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Updated June 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Buying guide for best loveseat slipcovers

It may not be in your budget to buy a new loveseat or have your well-constructed piece of furniture reupholstered. The solution: a slipcover. Though you may think it’s a last resort for covering up those kitty-clawed arms and red wine stains, slipcovers have come a long way since the days of frumpy, ill-fitting covers. 

Modern slipcovers still value practicality over style. But they’re also better designed and constructed with advanced fabric technology. Slipcovers came into favor when shabby chic became popular around the early 1990s. The slipcover market has inched forward, adding streamlined, fresh versions ever since.

Slipcovers can be rumpled or tailored and wrinkle-free, depending on the material and the style you’re trying to achieve. On the pragmatic side, washable slipcovers are indispensable when you have kids or pets. To successfully choose a loveseat slipcover, measure your furniture and buy for the correct type of cushion. Our shopping guide helps you avoid any slip-ups when it comes to selecting a slipcover that fits your furniture, and your lifestyle, like a glove.

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It’s possible to slipcover a leather loveseat. The only challenge is keeping the slipcover from sliding all over the place. Try covering the furniture with non-skid rug padding before you put on the slipcover.

Key considerations

When shopping for loveseat slipcovers, there are more considerations than features. If you’re covering a loveseat in a main living space, you’ll happily find more stylish options that also happen to be stretchy.

Separate pieces: With separate slipcover pieces, you’ll have a more customized appearance, which fits and looks better on your furniture. One-piece slipcovers may be the least expensive, but they may require constant tucking, or readjustment of the tucking tools, to keep in place. A two-piece slipcover has one piece that goes over the back, the non-removable back cushions, the arms, and the base. The second piece covers the seat cushions. A three-piece slipcover offers the most streamlined appearance. You’ll have a base cover (including arms), a seat cushion cover, and a cover that fits one or two removable back cushions. 

Material: Modern slipcovers aren’t like the ones your granny had. They’re made with machine washable fabrics such as brushed twill, synthetic velvet, denim, linen blends, microfiber, microsuede, and other polyester blends. You might want a fabric with a waffle, a fabric with a velvety feel, or a smooth fabric.

Stretchability: If you’re looking for a stretchy slipcover, search for the amount of spandex it has in its content. Depending on the brand, there will be a varying percentage of spandex in the material. The percentage makes a big difference in how stretchable the slipcover will be for your loveseat. The more spandex, the stretchier the slipcover. Read the fine print; not all slipcovers have spandex.

Easy on and off: If you know you’ll have to wash your slipcovers every month (or week) thanks to kids and pets, you’ll want a slipcover that’s easy to remove and put back on in under 10 minutes.

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Did you know?
You won’t be able to open up a sleeper loveseat if you’re using a regular slipcover. Sleeper-style slipcovers are a rare find for loveseats.


When comparing loveseat slipcovers, you’ll find there aren’t many bells and whistles. What matters most is how the features help to style the slipcover. 

Tuck tools: Different manufacturers offer various tucking aids, while most recommend using your hands to tuck in the fabric. One type of tuck tool is a foam strip. Anti-slip foam strips help a slipcover stay in place. You slip them into the sides and back of your loveseat. The friction of the foam strips helps tuck in fabric tighter and keeps it discreetly there. However, some users have reported that foam strips tend to pop out as soon as they sit down.

Another type of tool is a patented grip strip, which does the same trick. These tend to stay in place better than foam. Tuck tools generally remain inside the loveseat’s crevices as long as you have the slipcover on your loveseat.

Pleats: Corner pleats, or front skirt pleats, can make a slipcover appear more tailored. Slipcovers with pleats, however, won’t be super stretchy. Pleated slipcovers are typically made from twill, cotton, or linen. A pleated slipcover can do wonders to cover up an old-fashioned ruffled skirt on your loveseat.

Closures: Some slipcovers have hook-and-loop tape or ties around the arms that allow you to create a more tailored look. It depends on the style you’re after in your room. Ties make a slipcover appear more shabby chic and casual.

Loveseat slipcover prices

Inexpensive: The least-expensive loveseat slipcovers range from $25 to $48 for stretchy polyester blends. The fabric is thinner and utilitarian. Most slipcovers in this range consist of just one piece. However, you’ll also find a few two-piece slipcovers at this price point.

Mid-range: From $48 to $125, you’ll begin to find a variety of loveseat slipcovers. Two-piece slipcovers made with poly blends, better-quality three-piece slipcovers of varying fabric blends and textures, and one-piece cotton brushed twill designs all appear in this price range. One-piece denim slipcovers are available here, too. You’ll find a few mid-quality three-piece stretchy polyester slipcovers as well.

Expensive: In the $125 up to $239+ range, you’ll find plenty of name-brand loveseat replacement slipcovers (think Ikea and Pottery Barn). Better-quality three-piece stretchy polyester slipcovers can be found at the lower end of this range.


  • Putting on a slipcover takes practice. Some slipcovers have tags to identify the front and sides; others don’t. Open up the slipcover on the floor first to see the widest part, which goes over the back and base. You’ll then see any arm seams that will help you position the cover once you lift it onto the furniture. After you have the slipcover positioned, you’ll need to tuck, tie, and adjust until you’re pleased with the look.

  • To find the right size slipcover, measure your loveseat. Though you should measure width, depth, and height, there’s one extremely important measurement: the length of your piece of furniture. To arrive at this number, measure the width of each of your loveseat’s arm fronts. Then, measure the width of your seat cushions from inside arm to inside arm. Add the numbers together to get the length of the slipcover you need.

  • If your loveseat’s original upholstery has a vivid coloration, a bold pattern, or is a solid, dark color, you may need to opt for a darker slipcover to adequately cover it. The color or pattern of the original fabric may show through a lighter slipcover.
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Customers might have sticker shock on some slipcovers. It takes a lot of fabric to cover even a loveseat, which is why slipcovers can be costly. One-piece slipcovers (less fabric) are less pricey than two- and three-piece versions.


Q. Will a loveseat slipcover work on a chair and a half?

A. A “chair and a half” is an oversized chair that almost fits two people. It’s wider and deeper than a regular chair and narrower than a loveseat. On average, a chair and a half measures 52 to 54 inches wide, 41 to 43 inches deep, and 30 to 40 inches tall, depending on the back design.

Since it’s rare to find a chair and a half slipcover, unless you have it custom made, you’ll have a dilemma on what size slipcover to use. A regular chair slipcover may be too narrow, since it only reaches an average of 47 inches wide. A loveseat slipcover may be too wide. Your best bet will be to use a loveseat slipcover that fits up to 70 inches wide and simply tuck in excess fabric on the sides.

Q. What’s the difference between a box cushion and a T-cushion?

A. A box cushion is a seat cushion that’s shaped like a square or rectangle without any indentations or extra pieces that cover up the arms. A T-cushion almost looks like a letter T, with shaped pieces that fit around the front of the couch arms. You’ll need to purchase a slipcover that’s designed to fit your style of cushion.

Q. What kind of slipcover do I need if the back cushion of my loveseat is attached?

A. You’ll need a one- or two-piece slipcover for a loveseat with attached back cushions. For loveseats that have removable back cushions (also called pillow back cushions), there are three-piece slipcovers available that offer a customized fit. A two-piece slipcover has one piece for the base and back and a second piece for the seat cushions. A three-piece slipcover has one piece for the base, one piece for the seat cushions, and one piece for the removable back cushions.

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