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Updated March 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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Best of the Best
O-Cedar Pet Pro Broom and Step-On Dustpan
Pet Pro Broom and Step-On Dustpan
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Expert Recommended
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Tackle pet hair and dander in your home with this long-handled pro broom and step-on dustpan.


The broom eliminates 99% of hair, dust, and dirt in 1 sweep and has an angled head for tackling corners. The dustpan has a rubber lip for easy pickup, and anti-static technology allows easy disposal.


The metal handle can unscrew as you use it.

Best Bang for the Buck
Amazon Commercial Mini Brush and Dustpan Set
Amazon Commercial
Mini Brush and Dustpan Set
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This 2-pack mini brush and dustpan set is excellent for cleaning small areas such as tables


The angled brush is great for cleaning corners, and the flexible bristles make it easy to tackle hard-to-reach areas. It's suitable for home and commercial use, and the brush and dustpan lock together for convenient storage.


The bristles aren't as durable as other brooms and brushes.

OXO Good Grips Sweep Set with Extendable Broom
Good Grips Sweep Set with Extendable Broom
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Most Comprehensive
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Earns our cleaning expert's praise for its locking feature and teeth that help comb out dirt and debris from the broom.


Comes with a broom that extends to full height. Dustpan can lock open. Broom conveniently stores inside the dustpan. Includes a hole in the handle for hanging. Lightweight. The telescoping handle works well for stairs.


The broom that comes with this set is not the most heavy-duty broom available.

Casabella Dustpan and Brush Set
Dustpan and Brush Set
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Convenient Features
Bottom Line

Choose this little broom if you like its angular design; our expert notes the comb on the pan makes it easy to clean.


Generates praise for its angled design that makes collecting dirt from corners and crevices easy. Perfect size; not too small or too large. Comes with a dustpan that has a built-in comb for removing particles from the broom.


Bristles have the tendency to fall out. Plastic material is on the thin and flimsy side and has been reported to crack or break.

Full Circle Clean Team Brush & Dustpan Set
Full Circle
Clean Team Brush & Dustpan Set
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Most Eco-friendly
Bottom Line

The built-in scraper and comb make this set's brush easy to clean, says our expert.


Made of earth-friendly materials. Brush boasts a bamboo handle with nontoxic coating. Dustpan is made of recycled plastic. Soft edge helps trap more dust. Built-in comb and scraper to clean off the brush bristles. Brush snaps facedown against the dustpan.


The brush has trouble sweeping up against corners.


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Buying guide for Best dustpan and brush sets

Whether you’re dry-mopping your floors, cleaning up small spills, or picking up after a crafting session, a dustpan and brush set is a handy combination to have around the house. Sure, you could use a regular broom and dustpan, but a matching set makes it easier for you to neatly pick up dust and debris.

While the purchase of a dustpan and brush set may seem like a simple choice, you will be happier with your selection if you think through a few basic considerations before you buy. For example, some dustpan and brush sets are better for outdoor or garage work. Others are designed for use on indoor flooring or countertops. Then pan size, pan material, and strength of the bristles also make a difference in how helpful the set will actually be.

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Broomcorn is a traditional and natural broom material. While it is a good option for sweeping floors, most dustpan and brush sets are made from more durable materials.

Key considerations

Outdoor vs. indoor use

If you plan to use your dustpan/brush set outdoors, consider a brush with stiff bristles, as they do a better job picking up the dirt and carpentry shavings you may encounter outside. Also consider purchasing a set with a larger dustpan, as you’re more likely to be working with larger, messier loads — yard debris, for example — than you are indoors. For many outdoor applications, a dustpan made from metal is ideal.

If you plan to use your dustpan/brush set indoors, consider a combo that is small and easy to store. Many indoor sets are more decorative than sets made for outdoors. You’ll likely want a brush with softer bristles that aren’t likely to scratch your floor or furniture. A plastic dustpan works well for indoor use; it should be sturdy, but it does not need to be heavy duty.

Pan size

The width of the dustpan opening makes a difference in your ease of use, so check it before you buy. Some cheaper models are narrower; a narrow pan can be suitable if you’re looking for something to use in a small area, like an office. In a home, however, a smaller pan could be insufficient.

  • Mini dust pans are six to eight inches across. They work well for desktop dusting and can conveniently be kept in a desk.

  • Standard dustpans range from 10 to 12 inches across. This is a practical size for many applications — easy to handle and small enough to be stored in a home utility closet.

  • Industrial-style dustpans are over 12 inches wide at the opening and range up to about 17 inches in width. This is a good size for large clean-ups, like household renovation projects, but it’s not the size you’d want for the daily sweeping of your home’s floors.

Metal vs. plastic pan

  • Metal dustpans are highly durable. They are a more expensive choice, but you may find the longevity worth it. In addition, the metal provides a sharp edge that helps you pick up smaller pieces of dust with ease. However, the metal could potentially scratch sensitive surfaces, such as a soft-wood floor. As such, you may prefer to reserve metal dustpans for places like a shop, garage, or outdoors.

  • Plastic dustpans are lightweight, less costly, and less likely to scratch flooring. The edge is not as sharp as metla, however, so picking up the smallest particles may pose more of a challenge. Plastic dustpans are more prone to breakage, especially if you’re performing heavy-duty tasks like scooping up construction materials for a renovation.

Bristle strength

How small are the particles you want to clean up? Will you be using your brush on a sensitive surface? The answers to these questions can help you determine what type of bristles would be best.

  • Soft bristles, like those made of horsehair or other animal hairs, will not scratch your flooring. Soft bristles may be somewhat absorbent as well, so if you’re working in a wet environment, you might prefer them. However, soft bristles can make it more difficult to perform daily brush-up jobs because they may require extra brushing.

