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Updated September 2020
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Buying guide for best travel wipes cases

It’s hard to remember what it was like to clean up on the go before travel wipes were invented. These cleanser-infused, disposable cloths are invaluable when it comes to cleaning up messes and wiping hands and faces when soap and water aren’t available. However, preventing them from drying out isn’t always easy, especially when you stash them in your car, diaper bag, or purse. That’s when travel wipes cases come in handy.

If you use travel wipes, you’ve probably been frustrated with their less-than-ideal packaging. Some come in bulky canisters that take up a lot of space. Others are wrapped in flimsy plastic that is prone to tears. These packages often don’t close tightly, causing the wipes to dry out, which defeats their purpose.

With their slim, durable designs and secure closures, travel wipes cases solve this problem. These cases are straightforward, but a little advice and some useful tips will give you the guidance you need to select the best one for your travels. Read on for more information and check out the cases we recommend in the matrix above when you’re ready to buy.

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Baby wipes and hand wipes are often referred to as wet wipes, a catch-all name given to any type of moist, disposable cloth.

Key considerations

Hand wipes vs. baby wipes

There are slight differences in these moist, disposable cloths. Hand wipes are made specifically for cleaning grimy hands, while baby wipes are formulated especially for delicate baby bottoms. They both can be stored in travel wipes cases.

Hand wipes often contain antibacterial ingredients and may contain alcohol, so they are more likely to dry out than baby wipes. They are thinner than baby wipes and take up less space in a travel wipes case.

Baby wipes, also called diaper wipes, are made with cleansers that are gentle on babies’ sensitive skin. They are typically thicker than hand wipes.

Other types of wipes

Travel wipes cases provide a convenient way to store and carry just about any type of moist towelette. Face wipes, makeup cleansing cloths, exfoliating wipes, flushable adult wipes, and even wipes made for pets, furniture, or cars can all be stored and carried in these versatile cases.

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Did you know?
Most travel wipes cases are designed to fit wipes of a certain size. Although different brands of wipes vary in size, approximately 5 x 8 inches and 7 x 9 inches are standard sizes.


Case material

The majority of travel wipes cases are made of plastic that is either flexible or rigid. Flexible plastic cases typically have slimmer profiles and can more easily fit in tight spaces and small bags. Rigid plastic cases come in several sizes, including thin designs. They tend to take up a bit more space.

Design and closure

Travel wipes cases all have the same purpose, but there are several design options and closures to choose from.

Cases with flip-top lids are the most common, featuring a lid that snaps open and closed. These cases are usually made of rigid plastic. Although affordable, the wide opening means that wipes are at risk of drying out, especially if the lid isn’t closed tightly.

Designed to be held like a small purse, clutch cases are typically made of a flexible plastic material and have zippers or flip-open closures. However, some rigid plastic cases also come in a clutch-like design. Some models even sport wrist straps that make them easy to carry.

One-at-a-time dispenser cases are great for busy moms or anyone who has their hands full. They have a small opening on top that can be maneuvered with one hand. The opening allows one wipe at a time to be dispensed, which helps keep the others moist. This handy feature can be found on both flexible and rigid cases.

Some cases have dual closures – a larger one for refills and a smaller one to dispense individuals wipes. They offer both an easy way to add more wipes and a convenient dispensing mechanism. Dual closures can be found on some flexible plastic cases, but they are more commonly found on those made of hard plastic.


Some travel wipes cases have small attached tethers that are made of silicone or flexible plastic. These tethers can be used to secure cases to strollers, diaper bags, and suitcases, and they double as handles.

Included wipes

Some travel wipes cases come pre-loaded with wipes already in them. These cases are typically offered by popular brands that make baby products and include baby wipes. The cases are refillable with any kind of travel wipe.

"Some travel wipes cases have fun, colorful graphics and pair nicely with baby totes and diaper bags."

Travel wipes case prices

Another appealing feature of travel wipes cases is that they come at affordable prices. Cases are available between $5 and $25, with pricier options boasting better quality and more features. Keep in mind that some brands offer multiple cases that fall in each of the three price categories.


For around $5 to $7, you’ll find basic cases that serve their purpose but may not offer longevity. Hard plastic models typically fall in this price range and may be prone to cracks or malfunctioning closures.


Cases in the range of $8 to $12 are ideal for many consumers. Not only will you find a variety of styles and designs, but these travel wipes cases offer better quality and durability than cheaper options.


For $13 to $25, you’ll find travel wipes cases made of durable rigid or flexible plastic with reliable closures like zippers that keep wipes moist and fresh. Larger cases that can accommodate lots of wipes also fall in this price range.

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Expert Tip
Are you concerned about the lid of a travel wipes case popping open in your purse? If so, look for a case with a zipper closure, which is more likely to stay closed when bumped around with other items in a bag.


  • If you have kids, consider keeping several travel wipes cases on hand. You’ll be able to take extra wipes along for outings and car trips.
  • If you have a youngster who is still in diapers, two travel wipes cases will come in handy. Use one to carry baby wipes and the other for wipes for cleaning hands, spills, and small messes.
  • Stash a travel wipes case in your child’s school backpack. Your child will have wipes handy any time they are needed.
  • Do you like to carry travel wipes in your purse? Thin travel wipes cases made of flexible materials are ideal for this purpose because they don’t take up a lot of space or add much weight to a bag.
  • Think outside the box. Travel wipes cases can be useful for other purposes besides toting wipes. You can also use them for stowing craft supplies, small toys, and travel necessities like medications, makeup, and toiletries.

Other products we considered

In addition to our five favorite travel wipes cases, we found a few others with features that caught our attention. The Diaper Clutch is perfect for new moms, thanks to the stylish design and roomy interior that can accommodate an ample number of wipes and a few diapers. Not only is the Ubbi On-the-Go Wipe Holder affordable, but it features a secure flip-top closure, one-at-a-time dispenser, and durable silicone tether. You’ll have a travel case to stash in your bag, car, and stroller with the Handy Teddy Refillable Wet Wipes Cases because you’ll get three flexible, clutch-style cases for one affordable price. The Huggies Natural Care Clutch-N-Clean Carrying Case is a pack of two flexible cases already filled with the brand’s baby wipes, so you’ll be stocked and ready to go.

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Travel wipes often come in handy in the car. Keep a travel case full of them in the glove box or console so they are always there when you need them on road trips.


Q. Are travel wipes cases made of flexible plastic durable?
It may seem like flexible plastic wouldn’t be as strong as hard plastic, but this isn’t necessarily true. Quality travel wipes cases made of flexible plastic materials are surprisingly tough and resist tears, rips, and punctures. Plus, flexible plastic isn’t prone to cracking like rigid plastic, and it won’t crack if dropped.

Q. I like to take a lot of baby wipes along when I’m away from home. What features should I look for in a travel wipes case?
Because baby wipes tend to be thicker than hand wipes, fewer can fit in very slim cases. For packing a healthy supply, look for a travel wipes case that has added depth. Some brands make expandable cases with pouch-like designs that can hold a generous supply of baby wipes.

Q. What are some common concerns with travel wipes cases?
Keeping travel wipes moist is important, otherwise they offer no added benefits over towels or tissues. A subpar closure can be a major issue when it comes to locking in moisture, but this problem can be avoided by purchasing a well-made case. Longevity can also be an issue, and inexpensive models are more likely to wear out, crack, or stop closing securely.

Q. How many wipes fit in a typical travel wipes case?
The number varies depending on the type of travel case you choose, but plan on fitting between 12 and 35 wipes in your new case.

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