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Best ASUS Routers

Updated April 2024
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ASUS AX5400 Dual Band WiFi 6 Gaming Router
AX5400 Dual Band WiFi 6 Gaming Router
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Most Comprehensive
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This stylish router is the best option for mobile gaming, streaming video apps, and superior WiFi connection for all of your devices.


Lightning-fast WiFi 6 speeds. Optimized for seamless gaming. Premium network security. Prioritize important devices over others. Supports mesh WiFi. Customizable LED lighting.


Takes a bit of effort to set up.

Best Bang for the Buck
ASUS AX3000 Dual-Band Router
AX3000 Dual-Band Router
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Affordable Quality
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A 5,000-foot range combined with dual-band technology makes this a great choice for homes with multiple online gamers or streamers.


Comes equipped with four separate LAN ports. Can maintain speeds at a little less than 3 GB per second. Dual-band frequency allows users to set two separate WiFis, making it a good choice for homes that have frequent guests.


Some users had issues with occasional internet drops.

ASUS ROG Rapture WiFi 6 Gaming Router
ROG Rapture WiFi 6 Gaming Router
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Gamer Gear
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Designed with gamers in mind, this ASUS router offers three WiFi bands and a number of performance optimizations.


Reaches up to 11 Gbps in speed and covers large structures. Tri-band function can dedicate 1 5GHz band to gaming or other heavy-duty usages. Offers advanced port forwarding. Supports a separate VPN channel.


The design isn’t for everyone.

ASUS Blue Cave AC2600 Dual-Band Smart Wi-Fi Router
Blue Cave AC2600 Dual-Band Smart Wi-Fi Router
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If you already maintain your home appliances with Amazon Alexa and need a reliably strong signal, the ASUS Blue Cave is the best router available.


Affordable. Optimized for smart homes with IFTTT and Alexa. Speedy and strong WiFi connection. Quality network security. Mesh WiFi hub. Stylish design. Slim.


Best for smart homes.

ASUS AC2900 WiFi Gaming Router
AC2900 WiFi Gaming Router
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Excellent Value
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If you’re a gamer on a budget, our expert notes that this router hits the sweet spot of features and price.


Speedy and compatible with ASUS’s AirMesh tech for expanding your WiFi footprint. Offers data transfer speeds up to 2,900 Mbps. Has 4-gigabit LAN ports. Features a 1.8GHz, 32-bit dual-core processor.


Doesn’t support WiFi 6.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best asus routers

ASUS is a well-known brand in the world of computer hardware, consumer electronics, and networking peripherals. It’s no surprise that their routers are among the most popular and versatile models available.

The ASUS line of routers specialize in dual-band gigabit WiFi, along with their AiMesh mesh WiFi system to deliver high speed connections for a variety of online tasks. Their routers can typically handle streaming and gaming, even with multiple devices are accessing a router simultaneously.

Some of their routers include AiProtection antivirus protection for multi-stage defense for all your sensitive data. ASUS routers typically offer extensive range, and some models have detachable antennas to further increase their range.

ASUS is an industry leader with high-quality products that are not only powerful but also intuitive and easy to use. However, choosing the right model from their product line can still be intimidating and there’s a bit of jargon to learn, but our buying guide will walk you through your decision-making process.

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If you already have an ASUS router, don’t get rid of it just yet — ASUS routers can be linked with their AiMesh system for a network with a larger range.

Key considerations


Wireless standards aren’t static. They’re constantly changing. Most of the newer mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops utilize the new 802.11ac standard. This means their WiFi speeds are faster, but if your existing router is a Wireless-N router, your new devices won’t be able to take advantage of their full capabilities.

Fortunately, most ASUS routers are 802.11ac routers — another good reason to make an upgrade.

Single- or dual-band

Wireless routers generally utilize one of two different frequencies: 2.4GHz or 5GHz. The 2.4GHz is normally used by many of the devices most people have, but, because of its popularity, is more susceptible to congestion and interference. If you live in a crowded neighborhood where a lot of people are using home networks, you’ll be better off getting a dual-band router such as the AC3100, AC1750, and RT-AC56R. If you live out in the country or in a low-density neighborhood, a single-band router such as the RT-N12 D1 or Onhub AC1900 will be sufficient.


ASUS routers sport impressive ranges of up to 5,000 square feet — which is more than enough for most homes and can support some offices as well. If you still need more coverage, ASUS offers a few ways to maximize your range, like detachable antennas and their AiMesh mesh WiFi system.

USB Ports

Most ASUS routers feature one or two USB ports, which may be USB 2.0 or the faster USB 3.0. While the vast majority of new printers can connect to your network wirelessly, it’s nice to have the option to plug your printer in to your router directly. In addition, you can use the USB drive on your router to provide access to shared data across your network.


ASUS routers are easily setup on Linux, Microsoft Windows (7, 8, 8.1, XP, and 10), and Mac OS X or higher. They are also compatible with most game consoles, smartphones, and streaming devices.


