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December 2, 2022

BestReviews staff picks for summer

By Emilie DeFazio

Here at BestReviews, our favorite products are based on more than just what our experts and testers recommend. What we buy reflects our tastes and experiences — and we happen to know exactly what to look for in new additions to our homes and lifestyles. 


This summer is no exception. Here are our top picks for everything you need to have a perfect summer.

Outdoor fun

Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs Emilie DeFazio, Content Production Manager


“I finally got a matching set of Tommy Bahama beach chairs! I love how easy they are to carry to and from the car. The straps are weighted well and are pretty comfortable. I'm definitely using these for the summer concert series in my town.”


Sold by Amazon




Wiffle Ball Set — Jeremy Reed, Chief Marketing Officer  


“We have a new T-baller in the house. Hitting baseballs off the tee in our small backyard was becoming a property issue for us and our neighbors. So, I purchased this set. It was a big hit with everyone. Plus, there have been no property damages to date.”


Sold by Amazon 




Unseen Sunscreen from Supergoop  — Meredith Gallo, Testing & Research Editor


“I love this stuff. It goes on clear so it's great for reapplying when you're on the go. It’s already prevented a few sunburns!”


Sold by Sephora, Ulta, and Amazon





Blackstone Four-burner Griddle — Ariana Sheehan, Engagement Editor


“This lets me cook each of my kids’ burgers to personal preference. Plus, the three air fryer baskets let me roast all of my veggies at the same time so that I don't have to use another appliance in the kitchen. I've made breakfast, lunch, and dinner outside on it!”


Sold by Amazon 




Sunny Patch Seaside Sidekicks Sand-Cookie Baking Set  — Angela Garretson, Community Editor


“For safe, well-made, durable toys for kids, the Melissa & Doug brand is my go-to. This set was an instant hit at the beach last weekend. The kids spent more time rolling out sand dough and serving us their seashell-topped creations than splashing in the water.” 


Sold by Amazon 





Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen  Laura Spilsbury, Copy Editor


“This face sunscreen from Neutrogena is fantastic. It protects your skin from the sun without making your face feel all greasy and gross.”


Sold by Amazon




Isle of Paradise Tanning Kit — Meredith Gallo, Testing & Research Editor


“Our intern Sophia was telling me about the Isle of Paradise tanning kit. She recommended putting a drop of the fake tan oil in your sunscreen.”


Sold by Sephora




G4 Free Umbrella — Tara Graves, Assignment Editor


“I bought this umbrella last year for a beach trip because sunscreen only does so much to protect my paleness. I ended up using it any time I was going to spend a day outside last year. We also rested it on the sand to make a perfect little spot for my cousin's baby to nap.”


Sold by Amazon




Tonie Box — Jeremy Reed, Chief Marketing Officer


“We just bought our son the Tonie Box after testing it for BestReviews. We thought it would be perfect for his room. What we didn't expect is that it's the perfect travel companion for road trips. He's in control of his music. We've since bought other characters with a library of songs. We even had his Nana record her own version of ‘Happy Birthday’ on a character that allows you to record and save to it.”


Sold by Amazon 




Kindle Kyle Harper, Trends Writer


“I finally gave in to buying a Kindle and I don't think I can ever go back to not having one. The backlight and anti-glare screen make reading in any lighting condition easy. Also, it's great to have what would be 10-plus pounds of books all stored in such a lightweight device.”


Sold by Amazon 




WhiteFang Portable Sun Shade Shelter — Ariana Sheehan, Engagement Editor 


“I bought a pop-up beach tent that folds up nice and small to be able to bring easily on the go. It comes with stakes that easily dig into the ground and is perfect for sunny days where you need a little reprieve from the sun to snack or take a nap.” 


Sold by Amazon 




Coleman Gear and Clothing Permethrin Insect Repellent Spray — Laura Spilsbury, Copy Editor 


“I bought this stuff for my camping trip a few weeks ago. Ticks and chiggers are common here, so spraying it on my sleeping bag and clothes really helped deter them.” 


