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    We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers.

    Shopping Guide for Best Magic Kits

    The art of magic has been entertaining kids and adults for centuries, from the early days of sideshows and Harry Houdini’s mastery of escape, to Criss Angel’s mind-bending, illusion-packed, TV performances. Watching magicians has always inspired fans to figure out the secrets behind the performances, and prompted them to try their own skills at entertaining family and friends with tricks, illusions, and sleight of hand. Offering more than just a deck of cards, a wand, or a few handkerchiefs, magic kits provide a whole host of items that allow kids and adults to master tricks to delight their own audiences.

    Magic kits contain a variety of items for numerous tricks, disappearing acts, and illusions. There are many kits available; you can find kits suitable for everyone from youngsters to adults, and from novices to those who are ready to tackle a new level of trickery. Matching the appropriate kit to the age, interests, and skill level of a budding magician will lead to hours of fun.

    BestReviews can help you find the perfect magic kit, from beginner to advanced, as we have evaluated contents and quality of some of the top choices available — so you don’t have to. We never receive free items from manufacturers, so you can always count on our reviews to be completely unbiased. The information we’ve compiled of some of the best magic kits available will help you find one that’s sure to thrill, no matter what level or types of tricks you hope to master.

    Even adult magic trick novices might want to start with magic kits for youngsters, as they include basic skills and concepts that are just as fun for adults to master.

    Magic Kit Considerations


    Age of the Amatuer Magician

    Performing magic tricks can provide hours of fun for both kids and adults who are young at heart. Magic kit manufacturers take the age of their potential consumers into consideration when designing the included items. They also target a level of difficulty of pulling off various magical acts. Kits that are designed for smaller children include simpler items, such as crayons, easy to maneuver “disappearing boxes,” and puzzles, and are designed with animated characters and attention-grabbing colors and graphics. Magic kits that are geared to teens and adults have much more intricate items, and their designs tend to be more serious, creating a more mysterious atmosphere than the whimsical, light-hearted feel of kits for youngsters.

    Many of the tricks in magic kits available today were inspired by acts of some of the most famous magicians.


    Skill Level

    It’s also important to select a magic kit that is appropriate for the skill level of the magician that will be doing the  tricks and activities. As your magician gains experience, she may want more challenging tricks to attempt. A kit that is indicated for an absolute beginner will typically be referred to as a “first magic kit,” which is an ideal starting point. Kits with more advanced illusions should be labeled appropriately, and offer tricks such as levitation, psychic predictions, disappearing acts, and much more. Designers of these kits probably assume the buyer has some experience with magic already.


    Number of Tricks

    Some aspiring magicians may love the idea of having hundreds of tricks up their sleeves, while others may want to focus on perfecting just a few specific illusions. Magic kits offer an almost endless choice when it comes to the number of tricks included. Some advanced kits have over 400 tricks and illusions, while those for younger children tend to have as few as 20. A magician’s age, skill level, and attention span should be taken into consideration when deciding on the appropriate number of tricks per kit.


    Don’t be put off by kits that focus on card tricks. Many modern kits have tricks using a deck of cards, and they’re quite engaging and skillful.

    Staff  | BestReviews


    There are numerous types of magic kits on the market today, including some inspired by famous magicians. Some types you may want to consider are:

    • Card Trick Kits: From popular card tricks that have stood the test of time, to those that are new but just as entertaining, magic kits that focus on card tricks are very popular. Some may require specialty decks of cards that you have to purchase separately to make the most of the tricks.

    • Classic Tricks: When some people think of magic, top hats, rabbits, and magic wands come to mind. Some magic kids feature these traditional items - stuffed rabbits, of course - and instructions for performing classic illusions to go along with them.

    • Professional-Level Kits: Magic kits also come in varieties that are geared to magicians who are ready to explore more challenging tricks. Some of these kits are inspired by top magicians, such as Criss Angel and Jim Stott.

    • Educational Magic: Magic can be just as educational as it is fun and entertaining, and there are kits available that aim to teach, such as those geared towards science. Social interaction, motor skills, confidence, and manual dexterity can also be learned from performing magic tricks.

    Magic Kit Prices

    Performing magic doesn’t have to be costly. In fact, the family fun and engagement that a magic kit provides is quite affordable. Though larger, more advanced kits are costlier than basic kits, there are also options available that are less than $20, with all the materials and tricks to keep kids and adults engaged and entertained for hours.

    Magic kits are fun activities for family fun nights, and kids and parents can take turns being performers and audience members.

    FAQ About Magic Kits

    Q. I have a young child who is very interested in magic. What are the best types of tricks for the youngest aspiring magicians?
    While there are no specific tricks that are best for youngsters, those with basic items are most suitable for the youngest magic enthusiasts. Kits geared to toddler-aged children have colorful items that are easy to use, so kids can learn simple vanishing effects, for example.

    Q. Do magic kits provide detailed information for individuals who aren’t sure how to get started?
    Most kits comes with detailed information, which includes either written instructions, website access, or instructional videos.

    Q. Beyond just entertainment, what are some of the benefits kids might gain from playing with magic kits?
    As children master various tricks and illusions, they are sure to develop a sense of achievement. Shy children are likely to feel less frightened of speaking or interacting with others after receiving positive feedback from their performances. And when two or more kids work on perfecting magic tricks, they learn the importance of teamwork.

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