Trend Micro Antivirus and AiProtection

Trend Micro Antivirus is used by many ASUS routers using an onboard CPU. Working in conjunction with ASUS’s AiProtection program, this enables their routers with malicious site detection and parental controls to protect all of the devices on your network. Not all ASUS routers include this feature — of our top picks, it is included in the AC3100, AC1750, and RT-AC56R.


This is a proprietary feature that connects multiple ASUS routers, allowing you to create a whole home network in spite of architectural features in the building that would otherwise limit the effective range of your WiFi network. All ASUS routers are compatible with AiMesh, making it easy to add routers to your network.

Wireless on/off button

A separate button for the wireless portion of your network is a useful feature that is included in most ASUS routers. There are many stories in the news about people sitting at the curb where they can hack into your network via the WiFi signal from your house. Shutting off WiFi at night before you go to bed, without disabling the whole network, can give you some valuable peace of mind.

Detachable antennas

Many ASUS routers have detachable antennas that can be used to easily extend the range of your WiFi network. The number of detachable antennas will generally vary from two to four. If you are intimidated by mesh WiFi systems, this is a simple alternative that serves the same function.

Gigabit Ethernet

For gaming and streaming, sometimes a wired connection is best. That’s why several ASUS routers offer gigabit Ethernet ports, which offer speeds of up to 1,000 megabits per second.

IPv6 support

The internet supply of IPv4 addresses has been used up (we told you there would be some jargon). Make sure that your ASUS router supports the successor to that standard, the new IPv6. The transition from one to the other is currently in progress and will obviously take many years, but eventually, you will be impacted by it. Fortunately, most ASUS routers support IPv6.

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Did you know?
Some ASUS routers are designed to be used with your 4G network, giving you access to the Internet without traditional wired Internet service.

Essential accessories

Though ASUS routers are generally well-equipped for your streaming, gaming, and browsing needs, there are a few accessories that can improve your experience.

These little devices plug directly into the electrical sockets in your house and boost the range of your WiFi signal. If you’ve got range problems with your router because of the configuration of your house and you can’t move the router, a WiFi range extender is a solution to the problem. This model from TP-Link is compatible with most routers and uses beamforming technology to target specific devices.

If you have an older device that you’d like to connect to your wireless, a WiFi adapter can make that possible. This ASUS adapter is extremely compact, so you can leave it plugged in to your device and nearly forget it’s there.

"ASUS AiProtection is a security feature that comes at no cost. There are no subscription fees, so as long as you are still using your ASUS router you can benefit from its various security features."

ASUS router prices

Inexpensive: Anything under $100 is on the low end of the price range for ASUS routers. You’ll often find models with four LAN connectors, perhaps two or three antennas, and 2.4GHz frequencies. Some might have dual-band frequencies.

Midrange: The middle price range for ASUS routes is between $100 and $200. Here is where you’ll find a mix of four or eight LAN ports, dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies, fifth generation 802.11ac chipsets, and Gigabit Ethernet speeds.

Expensive: Over $200 is where you’ll find ASUS’s high-end routers that are optimized for the extreme requirements of gaming and security. These are well-suited to households and offices with multiple devices.


  • Change the default administrator name and password as soon as you get your new ASUS router. The default for most of their models is simply “admin” for both the admin name and password — and you can assume that most hackers know this.
  • Some ASUS routers come with a key to download Trend Micro Antivirus to your computers. You should set up Trend Micro Antivirus as soon as possible to prevent would-be attackers.
  • Another thing to change as soon as possible is the Service Set Identifier (SSID) on your router. Most manufacturers ship their routers with a default SSID, usually, the manufacturers own name. For instance, most ASUS routers will have a default SSID of ASUS. Once again, hackers know this, and it gives them a leg up on hacking your network if you don’t change it.

Other products we considered

We like the ASUS Blue Cave AC2600 Dual-Band Wireless Router as much for its sleek, Star Trek looks as for its performance. The off-white box with the blue hole in the middle has 2.4 GHz and 5GHz dual-band speeds up 2600 Mbps and is Smart Home ready to connect to Alexa. It's a wireless router that still has plenty of ports for your wired devices. We also like the ASUS Tri-band Gaming Router. With its 1.8Ghz quad-core processor, black angular shape, and eight antennas, it has a futuristic style that many gamers will appreciate. This monster lets you run a VPN and regular internet connection simultaneously. It has eight LAN ports — two of them dedicated to gaming. This powerhouse of a router does come with a hefty price tag, however.

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ASUS routers are available in a variety of designs from sleek to flashy, making it easy to find a model that suits your decor.


Q. What does the ASUS Router App do?
The ASUS Router App is a versatile tool in your pocket. It can be used to connect your devices to your router, manage the bandwidth dedicated to specific devices, adjust parental controls, and check for malware and security breaches.

Q. How long does an ASUS router last?
As with any modern technology, this depends largely on how quickly new technology is developed. Most ASUS routers offer impressive speeds that will still feel snappy in a few years, but after five years or more, it may be time to upgrade again.

Q. What do I do with my old router?
First, you should make sure you are not actually renting your router from your ISP (Internet service provider). Once you have determined that (and possibly shipped your router back to your ISP), you can look for a local recycling program that accepts used electronics.