Sold by Amazon 




Yeti Rambler 30-Ounce Tumbler — Jordan Hutchinson, Assignment Editor 


“I’ve owned tons of cups, but nothing works as well or keeps things cool like this.”


Sold by Amazon 




Tanologist Express Self Tan Water (Light) — Megan Carver, Assignment Editor


“In the summertime my arms and face tend to tan and freckle quickly, leaving my pasty legs very little time to catch up. I decided to use a self-tanner this year to balance things out and prep for my beach trips! I used the Tanologist Express Self Tan Water and really liked it. It has a subtle smell, buildable color, and no streak marks.”


Sold by Amazon 




Benefit Blush Mini — Sian Babish, Content Manager


“I’m a big fan of packing light with beauty products when I travel, so this Benefit Blush Mini is my go-to because it's tiny and has a built-in mirror and small brush applicator. I love it in Dandelion!”


Sold by Macy’s, Ulta, Sephora, and Kohl’s




Lusso Car Seat Organizer — Angela Garretson, Community Editor 


“For summer road trips with our kid, this Lusso car seat organizer is a lifesaver. She can stash all her books, sketch pads, pens, snacks, and toys in it so they’re easy for her to find on her own. Things don't get lost under the seats like they used to!”


Sold by Amazon 




Country Gentleman Roderic Ivy Cap — Alan Rosenberg, Editor 


“I have been in the habit of wearing baseball caps to shield my balding head from the sun. My wife informed me that for a European river cruise, we should try to not look like Americans, lest the pickpockets think us easy marks. I now have this hat in two colors and find that I'm wearing them more here as well.”


Sold by Amazon 





Iris Travel Litter Pan — Meredith Gallo, Testing & Research Editor


“I've been thinking about getting this portable litter box. I bring my cat with me whenever I visit family and it would be nice to have on hand if we ever get badly delayed.”


Sold by Chewy 




Idle Hippo Dog Ramp for Large Dogs — Beth Sturges, Copy Editor


“We love traveling with our dogs, but they’re getting older. Our truck sits up high, so we invested in this ramp. It works on both the bed and cab and holds up to 150 pounds. It’s also easy to fold up and store in the back of a truck or SUV.”


Sold by Amazon 



Credelio Chewable Tablet for Dogs — Missy Nott, Assignment Editor


“On the recommendation of our vet, we got our dog these Credelio chewable tablets to protect him from fleas and ticks as we go camping at Lake Huron and Lake Michigan this summer. Just wrap them in cheese and they will never know what hit them.” 


Sold by Chewy 




Fitbit Versa 3, Black — Jeremy Reed, Chief Marketing Officer  


“I just bought the latest FitBit to get in better shape for a lake trip. It will also help me stay active while I’m on the lake trip.”


Sold by Amazon and Kohl’s




Barerun Quick-Dry Water Sports Shoes — Lauren Corona, Writer


“I bought these water shoes for when I go on holiday to a part of Croatia where most of the beaches are rocky. They're also great for wild swimming at home since riverbeds can be disconcertingly squishy.” 


Sold by Amazon 




CRZ Yoga High-Waisted Athletic Jogger — Katy Palmer, Writer 


“I bought a pair of these joggers. They are surprisingly lightweight and breathable. The pockets are deep and the waistband sits above your hips, which I like. They’re on the shorter side, so I will need high socks for hiking, but I like how they keep me cool in the heat so far.”


Sold by Amazon 




Buenos Ninos Jumpsuit — Melinda Snowden, Production Lead


“I love jumpsuits like this one and comfy flip-flops. They're perfect for going to the beach or heading out for a casual dinner!”


Sold by Amazon 




Callaway Golf Polo Shirt — Marcelo Guerra, Growth Consultant


“I love golf shirts, even though I don't play golf. Callaway has a wide variety and I think I have like three — haha!”


Sold by Amazon 




Birkenstock Arizona Essentials EVA Sandal — Ariana Sheehan, Engagement Editor 


“I was skeptical of rubber Birks at first, but I wear Birkenstock EVAs everywhere. They're perfect to slip on to hang out in the backyard, go to the beach, walk the dog, or run errands. They're weatherproof, comfortable, and match any outfit!”