  • Medium bristles provide a bit of scrubbing power and are also less likely to scratch your surfaces. These bristles come in both natural or synthetic materials and are a good all-around brush bristle strength.

  • Strong/stiff bristles will work best if you’ll be sweeping up materials such as concrete or tile. If you’ll be sweeping up larger particles of heavy debris, consider a brush with strong bristles.

Wide brush vs. long brush

Dustpan and brush sets have two types of brushes: wide and long.

  • Wide brushes are designed to efficiently transfer a swept pile into the dustpan for disposal. These are slightly narrower than the pan and do not have as many rows of bristles. This is a great shape if you’re looking for a set that will hang flat with the dustpan.

  • Long bushes are shaped more like a rectangle. They have more rows of bristles and usually a pointed or narrow end. They are more useful if you are going to use your brush set for reaching into corners or for sweeping up with the brush that is in the set. The pointed end helps to reach into narrow spots.

The disadvantage of a longer brush is that it isn’t as efficient at sweeping a pile directly into the pan. You will have to move the brush in more than one direction to pick up your entire pile. It does, however, do a better job of getting an entire area, like a tabletop, swept clean and clear.

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Expert Tip
Brush your debris into a single pile prior to putting your dustpan down to sweep it up. This will help you work less.
BestReviews Cleaning Expert

Extra features to consider

Extended handles

Some dustpan and brush sets have extended or telescoping handles which allow you to pick up debris without having to bend over. The best of this style will include a brush that works more like a small broom and a pan which flips from a vertical to a horizontal position to hold dust after you sweep it into the pan. This is a nice feature for those with flexibility or mobility issues.

Rubber edging

Rubber edging on the flat end, or wide “entrance”, of your dustpan provides a tighter seal against the floor and holds debris in the pan. It can protect against scratching, particularly if you are using a metal dustpan. It will help you sweep more dust up the first time. The only drawback of rubber edging is that it often will start to break down after repeated use. The rubber edging will not usually last as long as the dustpan itself.

Nesting function

A nested dustpan and brush set will fit together for storage. Most often, the nested style will come with a wide and flat brush, which allows it to easily hang against a wall. Some of the rectangular brushes will also nest inside the dustpan so that the components lay flat and snap into each other. This function helps you to more easily have both handy in the same place when you need them, and they can fit it into tight spaces like gaps between large appliances and counters, or snug against a wall.

Hanging hole

The hole at the top of your dustpan allows you to hang it on a wall hook. This is a handy function to help improve the organization in your storage closet, garage, or workshop. If you want to hang your dustpan, make sure the hole on your brush is compatible with the one on your dustpan when the two are nesting. Also, make sure you get a hook system that is deep enough to hold the two together.

Expert TIp
To keep your dustpan and brush set clean and organized and your brush bristles unbent, hanging them on the wall is best.
BestReviews Cleaning Expert


Some dustpan and brush sets have a higher design aesthetic than others. The good news is that most work about the same. However, if you are short on storage, or if you have to hang your dustpan in plain sight, a well-designed set may be a plus.

Dustpan and brush prices


The least expensive dustpan and brush sets will be small, most likely made from plastic, and come with synthetic brush bristles. You can purchase a mini desktop set for as little as $2 to $5. It will be poor quality, but it will still get the job done if a simple sweep is all you need.


Between $5 and $15 you begin to find decent quality sets that should work well for general household use. You might find a built-in comb on the pan, and at this price you will be able to get a nested set with either a flat or rectangular style brush. At the higher end of this price range you will find good quality plastic sets with heavy handles and solid pans. You can also find some natural fiber brushes in this price range.


Most of the natural fiber brushes and metal pan sets are going to cost $15 to $50 or slightly more. You will find good looking sets in this price range which will be made from high quality materials and last a long time. If you are looking for a dustpan and matching brush with a telescoping handle, plan to spend between $25 to $35.

Expert tip
Rinsing your dustpan with water will keep it clean and free from debris.
BestReviews Cleaning Expert


  • If your dustpan and brush set is too thick for the hook you want to use for storage, you can try adding a hooped piece of string or leather to keep the two together and make them easier to hang.

  • Check your storage area before you buy. A dustpan should be a convenience item that fits in well with where you store your brooms and other cleaning supplies. If it is too large and does not fit in your storage area you will not want it.

  • Use a dustpan and brush to help you reach high as well as low places in your home. It may help you dust where your vacuum cleaner cannot reach.

  • Consider thoroughly washing your dustpan and brush once a month to help keep them clean, particularly if you use them to sweep up pet hair and store them near food.

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Mini dustpan and brush sets work well to keep your desk area clean and tidy in an office, or to clean debris off a computer keyboard.


Q. What are those extra ridges on the top of my dustpan for?

A. Some dustpans have a comb-like ridge on the top. The purpose of this feature is to allow you to comb extra debris out of the brush. This is a helpful feature if you have a lot of pet hair that you regularly need to clean, giving you a way to get it out of the brush.

Q. What kinds of natural fibers are used in dustpan brushes?

A. Brushes on dustpans have similar bristle material to brooms. There are a lot of natural choices. Popular animal-derived choices include horsehair and boar bristle. Plant-based choices come from a wide variety of stiff grasses and other fibers including the traditional broom corn, bamboo, palm, and even agave.

Q. What is the advantage of a synthetic fiber brush?

A. Most synthetic fiber brushes are made from some kind of plastic, nylon, or polyester. The major cleaning advantage is that they do not build up static electricity like some of the natural fibers. They also dry quickly and may not break as much.

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