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Updated October 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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Buying guide for best spikeball sets

After watching the World Dodgeball Championships or the College Cornhole Championships, you may think you’ve seen it all on TV. There surely can’t be any additional crazy televised sports that you haven’t seen. Think again. If you haven’t seen a spikeball match yet, you’re going to want to set your DVR.

Spikeball is one of those sports that looks pretty easy to play, but once you give the game a try, you’ll realize there’s a lot of skill and strategy involved. Plus, you’ll receive a great workout. If you’re ready to learn about spikeball, we have plenty of advice for you. We’ll also help you figure out what equipment you need to enjoy this portable, play-anywhere game.

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Spikeball is the brand name of the company that popularized the game. People also use the name generically to refer to the game. However, roundnet is the official name of the sport.

What is spikeball?

Spikeball, also called roundnet, doesn’t require much equipment to play, and the rules are pretty simple.


To play spikeball, you start with a round trampoline net that’s about the size of a hula hoop (36 inches in diameter). The net sits several inches off the ground, with four, five, or six tiny legs spread around the ring for support.

You play the game with a small inflatable ball. The ball measures about 12 inches in circumference and 3.5 inches in diameter, making it about the size of a softball.

That’s it. You don’t need to wear any special gear or clothing to play. You can adjust the way the game plays by tightening or loosening the net and by adjusting the inflation level of the ball.


The standard spikeball rules call for a game between teams of two players each. However, you can play the game with more or fewer players per team. Gameplay is similar to volleyball.

Play begins with a serve. One player tosses the ball into the air before spiking it into the net toward the other team, giving that team possession. The opposing player tips the serve into the air so his teammate can play it by either making another pass or spiking it into the net. (In official games, players cannot catch the ball; they must keep the ball moving.)

Like volleyball, each team can make three contacts with the ball per possession. On any of the three contacts, the team can spike the ball toward the trampoline net. Once it rebounds off the net, the other team takes possession, making up to three contacts with the ball before spiking it into the net again.

Possessions continue back and forth between the two teams until the ball hits the ground, the ring on the net, or the net’s support legs. If the ball hits the ground during the opposing team’s possession, the other team scores a point and vice versa. Standard games are played to 21 points, and the winning team must win by two points.

Key considerations

Most spikeball sets contain similar pieces of equipment. But there are a few key differences that you’ll want to consider when deciding which set to purchase.

Net size

A standard net in spikeball measures 36 inches in diameter. The net stretches across the entire interior area of the ring. However, some sets have a larger ring, usually 45 inches in diameter. The larger net surface is easier for beginning players to use. It also works nicely for three-on-three games.

Ball size

A standard spikeball set comes with balls about 3.5 inches in diameter. However, some sets contain larger balls, some as large as 6.5 inches in diameter. A larger ball is easier for beginners to use.

Carrying bag

Spikeball sets often include a backpack-style carrying bag. All of the components of the set should fold down to a small size and fit inside the bag.

Air pump

You’ll want a hand-operated air pump in your spikeball set. This allows you to inflate the ball as needed at any time.

Expert Tip


Spikeball sets all contain the basic equipment needed to play the game. They include a ring, net, support legs, and at least one ball. Sets typically cost between $25 and $100.

Low-price sets run from $25 to $50. These spikeball sets consist of standard equipment adhering to official sizes. The build quality of the equipment will probably be average. Expect to receive one to three balls in this type of set.

More expensive spikeball sets cost between $50 and $100. These sets have extra or non-standard equipment, like a couple of extra balls or a net that’s larger than the standard size. Some expensive spikeball sets are called “pro quality.” This means they’re made from tougher materials for a more stable playing surface.

You’ll typically pay more for Spikeball branded sets from the Spikeball company. Sets from other manufacturers that don’t carry the Spikeball brand name cost anywhere from 20% to 50% less.


Although spikeball does have official rules, many people simply enjoy playing with the net and ball.

  • Bounce and catch the ball. When younger players are involved, simply catching the bouncing ball is a good confidence builder. Start by bouncing the ball off the net as softly as possible so the young player can catch it. See how many times in a row you can bounce the ball back and forth without it dropping.

  • Pass and spike the ball. The next level skill set for young players involves spiking the ball. Throw the ball to the other player in a soft manner so she can spike the pass into the net. For an additional level of skill, have her attempt to control the spike so the ball travels directly to you.

  • Hit the net from a long distance. Place marks on the ground around the net and award players points for hitting the net with the ball from farther away. Younger players can throw the ball, while older players can jump and spike the ball.

  • Bounce the ball as far as possible. See who can spike or throw the ball off the net so that it travels the farthest distance in the air.

  • Pass the ball to teammates. Split into teams of two to four players. Try to bounce the ball off the net to your teammates. It’ll take some practice to anticipate the moves of your teammates so you can complete a pass. The other team tries to intercept or bat the ball to the ground to take possession.

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Did you know?
One aspect of spikeball that differs from other sports is that it has no out-of-bounds area. Skilled players can direct the ball almost anywhere, well away from the net.

Other products we considered

Whether you call it spikeball or roundnet, several different companies are now manufacturing game sets. Our matrix highlights some excellent options, but we’ve also selected a few extra sets that give you some different features.

One of the best newer options is the Spikeball Rookie Kit. It’s made for children and beginners to the sport, as it features a larger net and ball. This allows inexperienced players to have more success.

We also like the option of purchasing extra spikeball balls as needed. The GoSports Slammo Competition 3-Ball Pack doesn’t include a net, so you can save some money if you just need a few replacement balls.

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In spikeball, players can pass and spike the ball with either hand but not with both hands simultaneously.


Q. What sport is spikeball most like?
Spikeball is its own sport, but it has numerous rules that resemble volleyball. Rather than hitting the ball over a net, in spikeball you hit the ball into the trampoline net. The net propels the ball into the air where your opponent can play it.

Q. Where can I play spikeball?
Much like volleyball, spikeball works on nearly any surface. You can play on sand, grass, a gym floor, concrete, and other surfaces. You will want plenty of free space around the spikeball net so players can move around without colliding with objects or the net. Some players like to dive to the ground to try to save a possession. So if you’re going to play a competitive game, a softer playing surface is desirable to prevent scrapes and bruises.

Q. How durable are the parts of a spikeball set?
The spikeball balls and net should last for dozens of games under normal playing conditions. The biggest issues are usually things that happen outside of game play. If someone steps on the net inadvertently, the support legs could snap. Or if a ball strikes a sharp object, it could be punctured.

Q. Why wouldn’t I just play volleyball?
Certainly, spikeball isn’t for everyone, and some people will choose volleyball instead. But spikeball is a good alternative to volleyball in some cases. Spikeball requires minimal setup time, and you can play it in a smaller space than volleyball. It’s made for four people, whereas volleyball usually works better with more players. Besides, spikeball is a lot of fun!

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