move or absorb liquid from the floor with a soft blade. In particular, it is highly effective at pushing water toward a drain to clear a floor. You can also use it to attain a streak-free shine.

Floor squeegees are suitable for most hard flooring surfaces, including concrete and asphalt. Commercial and residential models are available, with commercial-grade floor squeegees offering a larger size and enhanced durability. Size, blade material, and the nature of the handle and bristles can all affect your satisfaction with the tool. 

Most floor squeegees feature a single blade, but some have two blades. Single-blade squeegees are less likely to grow bacteria and are easier to sanitize. Double-blade squeegees are typically more absorbent, a plus when moving large amounts of water.

Key considerations


Floor squeegees come in several sizes. Commercial-grade models are typically larger, as they’re designed to clean large spaces with efficiency. Residential models are usually smaller to make cleaning hard-to-reach areas convenient.

  • 13- to 18-inch-long squeegees work best for small areas like around a toilet or along floorboards.
  • 22- to 24-inch-long squeegees are a good size option if a primary need is to push water toward a drain.
  • 30- to 36-inch-long squeegees are the largest models and work well for big, open areas. Such squeegees can also move snow and ice on outdoor surfaces.

Blade material

The blade is the portion of the tool that contacts the floor and/or liquid. Rubber, foam, and neoprene are common blade materials.


Rubber is an effective blade material for squeegees that are used daily to remove water, mud, and other debris from smooth flooring, such as tile or linoleum. Rubber isn’t likely to scuff or scratch floors, either.


Foam is an excellent choice when an absorbent squeegee is sought. Foam squeegees work well on textured flooring, such as a nonslip floor and grouted tile.


Durable neoprene is often found on commercial-grade floor squeegees. It resists grease and oil, making it ideal for use on kitchen and restaurant flooring.

Frame material

The frame is the portion of the squeegee that attaches the blade to the handle. Aluminum, plastic, and steel frames are available.


Aluminum frames are usually the most affordable. These frames are lightweight and easy to maneuver in tricky areas. Aluminum resists rust and corrosion.


Plastic naturally resists rust and corrosion and is more flexible than aluminum, making it suitable for cleaning tight spots.


Steel frames are highly durable and often found on commercial-grade floor squeegees. Powder-coated steel frames resist corrosion.

Did You Know?
Many floor squeegees include a head and a handle. However, some include only the head, which requires you to purchase a compatible handle separately.



A floor squeegee handle should be made of a sturdy material that feels comfortable in the hand. Many models have plastic handles, though you can find others with wood, aluminum, or steel handles. Wood and steel are the most durable materials, but squeegees with plastic or aluminum handles are usually more affordable.

A handle with a molded grip is easier to hold. The grip is usually nonslip to promote security in the hand.

Some floor squeegee handles are adjustable in length to afford you precise control in various situations.

Frame style

Floor squeegees can have either a straight or curved frame. A straight frame is best for pushing large amounts of water across the floor and cleaning spacious areas. A curved frame makes it easier to control where the water goes and is more effective at absorbing water than straight models.


In addition to a blade, some floor squeegees have foam or rubber bristles at the blade’s end. A model with bristles is usually more effective at removing debris or residue from a floor.


Floor squeegees are usually meant for use on wet floors. However, some are also suitable for use on dry flooring and won’t scratch or scuff the surface.

Floor squeegees with steel handles tend to be the heaviest, which can impact how easy they are to maneuver.


Floor squeegee prices

Floor squeegees vary in price based on size, blade material, frame material, and other features.

Inexpensive: The most affordable floor squeegees are smaller models, usually 18 inches long or less. Most have foam or rubber heads and aluminum or plastic frames. Expect to pay between $6 and $25 for these squeegees.

Mid-range: Mid-range floor squeegees generally measure between 22 and 24 inches. They often have foam or rubber heads and plastic frames. Expect to pay between $20 and $50 for these models.

Expensive: The priciest floor squeegees are commercial-grade models that are larger than 24 inches. They have rubber or neoprene heads and plastic or steel frames. Expect to pay between $50 and $100 for these squeegees.

Did You Know?
Rubber and foam squeegee blades can be cleaned with water and regular soap.


  • Clean your floor first. Before using the squeegee, apply floor cleaning solution to your floor with a mop or scrub brush. Go over the area with a damp mop to rinse it away.
  • Use the squeegee while the floor is still wet. Work in a top-to-bottom pattern, using even strokes to avoid streaks.
  • After each use, rinse it well. Use warm water to wash away residual dirt and debris.
  • Use a bristled rubber floor squeegee to remove pet hair from flooring, including carpet. Run it over your pet’s favorite areas to keep the dander under control.
Most squeegee heads are replaceable, so you can purchase a new one when the blade wears down without having to buy a new handle.


Q. What is the difference between a floor squeegee and a floor scraper?

A. Floor squeegees are designed to move water over hard flooring surfaces and to create a shiny, streak-free finish after you mop or scrub the floor. There is little risk of floor damage with a squeegee.

A floor scraper has a sharp edge that can loosen gum, food, stickers, and other stubborn stuck-on messes. Notably, a floor scraper can damage some types of flooring. Be sure the scraper is suitable for your flooring surface, or you risk scratches and nicks.

Q. What type of floor squeegees should I buy if I work as a cleaner?

A. If you work in a cleaning business, it’s best to have several squeegees for different tasks. Smaller squeegees are good for accessing tight spots like around a toilet, while large squeegees can quickly create a streak-free finish. Foam and rubber squeegees work well for residential cleaning, but if you clean commercial properties, you may want a neoprene squeegee for different flooring types.

Q. What else can I use a floor squeegee for besides moving water and creating a streak-free finish on my floor?

A. Depending on the size, a floor squeegee may come in handy for cleaning large windows around the house. It can also work well for shower doors and walls. Some people use them to contain large, dry messes, such as dirt that spills from a fallen potted plant.