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Best Bluetooth Transmitters

Updated April 2023
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Swiitech Bluetooth Transmitter for Car Audio and TV
Bluetooth Transmitter for Car Audio and TV
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2-in-1 Transmission
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This 2-in-1 transmitter can be hardwired into your speaker system or used as a hub for Bluetooth.


The high-speed connection means little delay between your device and your speaker. Its versatile design works wonderfully with older sound systems. You can connect 2 phones to it at once, as well. It doubles as a USB charger.


It's quite bulky compared to the other options.

Best Bang for the Buck
Nulaxy Car Bluetooth Transmitter
Car Bluetooth Transmitter
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Best for Travel
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If you have an older vehicle this user-friendly Bluetooth transmitter is your best bet.


User-friendly display. Simple plug-and-play setup. Features hands-free calling. Compatible with Android and iOS devices. Fast charger. Integrated volume controls.


Designed exclusively for cars.

Keyahappy Bluetooth FM Audio Transmitter Car Kit
Bluetooth FM Audio Transmitter Car Kit
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Simple yet Solid
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A classic FM transmitter for cars that connects to your cigarette lighter and plays through the car radio.


This transmitter plays impressively clear audio via Bluetooth or the radio. It doubles as a charger for 2 devices. People praise the simple setup without any complicated firmware. Bluetooth comes in handy when the radio signal gives out.


The syncing button can get finnicky.

Laicomein Bluetooth Audio Transmitter
Bluetooth Audio Transmitter
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Customer Favorite
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This battery-powered transmission hub is an auxiliary receiver and a hands-free audio and phone device in 1.


It pairs with Bluetooth for better connection than radio dongles. The-fast charging hub lasts up to 16 hours on a 2-hour charge. It's portable and easy to take with you between cars. Commuters love the simplicity and power of this option.


The wire will be finnicky to connect.

Twelve South AirFly Bluetooth Audio Transmitter, Pro Version
Twelve South
AirFly Bluetooth Audio Transmitter, Pro Version
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Portable Power
Bottom Line

This AirFly dongle isn't just handy to have in your car or boat, it's great in airplanes, too.


You can use this option to connect your AirPods to headphone jacks on planes and auxiliary inputs in cars. It lasts up to 16 hours with an included USB-C charger. It's a simple but reliable dongle for commuters and travelers alike.


It's great for its versatility, but it might not be your primary choice for car travel, alone.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best bluetooth transmitters

A Bluetooth transmitter can bring your old technology up to date and keep you easily connected to your favorite playlist, both in the car and at home.

Bluetooth transmitters pair with a device, such as your smartphone, then pass an audio signal on to a non-Bluetooth device. Whether they connect via a 3.5mm jack, RCA connector, or FM radio frequency, they can make your older electronics more versatile by bringing the flexibility of Bluetooth connectivity. These handy little devices are commonly used to update car radios, home stereo systems, and headphones.

This BestReviews shopping guide will help you compare the options available in Bluetooth transmitter technology, the price points, and the features that work best for your needs. We strive to offer an unbiased point of view by sharing our experiences with products purchased by our team, rather than accepting free samples from manufacturers.

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Keep in mind that the maximum range advertised for a Bluetooth transmitter is typically a line of sight distance. Inside your home, the range will the diminished greatly because of interference from walls. Appliances may get create interference.

Bluetooth transmitters for car vs. home

Car transmitters

Your car may be an older model, but the technology in it doesn’t have to be. While manufacturers have been regularly installing Bluetooth technology in cars for about the last decade, that still leaves a lot of cars owned by smartphone users who want easy access to hands-free calling and audio that runs through the car’s speaker system. A Bluetooth transmitter allows you to inexpensively and easily make this transition. Features to look for in a car-ready Bluetooth transmitter include:

  • Compatibility with the 12V auxiliary power outlets (cigarette lighter receptacles) already installed in your car.

  • LED display screens that allow you to easily identify callers, and facilitate song selection.

  • Inputs for SD cards, standard audio jacks, and TF cards.

  • USB inputs, which can also serve as chargers for your phone.

Home use transmitters

Bluetooth transmitters made for home use can convert a wired speaker into wireless, or they can allow you to transmit audio to your wireless headphones from your TV or home sound system. Features to look for on a home unit Bluetooth transmitter include:

  • What’s the power source. Many transmitters are rechargeable and only have ten hours of use available per charge. Others are powered by USB, or plug directly into a wall outlet.

