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Updated May 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Buying guide for best worx weed eaters

If you have a lawn, you’re going to be dealing with weeds. Weeds come from a number of places — birds, wind, local transplant, and even tainted grass seed — so they’re nearly impossible to avoid. Thankfully, there are several effective ways to mitigate the problem. Weed eaters are among the best because they physically cut back vegetation to slow its growth and remove unsightly blemishes from your lawn, and Worx makes some of the best electric weed trimmers out there.

Worx offers a line of lightweight electric weed eaters that are flexible enough to handle a variety of chores and powerful enough to do them easily. These trimmers require no fuel and very little maintenance compared to their gas-powered cousins, and while they may offer less power, they make up for it in versatility and ease of use. Depending on the model, a Worx weed eater can quickly switch from trimmer to edger to mini mower, providing a clever, intuitive solution to nearly every lawn job.

Read our buying guide and check out our recommendations to find the right weed eater for your yard maintenance.

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Electric weed eaters are best suited for methodical gardeners who want to maintain a relatively small space. They’re a snap to use and maintain, but for larger areas with thick vegetation, a powerful gas trimmer may be a better option.

Key considerations

Corded vs. cordless

Worx weed trimmers come in two types: corded and cordless.

Corded models are cheaper on the whole, and Worx recommends them for yards smaller than 1/4 acre. The obvious benefit with a corded model is there is no battery to charge, but you’re limited by the length of your extension cord.

Cordless models, in contrast, offer significantly more freedom of movement, but the batteries must be charged regularly. There are very inexpensive cordless weed trimmers available, but they’re generally a bit costlier than their cord-bound cousins.


The size and weight of your weed eater are vital considerations because they determine how quickly you can accomplish the yard work and how comfortable you’ll be while doing it. Choose a product that’s an appropriate size for your frame, keeping in mind that several Worx options have telescoping handles and several adjustment points.

The diameter of a weed eater’s cutting surface is similarly important. A trimmer with a 15-inch cutting surface can tackle large weeds and unwanted grass very quickly compared to a 10-inch model, but the added utility comes with a weight penalty. Choose the right balance for your body and your yard, remembering that spot weed treatment doesn’t require a huge cutting surface. If you aim to use your weed eater as a mini mower, though, perhaps a larger version is better.


Just like gas-powered weed eaters, electric models are available with a wide variety of power levels to fit your needs.

Corded trimmers have motors that are rated in amps, and more amps equal more power. Average to good power is 4 to 6 amps, because anything below that may struggle to cut dense weeds and grass.

Cordless models have batteries that are rated in volts, with the majority falling somewhere in the range of 20 to 40 volts. The lower end of that range is sufficient for everyday use, but for thicker vegetation, opt for a 40-volt model. If you really need to tear through some greenery, consider a 56-volt weed trimmer for performance that approaches that of a gas-powered model.

String feed

Weed trimmer strings break as they’re used, and you’ll need to replace that section of line. You can accomplish this in a number of ways, including bump feeding, auto feeding, or simply replacing the fixed line.

Bump feeding unspools more string on demand. The user simply bumps the bottom of the trimmer head on a flat surface during use, and this activates a mechanism that pushes out more string.

Automatic feeding is an extremely common feature on Worx weed trimmers, as the brand’s main mission is to make lawn care more convenient. Put simply, auto-feeding trimmers send out more line as needed without the user having to do anything.

Fixed line electric trimmers are very uncommon, but they’re rather prevalent with gas-powered versions. These trimmers are extremely simple. You manually place a section of heavy line in the head and replace it as needed. This obviously requires more work on the job, but the device’s uncomplicated design improves reliability over time.



Worx weed trimmers are built to be light and comfortable to use, and they often include adjustment points to make your lawn-care routine more ergonomic. Worx products have a telescoping shaft that allows the user to scale the device to their height, which can ease the strain on the arms and back. You can also adjust the angle of the trimming head. Both of these adjustments can be done on the fly by pressing a couple buttons.

Multi-tool functionality

Select Worx trimmers can be transformed into edgers and even mini-mowers without the use of tools. If applicable, all that’s required to turn your trimmer into an edger is to flip it on its side, rotate the handle to match, and adjust the head angle if needed. These models have wheels and guidelines built in, which makes it simpler than ever to maintain clean, sharp lines on your lawn.

