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Best Waterproof MP3 Players

Updated December 2021
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Swimbuds SYRYN Waterproof MP3 Player
SYRYN Waterproof MP3 Player
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Best for Experts
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The clip for this waterproof MP3 player is specially designed to stay in place through flip turns and other underwater moves.


Great accessories. Short cord prevents catching and snags. Optional shuffle feature keeps music mixed. Supports MP3 and WMA audio formats. Clip keeps unit in place. Earphones attach easily to goggles. Fewer buttons means fewer places for water to enter. Great for lap swimming.


May have difficulty playing files from iTunes. Seals can deteriorate and fail.

Best Bang for the Buck
AGPTEK MP3 Player With Clip
MP3 Player With Clip
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An affordable music player built for use while swimming.


Supports MP3, APE, FLAC, and WMA file types. 8GB storage holds hundreds of songs. Shuffle function keeps music going. Rotatable clip for secure attachment. Includes water-resistant earplug headphones.


A few consumers found volume difficult to control.

SEWOBYE Waterproof MP3 Player
Waterproof MP3 Player
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Simple Yet Solid
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This simple MP3 player lacks bells and whistles, but it does well with the features it does have.


Clip-on attachment works on goggle and swimsuit straps. Short corded earbuds with earpieces in three sizes. Simple, raised buttons allow control by feel. Supports MP3, WMA, FLAC, APE formats. 8GB memory and 16 hours playtime. Uses USB cord to download songs.


No shuffle or repeat.

FINIS Duo Underwater Bone Conduction MP3 Player
Duo Underwater Bone Conduction MP3 Player
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Easiest to Use
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As far as bone-conduction technology goes, this MP3 player is your best option. However, quality and reliability have been an issue.


Impeccable sound quality for underwater device. Excellent battery life. Fits over cheekbones so you don’t have to put anything in the ears. Clips onto swim goggles. Easy to recharge the battery.


Quality control seems to be lacking. Some units work great, while others give out after only a few weeks or months.

H2O Audio Stream MP3 Music Player
H2O Audio
Stream MP3 Music Player
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If 8GB of music isn't enough for you, this MP3 player lets you stream music wirelessly from your phone via Bluetooth — as long as you're not underwater.


10 hours of playback time. Preloaded with relaxing music. Withstands moisture from heavy perspiration as well as submersion to 12 ft. Ergonomically designed. Snap clip rotates for best angle. Many different earpieces for perfect fit.


Some owners say volume seems low for listening in a pool.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best waterproof MP3 players

Swim workouts are serious business, and sometimes you need a little music to keep your energy up. Waterproof MP3 players let you take your favorite tunes to the pool, lakes, or the ocean where the music can motivate, soothe, and keep your mind busy while your body is hard at work.

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The swimming pool isn’t the only place where waterproof MP3 players can come in handy. They can also be used while running, walking, or hiking.

Waterproof MP3 player key considerations

Size, shape, button design

Everything needs to be streamlined and hydrodynamic in the water. While an MP3 player isn’t large enough to significantly affect your lap times, it can become an uncomfortable distraction if it’s not the right size and shape. Small, unobtrusive models are the easiest for most people to adapt to. Some are even compact enough to attach to swim goggles while others may need to be tucked away in a swim cap. The size and shape that's right for you is a matter of personal preference.

You also need to think about the shape and placement of the control buttons and how easy they are to adjust while you're in the water. In some cases, larger buttons on a bigger MP3 player may work better than small buttons on a compact model because it’s easier to operate a bigger button, especially when your hands are wet. People with large hands may find a bigger MP3 player (with larger buttons) easier to control, while people with small hands may be able to use a compact model without a problem.

No matter the size or design, the MP3 player should feel comfortable while wearing and easy to control while in the water.

Battery life

In general, MP3 players have six to eight hours of play time per charge, though there are a few outliers that have up to 16 hours. Actual play time will depend on a number of factors, including water temperature, volume, and whether or not the MP3 player is using Bluetooth to access music. The majority of models have either a rechargeable lithium ion or lithium polymer battery that takes anywhere from 1.5 to 4 hours to recharge. While these two battery types have similar performance, lithium ion batteries hold a charge longer and are less expensive, making a model that uses this type more economical in the long run.

Sound quality

Waterproof MP3 players may sacrifice some sound quality in favor of keeping the unit small and watertight, but what's the point of having music underwater if it sounds terrible? Look for a combination of size, ease of use, and sound quality. Sound issues may not even start with the MP3 player itself. Where you usually run into trouble are earbuds or headphones that allow water into the ear canal, muffling the sound. You may need to try a few different earbuds or headphones to get the desired sound quality.

Fresh or saltwater

Saltwater presents a corrosion problem for just about any material or electronic device. MP3 players work just as well in salt water as they do fresh, but you’ll need to rinse them off immediately after getting out of the water. If you’ll be heading out into the ocean, consider that the fewer ports of entry the saltwater has, the easier it is to protect and rinse the MP3 player after each use.

Waterproof MP3 player features

Memory capacity

MP3 players will come with a 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, or 8GB memory capacity. To give you an idea of what that means for song capacity, 1GB holds approximately 250 songs while 8GB holds around 2,000 songs. If you don't mind a smaller selection and switching out songs more often, you can save money by opting for a model with less memory capacity. Serious music enthusiasts may want to splurge on a model with higher memory capacity.

Waterproof depth

Most waterproof MP3 players are rated for up to 10 feet of water. Once you get deeper than that, the unit may become compromised. Most people don't need an MP3 player that goes any deeper because they’re swimming in a pool or staying on the surface. However, if you go deeper and want to take your music with you, look for one of the few models that can go to greater depths.

