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Updated November 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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Buying guide for best toto toilets

Beyond using and cleaning it, you probably don’t give much thought to your toilet. However, it’s a completely different story when it comes time to replace it. Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom, or your old toilet is down to its last flushes, you want to find a new toilet that looks nice, fits well with your décor, and conserves water.

Regardless of what you are searching for in a new loo, TOTO has a number of toilet options crafted with contemporary designs and water-saving technology. A top name in toilets for generations, TOTO offers superior craftsmanship and models to fit the varying needs of consumers and their homes, from basic options to designer looks.

If you’re like most consumers, you probably haven’t bought many toilets in your lifetime. You may be new to the TOTO brand and need to find out more about their products so you can make the best decision for your home.

You can check out our picks for the top five models by TOTO here. Read on to find out more about the company, the types of toilets they manufacture, and the features that will help make your life easier and your bathroom more comfortable.

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The TOTO company expanded to the U.S. in 1989 under the name TOTOUSA.

History of TOTO toilets

TOTO has a heritage that goes back more than 100 years, when company founder Kazuchika Okura sought to improve sanitary conditions in his home country of Japan. During this time, much of the country did not have the convenience of public sewage systems.

Okura started his company in 1917, combining comfort, water-saving technology, and superior craftsmanship in the manufacture of his porcelain products. Even as TOTO expanded around the world, the company remained dedicated to producing high-quality, attractive products with water-saving technology and convenient features. That tradition continues today with TOTO’s wide selection of toilets.

TOTO toilet designs

Before you began your quest to find the perfect toilet, you may not have realized that you have several options. Regardless of the type of toilet you choose, you can expect to find TOTO’s superior craftsmanship in the design.

Classic two-piece toilet

These basic toilets come in several styles. Whether you want one with an elongated or round seat, chances are this popular design will fit your needs. It’s also the most affordable of TOTO’s toilets.

One-piece toilet

These sleek toilets are a bit more expensive, but the design suits contemporary homes well.

"Early toilets were outdoors in “outhouses.” The first enclosed rooms, called “water closets,” were introduced around 1870."

Wall-hung toilet

These modern-looking toilets can make a small bathroom look larger and free up floor space. However, installation of the in-wall tank system usually requires a professional.

Neorest toilet

A totally modern and luxury experience in toilets, these pricey models are intuitive with sensor-driven lids, heated seats, personal cleansing wands (trademarked by TOTO As Washlets), and self-flushing mechanisms.

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Expert Tip
A round toilet bowl may be more practical than an oblong one for a small bathroom. It doesn’t project as far into the room.

TOTO toilet features to consider

From using to flushing to cleaning a toilet, it’s obvious that there are several features that can make your experience more comfortable. Fortunately, the company’s products offer a lot of user-friendly options. Selecting the right ones to fit your needs will make you appreciate your new TOTO toilet even more.

Bowl shape

Round or elongated, the shape of the bowl is matter of preference, but both have pros and cons. Elongated styles are more spacious and comfortable to sit on, but they tend to be more expensive. Round bowls save space. The best choice for you will fit your comfort level, budget, and room size.

"Many consumers find oblong toilet bowls more comfortable than round because they offer more seat space. "

Trapway style

Toilet trapways consist of the interior tubing that carries water to and from a toilet bowl. The choice of style is basically a matter of preference.

  • Exposed: The shape of the trapway tubing is visible on each side of the toilet.

  • Skirted: The smooth design all around the toilet is easy to clean.

  • Concealed: These are similar to the skirted style but without the uniform shape from front to back.


  • The standard height of the typical toilet is around 15 inches from floor to seat, but this may not be the most comfortable fit for taller individuals or those with physical limitations.

  • Universal toilets, also referred to as comfort toilets, are about 18 inches high. They also comply with Americans with Disabilities (ADA) guidelines.

  • Wall-mounted toilets provide more flexibility when it comes to height. The height is adjustable based on the home’s structure, bathroom plumbing, and your preference.

"TOTO toilets use less than two gallons of water per flush. Some old-style toilets use as much as seven gallons per flush. "

Gallons per flush

Also called the flush rate, the gallons per flush (GPF) refers to the amount of water a toilet uses each times it’s flushed. TOTO products emphasize water efficiency, so the toilets have eco-friendly flush rates that range from .08 to about 1.6 GPF.


Though Washlets offer the cleaning benefits of a bidet, the concept is a bit different. Washlets are electronic toilet seats that incorporate the cleaning mechanisms that produce the water spray. While the seats can be purchased separately, some TOTO toilets (such as Neorest) come with Washlets. This feature is very popular in Japan, and it is catching on in the U.S.

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Expert Tip
Pure vinegar is a good alternative to harsh chemical toilet cleaners. Pour about a cup in the bowl and let it sit for at least 15 minutes before scrubbing.

TOTO toilet prices

TOTO is a top name in toilets with state-of-the-art features and designs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t afford one for your home. Depending on how much you want to spend, there are options available to fit most budgets, from $250 to over $4,000.

  • Budget friendly: TOTO’s two-piece designs come in a fairly wide range of prices, and while they are more practical for the budget-minded homeowner, they still offer the brand’s quality and water-efficient technology. Expect to spend around $250 to $500 for toilets in this category.
  • Mid-range: If you prefer the convenience and look of a one-piece or wall-mounted toilet, expect to spend a bit more. These TOTO toilets range in price from $400 to over $1,000.
  • Expensive: These TOTO models don’t come cheap, but they offer the most impressive state-of-the-art features, including Washlets, heated seats, and sleek configurations. A premium toilet will cost you from $2,500 to $4,000 or more.


  • Carefully measure the space for your new toilet. All toilets aren’t the same size, and a few inches here and there can make a big difference, especially in tight spaces.

  • Check state and local laws before purchasing a new toilet. If you live in certain states, such as California, you may be required to purchase a low-flow toilet that meets certain water conservation standards.

  • Think about your home décor and budget before you select a new TOTO toilet. While the company makes high-end models that are suitable for luxurious dwellings, TOTO also sells basic models that cost less and look good in any home.

  • Don’t attempt to install the toilet yourself unless you’re proficient in plumbing. This is especially important when it comes to the brand’s luxury and wall-mounted models with in-wall tanks, which can be quite challenging to install.

  • Choose a one-piece toilet to make cleaning simpler. With fewer crevices, the single-piece model is straightforward to clean.
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Toilet brushes don’t have to be unsightly. Pretty holders conceal the brush and don’t detract from the charm of your bathroom.


Q. What is the TOTO company’s view on water conservation?
Conserving water is one of the company’s priorities. Many of their toilets meet low-flow standards. They are engineered to use gravity and water flow power instead of excessive water for flushing. Bowls are also designed with an extra-smooth glaze for easy cleaning.

Q. I’m over six feet tall. What’s should I look for when it comes to purchasing a toilet that provides optimal comfort for someone of my height?
You need to select a toilet that is no shorter than 17 inches from the floor to the seat. Toilets in the 17- to 19-inch range not only meet ADA standards but are also more comfortable for taller people to use.

Q. What does it mean when a toilet has a soft-closing lid?
A soft closing toilet lid has special hinge that allows the seat to close gradually.

Q. I have a small guest bathroom with a simple pedestal sink. What features should I look for in a toilet that will look good but not take up too much space or look mismatched?
For a small bathroom with a basic sink, your best choice is a classic round bowl. If you have a larger budget to work with, wall-hung models also save space and offer a classic design that goes well with almost any sink style.

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