The mini-mower transformation is even easier. All you need to do is flip the guide wheels down in place, allowing you to maintain a consistent trimming height for mowing small areas. While they lack the power of a traditional mower, they’re extremely light and easy to maneuver, which is perfect for areas with diverse terrain. They can also help mulch grass trimmings and spread them evenly over your lawn.

Worx weed eater prices

Inexpensive: Entry-level Worx weed trimmers cost as little as $40 to $80. You’ll still primarily find dual-lined models in this category, with 4- to 6-amp corded and 20-volt cordless models being common.

Mid-range: For $80 to $120, expect larger weed eaters with cutting diameters exceeding 12 inches. Multi-tool attachments also show up in this category, as do beefier cordless models with 40- and 56-volt batteries.

Expensive: At the top of the range, you may pay $120 to $150 or more for a Worx weed trimmer. The largest cutting diameters are found in this segment, as well as more advanced multi-tools and more powerful batteries.


  • Keep a spare battery on hand. When using a cordless weed eater, it’s always recommended that you keep an additional battery fully charged and ready to use. That way, if you run out of juice halfway through a job, you can swap batteries and continue without waiting for the battery to recharge.
  • Clear debris out of the yard first. Before using any powered tool on your lawn, take a moment to scour the area for rocks, branches, and debris. Remove anything that could potentially get caught by the weed eater, because it could be flung in the air and injure someone, including you.
  • Use a brightly colored extension cord. If you use a corded weed eater, purchase a brightly colored extension cord that doesn’t blend into the grass. You could run over a green extension cord with the trimmer and damage it.
  • Wear proper protective gear. Electric weed eaters are significantly quieter than gas-powered models, but we still recommend wearing proper protective gear. Use ear protection if your particular version is loud, and use eye protection always. Additionally, wear long pants to protect your legs from accidental contact with the string.
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Weed eater shafts can be straight or curved. Models with a curved shaft are extremely good for working over open ground, but they can be more difficult to use. All Worx weed trimmers have a straight shaft, which provides excellent balance and ergonomics.


Q. My weed eater is filthy from prolonged use. How should I clean it?
Weed eaters can accumulate some serious grime, including dirt, grass clippings, and wood fibers. These must be removed to guarantee proper (and safe) operation, but cleaning a Worx weed trimmer isn’t as simple as spraying water on it. Doing so can damage the electronics.

First, disconnect the power source, either by unplugging the power cord or detaching the battery. Remove dirt and debris by hand, brush, or another tool, using a back-and-forth movement on stubborn grime. If that won’t do, detach the head, if you’re able to do so, and soak it in warm, soapy water to loosen the dirt. Make sure the head is completely dry before reinstalling it or storing the tool.

Q. How do I change my weed trimmer’s strings?
One of the biggest selling points of a Worx weed eater is its convenience, and that applies to changing the strings as well. Model-specific instructions may vary, but there’s a fairly standard process that encompasses all versions.

First, remove the trimmer head cover. Press the release tabs on the sides of the trimmer head (they hold the spool of string in place). Remove the spool from the trimmer head. If you have another preloaded spool on hand, snap it into place. Replace the cover. Feed the end of the line through the holes on the trimmer head, and you’re all set!

If you’re manually reloading the spool, use the following steps. Cut two pieces of Worx-approved trimmer line, each measuring 25 feet. Feed the tip of one string through the hole on the inside edge of the spool, then wrap it around the spool. There should be a small arrow on the spool that indicates which direction it should go. Add a second string to your trimmer, if applicable. When there are 6 inches or so left, replace the cover and feed the remaining 6-inch ends of your strings through the holes on the trimmer head.

Q. How can I turn my Worx weed trimmer into an edger?
Some Worx weed trimmers can be transformed into edgers with a few simple steps. There are no tools needed in most cases, and the process can usually be done on the fly.

Turn the trimmer off and disconnect the power source. Rotate the rear handle 90°. This may require you to push a button first to unlock it, but the idea is to rotate the handle to an ergonomic position, one that allows you to maneuver the device comfortably while it’s effectively on its side. Adjust the trimmer head angle to its lowest horizontal setting, which means the handle should be standing up perpendicular to the trimmer strings and the ground.

Depending on your model, there are two white lines (or something similar) that show the cutting path of your trimmer line. Use these lines as a guide for perfect, even edge lines on your lawn. For more specifics, refer to your model’s instructions.

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