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    We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers.

    Shopping Guide for Minecraft Toys

    If Minecraft fans can't quite get enough playing the game itself. or watching people play it on YouTube, you can find a range of Minecraft toys that will keep them happy!

    Whether or not you understand the appeal yourself, Minecraft is a huge phenomenon and kids (plus plenty of adults, too) can't seem to get enough of it. Just a cursory internet search uncovers hundreds of different Minecraft toys to occupy children once they've used up all their screen time for the day. Which ones should you choose?

    At BestReviews, our mission is to help you make informed purchasing decisions, no matter what you're after. We test products in our dedicated labs, talk to existing customers to gather useful feedback, and consult experts. The result? Fair and thorough reviews to help you cut through the jargon. So, gather up your tools, watch out for creepers, and prepare to enter the world of Minecraft toys.

    When buying Minecraft toys, make sure you're purchasing official merchandise. Not only is it illegal to sell unlicensed toys, they're often of poor quality.

    Minecraft Toy Considerations


    Who Are You Buying For?

    The first thing to consider is who you're buying for. You might see a Minecraft toy that you think looks cool, but if it's not suitable for the giftee, you're wasting your money.

    • Age: Some toys will have a recommended age range, and we wouldn't recommend purchasing them for anyone younger than the minimum age, for safety reasons.

    • Interests: Think about what the giftee likes, other than Minecraft! if you know she likes making things, you could opt for Minecraft LEGO or papercraft sets, whereas if she prefers collecting, or playing imaginary games with toys, she might prefer action figures.

    • Education: Want something a bit more thought-provoking? Look for a Minecraft redstone handbook. There are plenty available. Redstone is the Minecraft world’s virtual approximation of electronic circuitry, and even young children can build amazing things with it.

    • Function: You can find plenty of Minecraft clothes, for both children and adults, as well as Minecraft blankets and pillows.


    You can find some excellent display cases for people who collect Minecraft minifigures.

    What's Your Budget?

    You can find Minecraft toys to suit a range of budgets. Small figures or craft sets start at less than $10, perfect for stocking stuffers or for kids to buy themselves with pocket money. At the high end of the pricing spectrum, you can find large Minecraft LEGO sets for over $250, but you can find smaller sets for under $50.

    Which Brand or Manufacturer Should You Choose?

    Many large manufacturers have licences to create official Minecraft toys and merchandise, including LEGO, Mattel, and Hot Wheels. While you can find quality goods from smaller brands, too, you might want to stick with a manufacturer you know and trust to ensure you get a quality product.

    You can also find Minecraft stationery, clothing, and other merchandise, which many fans would love.


    Types of Minecraft Toys

    You can find a large range of different Minecraft toys to suit all kinds of tastes and preferences. Here are some of the most common types.

    • LEGO Sets: Since Minecraft is a game that involves building with blocks, it lends itself extremely well to the LEGO format. You can find Minecraft LEGO sets both large and small, as well as Minecraft minifigures.

    • Action Figures: These are plastic figures of some of the most popular Minecraft characters.

    • Plush Toys: You can find a range of Minecraft-themed plush toys featuring everything from creepers and Enderman to baby cows and Steve.

    • Tools and Weapons: If your giftee is a collector or likes to play imaginary games, they might like some of the toy tools and weapons from the Minecraft works, such as the sword, pickaxe, and enchanted bow and arrow.

    • Play Sets: Look for Minecraft play sets featuring different environments and figures to play with.

    • Craft Kits: You can find various Minecraft papercraft kits, from which you can make selected characters or environments.

    If you are thinking of gifting, many grownups still enjoy LEGO sets, or they may like some of the collectable action figures or plush toys.

    FAQ about Minecraft Toys

    Q. Can you find Minecraft toys suitable for young children?

    A. Many minecraft toys have a minimum age limit due to small parts, so they may not be suitable for young children. Some items, however, such as plush toys, may be suitable for toddlers, and even babies. Always check the recommended age range before giving a Minecraft toy to a child.

    Q. Are there Minecraft toys that adults might like?

    A. Let's not pretend that reaching 21 (or even 51) automatically means we don't like "toys" anymore. If you or your giftee is a kid at heart, you can find plenty of Minecraft toys that appeal to adults, too.

    Q. Can you find compact Minecraft toys?

    A. Space can be a real issue in many homes. If you're buying for a child's Christmas or birthday, this is a time when an influx of gifts come in, so parents might feel a bit overwhelmed by large toys. The good news is, you can find many compact Minecraft toys, including action figures and minifigures, card games, and craft sets.

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