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November 3, 2022  |  Tools

Pumpkin carving ideas and kits you need this Halloween

Carving pumpkins is a Halloween tradition many look forward to all year. Still, deciding what to do with your pumpkin can be a challenge. Luckily, people have come up with countless fun ideas over the years. Exploring various designs and kits can be helpful if you're thinking of carving a pumpkin this year.

In this article: Elmchee Halloween Pumpkin Carving ToolsColorful LED Marquee Letter Lights and Dremel Stylo+ Versatile Craft Rotary Tool.

Pumpkin design ideas

Create a pumpkin terrarium

Terrariums are stylish containers filled with soil and plants. You can create a trendy pumpkin terrarium by carving a large hole in the front of your pumpkin, scooping out the inside, layering the bottom with dirt and filling it with greenery.

Consider painting the pumpkin if you want to add flair to your design. You can place small LED lights inside to make it stand out at night. If you put the terrarium in your garden, you may also use solar lights to illuminate it.

Use the stem as a nose

People often cut a circle around the top of the pumpkin and use the stem as a handle to access the inside. However, you can turn the pumpkin on its side and use the stem as a nose for your jack-o-lantern's face.

If you decide to use the stem as a nose, you may need to find a way to keep the pumpkin in place when you display it. Consider using a few rocks or smaller pumpkins to keep it from rolling.

Use a drill for dotted outlines

Carving animals, words and logos can be tricky. Luckily, you can use a drill to create dotted outlines for light to shine through. 

Start by drawing your design on the pumpkin; it's best to keep it relatively simple. Once you've drawn your plan, take a drill and make small holes around your outline.

Buy a small marquee

Marquees are signs that typically have small lights around the edges. Rather than carving an intricate design, you can create a small place in your pumpkin to add a marquee.

You'll want to buy a marquee powered by batteries rather than one requiring a plug outlet. Many include remotes you can use to change the sign's color.

What to consider when buying a pumpkin carving kit

Although you can likely carve a pumpkin with materials at home, it's far more manageable when you have the right tools. Carving kits come with everything you need to create a fun jack-o-lantern.


The outer shell of a pumpkin can be tough. You'll need a knife capable of slicing through the outer shell without bending or breaking. Additionally, you'll want a tool that can scoop out the inside without snapping.

In many cases, some of the tools will be plastic. These plastic tools are fine as long as they're sturdy.

Range of tools

At the very least, you'll need a scoop and a knife. Most kits include a range of tools you can use to create intricate designs. If you plan on making a complex jack-o-lantern, you may want to consider an electric Dremel tool.


Some kits include a range of templates you can use to design your pumpkin. These templates make it easier to carve your jack-o-lantern, as you can usually tape them on the pumpkin and cut around them.

Best pumpkin carving kits and tools

Elmchee Halloween Pumpkin Carving Tools

This kit comes with 13 tools, including a stainless steel scoop and scraper, six detail-carving tools, two saws and an engraving pin. It has a zip-up case to keep your tools safe. This set is relatively affordable.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Colorful LED Marquee Letter Lights

These lights are ideal for easy pumpkin designs. You can buy any letter of the alphabet, and the included remote lets you change the color or choose between color patterns.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Comfy Mate Pumpkin Carving Kit

This kit has 17 pumpkin carving tools, including a scoop, detail-carving tools and two saws. You'll get five LED lights to use in your jack-o-lanterns. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Dremel Stylo+ Versatile Craft Rotary Tool

This versatile tool can be used for carving pumpkins, leather burnishing, woodworking and more. It includes numerous tips and is surprisingly affordable. Many said they were impressed with the ergonomic design.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Luditek Halloween Pumpkin Carving Tools

This 11-piece set includes two scoops, two saws and five sculpting tools. The included bag helps you keep up with your carving tools. It is incredibly affordable compared to other sets. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Bootiful Carving Tools Professional Pumpkin Carving Kit

This kit includes eight easy-to-use tools. The case allows you to keep track of all the included items. It features a fun black-and-orange design.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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