Control features

Easy access to basic control features such as pause, shuffle, playback, and repeat is absolutely essential. Some models have the control buttons on the player itself, while others design them into headphones. Wet fingers may not have the dexterity to scroll through lists and fumble with difficult buttons. The best MP3 players will allow you to easily and quickly access those four basic functions.

Format compatibility

Not all MP3 players support all audio file types. You may have MP3, WMV, WAV, FLAC, or other files in your library. Make sure you get an MP3 player that supports the format you use most.

Download options

There are three basic downloading options and an MP3 player may be capable of more than one.

  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth-enabled models can either download songs wirelessly or access a streaming music service via Bluetooth. Some of these models work well while others have a limited range, some as short as a few inches, in which they can access another Bluetooth device.

  • USB: Some models have a USB port and cord to plug into another device to download songs. This method of downloading tends to be faster than Bluetooth.

  • Mini SD card: Yet another option is the use of a mini SD card onto which you download music then insert the card into the MP3 player. This method takes a few more steps than either Bluetooth or a USB cord but is more reliable than Bluetooth.

Attachment features

How do you want to wear the MP3 player in the water? Some models are a single piece with the earbuds and player integrated into a design that wraps around the ears and behind the neck. Other designs can be attached to a pair of swim goggles and transmit music via Bluetooth to wireless earbuds. Yet another attachment method requires the use of a specially designed swim cap that holds the MP3 player and headphones or earbuds in place.

The method of attachment is a personal choice, so think about how it will affect your swim style. Some people may find it distracting to have a plastic piece behind the neck while others may not find a swim cap comfortable. Models that can be used with wireless earbuds tend to be the least distracting but you have to make sure to get earbuds that fit well so water cannot enter the ear canal.

Earbuds versus headphones versus bone conduction technology

Some MP3 players only work with a specific type or brand of earbuds or headphones. Others can be used with any compatible pair. The choice of whether to use earbuds or headphones is up to you. Headphones are larger and may be more noticeable to you while in the water. Earbuds, on the other hand, are smaller and may be wireless or wired. Wires will need to be tucked into a swim cap so they don’t drag while in the water.

New technology now provides a third option. Bone conduction technology eliminates the need for an earpiece. The MP3 player attaches to the swim goggles with placement on the cheekbones. The music is then conducted through the cheekbones to the eardrums. They don't require earbuds or headphones in the ears. This technology hasn't been as reliable as either earbuds or headphones but looks promising and can be more comfortable to wear.

Volume control

There’s a surprising amount of noise underwater. Not only do you need easy access to the volume control but the MP3 player needs to reach a volume that exceeds or dampens other underwater sounds.

Kit and/or accessories

Waterproof MP3 players that come as part of a kit can be an economical choice that provides everything at once. They may include goggles, a swim cap, and earbuds. Be sure the kit includes everything you need so you don’t have to buy anything separately.  One potential downside to a kit, however, is that any one or more of the individual elements may not fit well or otherwise be to your liking.

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Did you know?
There are waterproof cases made for some types of MP3 players. While the MP3 player itself is waterproof, these cases further protect the MP3 player and still provide access to control buttons.

Waterproof MP3 player prices

Waterproof MP3 players start around $40. At this price, they may have a wraparound or earbud-style design and come with as much as 8GB of memory.

In the $40 to $100 range are models that come with everything you need, including earbuds or headphones, goggles, and a swim cap if that's how the MP3 player stays in place. You'll also find more wraparound styles with control buttons on the ear-pieces.

At more than $100, you'll find models with bone conduction technology and models that withstand a deeper water depth.


  • The type of swimming you do can affect your choice of MP3 player. Pool water isn't likely to knock off your MP3 player but a swift flip turn might, and if you swim in open water, waves could be an issue. You may need a model that's held in place by a swim cap, for example. A serious look at the conditions and water type – fresh or salt – can help you narrow down your choices.

  • For your comfort and the best sound, the fit of the earbuds, headphones, or bone conduction technology needs to be impeccable. Models that come with different sized earpieces are often the best choice because they allow you to customize the fit.

  • Think about how you’ll wear the MP3 player. If it will be attached to your goggles or looped through a swim cap, make sure you can easily use the buttons once it’s in place.

Other products we considered

While our top list was limited to five, there are a few other models out there that didn’t make our list but still perform well. The Delphin Waterproof Streaming Media Player has 8GB of memory so you’re looking at a serious amount of songs. It can be purchased with a headphone or earbud option. The touchscreen is easy to control, if a little small, and it produces good sound.  The Tayogo Waterproof MP3 Player is another model with 8GB of memory but comes in a wrap-around style with the headphones and MP3 player integrated into a single piece. It’s also heat resistant if you want to wear it in the bath or shower.

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The MP3 player should be completely dry before charging or downloading music.


Q. Do the earbuds or headphones keep water out of my ears?
They are designed for this purpose but some are more successful than others. The best place to start is with a good fit. Earbuds that come with several sized earpieces allow you to customize the fit, which will be your best defense against water in the ears. Headphones, too, should fit snug to keep water out.

Q. Can pool chemicals and saltwater cause corrosion?
To protect the casing and buttons on a waterproof MP3 player, you should rinse the player and headphones or earbuds with fresh water after exposure to saltwater and chlorinated pool water.

Q. Can I use my waterproof headphones with other MP3 players?
Some models can be used with any MP3 player with a jack or that’s Bluetooth capable. However, other models are designed only to be used with a specific MP3 player.

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