Sold by Amazon  




Narwey for Spirit Airlines Travel Duffle Bag — Tara Graves, Assignment Editor


“This bag is the perfect size for weekend trips. I love to pack these tank tops in the bag since they don’t take up that much room. They are soft and long enough to fully cover my torso.


Sold by Amazon 



Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Pants — William Reynolds, VP Product Management


“Convertible pants are great for hiking in the heat and protecting your legs from the sun and insects. I got these pants a few months ago and love them. They are also great for travel because they are light and are small to pack.”


Sold by Backcountry, Amazon, and Dick’s Sporting Goods




KuaCua Tennis Dress — Megan Carver, Assignment Editor


“Things get pretty hot and humid out here in New York and New Jersey. I don’t like wearing shorts every day, but wearing skirts and dresses can rub my thighs raw. This tennis dress has been a lifesaver. I have it in two colors and wear them all the time. Sometimes I want to wear something more formal for an event or a flowy maxi dress. I can save my inner thighs by wearing Bandelettes


Sold by Amazon 




Goody’s Ouchless Hair Scrunchies — Beth Sturges, Copy Editor


“This scrunchie is my daily solution for keeping cool. On days when I decide to do more than just a regular ponytail, I use Goody's Ouchless Elastics. Made to handle thick hair, they’re great for creating braids and other summer hairdos. 


Sold by Amazon 




Worishofer Sandals — Angela Garretson, Community Editor 


“Every summer I buy a new pair of these German-made Worishofer orthopedic sandals. They used to be a favorite of celebrities like Michelle Williams and Maggie Gyllenhaal. I'm certain they don't wear them anymore, but I will be a fan for life. They're too comfortable to resist.”


Sold by Amazon 




SOJOS Retro Cat-Eye Sunglasses — Sian Babish, Content Manager


“These retro cat-eye sunglasses are a dead ringer for my go-to shades. They strike the perfect balance between neutral and edgy. I’m loving the brown or black tortoiseshell options!”


Sold by Amazon





Tommy Hilfiger Chiffon Floral Flutter-Sleeve Dress — Sian Babish, Content Manager


“I picked up this dress for summer parties and nights out. It's lightweight and comfortable, and if you're traveling with it, it doesn't wrinkle easily. Lately, I love it with blue strappy sandals!”


Sold by Macy’s and Amazon


Other summertime necessities  


Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner — Kathy Huston, Copy Editor

“It's pricey, but my husband loves this Dolphin pool cleaner. We named it Flipper.” 


Sold by Amazon




Vornado Air Circulator Fan Emilie DeFazio, Content Production Manager 


“My partner loves this fan at the office, and I'm buying one to put next to my desk today! It's small but mighty. We have the larger version in our living room and, when angled up, really moves the air conditioning around well. We'll be using these 24/7 throughout the summer.”


Sold by Amazon




EGO Power+ Lawn Mower — Jennifer Manfrin, Writer 


“I recently bought this mower. It's easy to use, not very noisy, and I love not hassling with gas.”


Sold by Amazon   




Stanley Adventure Quencher TumblerLaura Spilsbury, Copy Editor


“This cup keeps ice frozen for hours and helps me a lot on a hot day. It’s hands down the best cup I’ve ever tried. I also love that it has a straw, which helps me to drink more water.”


Sold by Dick's Sporting Goods




Baggu Reusable Shopping Bag — Emilie DeFazio, Content Production Manager


“My Baggu reusable bag is on my person 24/7! It’s always either on my shoulder or in the little carrying bag it comes with. It's also incredibly easy to travel with. Mine lives in my purse for me to pull out for the farmers’ markets and quick trips to the grocery store. It's super easy to clean, too! I've got one with a bunch of Homer Simpsons on it.”


Sold by Amazon 




Etymotic Research High-Definition EarplugsMeredith Gallo, Testing & Research Editor


“We got these earplugs for my parents for a concert they attended recently. They're designed to reduce noise without totally blocking it. They're great for big concerts or summer music festivals like the ones we have all summer long in Chicago.”


Sold by Amazon



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