  • Many home use Bluetooth transmitters are also receivers,  or they include receiver adapters. When plugged into a speaker in receiver mode, the device allows you to transmit audio to that speaker from your laptop or smartphone.

  • Some units are able to send to two or more output sources simultaneously.

Bluetooth transmitter considerations


Even an inexpensive Bluetooth transmitter can provide a range sufficient for use in your car. Depending on your needs, and square footage, it also may do a decent job in your home. Most low-end, inexpensive transmitters broadcast to about 30 feet, which will accommodate your vehicle needs nicely.

If you are using a Bluetooth transmitter at home, look at your device’s range more closely. You can find Bluetooth transmitters with a 100-foot range easily. However, that distance can be greatly reduced inside your home. The devices promising super long ranges, like 160 feet or more, easily be reduced to as little as 50 feet because of interference from the structure of your home.

You may want to consider buying one of the Bluetooth transmitters designed to work with a second unit if you feel you will need a range extension.

Connectivity options

Available ports and connectivity are particularly important for car Bluetooth transmitters. Many radio stereo systems have a 3.5mm audio port available, and some Bluetooth transmitters/receivers will plug into the stereo physically. If your radio lacks this port, however, you need a transmitter that re-broadcasts the incoming signal via FM.

Some lower-end Bluetooth transmitters only broadcast on a fixed FM radio frequency, but many allow you to set the frequency to an unused spot in your local FM traffic, reducing interference from existing stations.

Because Bluetooth transmitters/receivers for the car often use the 12V battery outlet, some include a USB port for plugging in other devices, allowing you to charge your smartphone while powering the Bluetooth transmitter.

If you’re shopping for a Bluetooth transmitter for home use, consider whether an optical audio connection is the best option for your TV or audio system. Transmitters with this type of connectivity are a bit more expensive, but offer superior audio quality.


Bluetooth transmitters tend to be advertised with simple audio transmission in mind, but some also facilitate hands-free calling. Car transmitters, in particular, tend to include on-board microphones. When your phone is paired with the transmitter, the microphone on the device takes over. This prevents the echo and feedback you’d experience when your phone’s mic picks up audio from your car speakers.

Bluetooth version

It’s important to check a device’s Bluetooth version when evaluating the price value. Cheaper devices often use older versions of Bluetooth. Newer Bluetooth versions, such as Bluetooth 4 and Bluetooth 5, provide faster transmission rates, consume less power, and are more secure than older versions. A device that looks like a bargain price may use an older Bluetooth version, which can be immediately noticeable with a weaker signal and lower quality audio.

Display screen

Higher-end Bluetooth transmitters often boast LCD displays, making control of your device much easier.

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Did you know?
Some Bluetooth transmitters for the car include a visual display and controls which allow easier navigation of your phone’s music service.

Bluetooth transmitter prices

  • $10 to $25: Basic, handy devices, usually designed for the car. A few in this price range will have built-in microphones and LCD displays, but not all.

  • $25 to $50: More audio connection choices and longer ranges. Many home devices are found in this price range, but some will work in the car. If you need a transmitter that connects to multiple devices, start shopping in this price range.

  • $50 and higher: Devices in this price range tend to focus on either form factor or special features. Many are more compact than lower-end transmitters, with better batteries. Others offer unique features, such as built-in voices that announce the phone number of an incoming call.

Bluetooth transmitter tips

  • When installing a home-based Bluetooth transmitter, look for a way to provide dedicated power, so you don’t have to move the device to recharge it.

  • Make sure your car's Bluetooth transmitter has a passthrough USB port for charging your phone.

  • If you’re having problems getting a strong signal in your home, try moving the device away from other household items with high electrical “noise” levels, like appliances or computer equipment.

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Many car Bluetooth transmitters plug directly into the 12V outlet and “stand” on a flexible gooseneck. Look for one with a physical on/off switch, to prevent draining your car’s battery.


Q. What is a Bluetooth transmitter?
A Bluetooth transmitter is a device that pairs with another Bluetooth-enabled device, then relays an audio signal to some other piece of electronic equipment. For example, a Bluetooth transmitter can receive audio input from your smartphone, then pass it to your car’s stereo via a physical wire or an FM signal. In the home, Bluetooth transmitters are often used to send the audio signal from a television to a pair of Bluetooth headphones or a Bluetooth-enabled speaker.

Q. Can I pair a Bluetooth transmitter to more than one device?
Some Bluetooth transmitters will pair to more than one device, but most do not. With single-pair-only devices, you simply disconnect from one source and re-pair your Bluetooth transmitter with another.