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Best Bathtub Caddies

Updated December 2023
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ToiletTree Products Bamboo Bathtub Caddy
ToiletTree Products
Bamboo Bathtub Caddy
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Most Versatile
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Simple and stylish, this adjustable bathtub caddy from ToiletTree will make bathtime something to be excited about.


The caddy measures 27.5 inches wide and is adjustable to 41.25 inches, allowing it to fit any size of bathtub. It also features a wine glass slot, a book/tablet holder that folds down, and an extra space that can fit things like a smartphone or a candle. It's constructed of 100% natural bamboo, giving your bathtub a natural, healthy vibe.


Although it folds down for storage, we wish the metal holder for books and tablets was adjustable.

Best Bang for the Buck
Mind Reader Bali Collection Luxury Bamboo Bath Caddy
Mind Reader
Bali Collection Luxury Bamboo Bath Caddy
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Compact Design
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A smaller profile, affordable price point, and plenty of space for bath essentials make this an excellent choice for those who don't want an oversized caddy.


Includes a single deep tray that allows users to put anything and everything they can think of for bathtime. The compact design is small enough to hide away when tub time is over. The bamboo design looks simple yet stylish. Has a wider design that allows it to fit most tubs with ease. Some users found that it's perfect for storing bath toys for kids.


The simple design may cause some users to accidentally knock items such as wine glasses over. Not anti-slip.

Temple Spring Bathtub Caddy Tray
Temple Spring
Bathtub Caddy Tray
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Best for Everyday Use
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Adjustable and easy to use, this is the perfect caddy for those who like to enjoy long baths while being able to have everything nearby for easy access.


The functional design includes slots for glasses, books, phones, and anything else you could ever need for a bath. The glass holder wraps around the stem of a wine glass to ensure that it doesn't fall over. Extends up to 105cm to cover even the largest bathtub. Comes with bonus exfoliating gloves, a face cloth, and a matching soap dish.


The bookstand isn't great for physical books since you have to hold the edges of the book to keep it from falling over.

Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy
Royal Craft Wood
Luxury Bathtub Caddy
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Customer Favorite
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This beautifully crafted bathtub caddy has a slot for every imaginable bathtime accessory and is large enough to accommodate two.


Water-resistant organic bamboo construction is sturdy and durable. Adjustable arms fit any size bathtub. Book or tablet stand comes with a waterproof cover to accommodate smaller books and tablets. With dual detachable trays, a candle or cup holder, a wine-glass slot, and an angled phone slot, there’s plenty of room for extras.


Its large size and solid construction can dwarf smaller bathtubs.

Pristine Bamboo Premium Bamboo Bathtub Caddy
Pristine Bamboo
Premium Bamboo Bathtub Caddy
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Most Comprehensive
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A premium eco-friendly bamboo caddy from a socially conscious manufacturer that donates a portion of its profits to a global children's feeding program.


Natural bamboo construction is solid and sturdy. Well-thought-out design takes care of every detail from phones and tablets or books to wine glasses and candles. Generous extendable arms fit just about any tub and come with non-slip grips to prevent sliding. Includes a complimentary soap dish. Great customer service.


Wine glass slot doesn’t fit every type of glass. Some owners feel the tablet stand leans back a bit too far.

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Buying guide for best bathtub caddies

Nothing completes a relaxing bath better than a good book and a glass of wine. A bathtub caddy is like a little table for your tub. It enables you to turn a simple soak into a luxurious, spa-like experience by keeping candles, soaps, books, essential oils, drinks, snacks, and even electronics within reach and out of the water.

This simple accessory can turn your bath into a treat, but not all bathtub caddies are the same. They differ in size and configuration, and some work better than others. The price of bathtub caddies doesn’t vary greatly, but you still want to make sure your choice has the features you need.

This guide offers some helpful information as well as a few recommendations to make your shopping easier.

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A bathtub caddy for two has two drink holders and matching spa trays on each side.

Key considerations


You’ll find bathtub caddies made of bamboo, teak, stainless steel, or plastic.

  • Bamboo: Many luxurious-looking bathtub caddies are made of bamboo. This fast-growing natural material is water resistant and durable, but it isn’t impervious to mold or warping. Bamboo bath caddies need to dry completely between uses.

  • Teak: Teak is another natural option. This tropical hardwood is very durable, and the oils in the wood make it water resistant. The drawback is that teak is the most expensive option.

  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel bath caddies are also durable, and they resist rust. Some include attachments like a stemware or tablet holder. These caddies can be a little more versatile than bamboo, but their basket design can allow smaller items to slip into the tub.

  • Plastic: Plastic caddies are waterproof and less expensive, but they aren’t likely to be as versatile or durable or have as many features as caddies made from other materials.


  • Width: While all bathtub caddies are long enough to span a tub (left to right), they vary in width (front to back). Many are about nine inches wide, but others can be as narrow as six inches. The width can make a big difference in the usefulness of a bathtub caddy in terms of what it can hold.

  • Adjustability: Most tubs are between 30 and 32 inches wide. A bathtub caddy is designed to sit on the rim of the tub and needs to be long enough to fit across this width. An adjustable caddy is useful, particularly if your tub is a nonstandard width. Some caddies don’t extend past about 33 inches, while others can extend up to 42 inches.

  • Weight: Bathtub caddies aren’t heavy, but the difference in weight from one style to the next might surprise you. Plastic or stainless steel models are the lightest, at about two pounds or less. Bamboo and teak caddies weigh about twice that, between four and five pounds.
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Did you know?
The adjustable sides of most bathtub caddies collapse or fold flat to make the caddy smaller for storage.

Bathtub caddy features

Book/tablet stand: This holds your reading material at an angle while you bathe. Some stands allow you to change the angle of the book. The stand should lie flat on the caddie when not in use.

Book/tablet cover: Some bathtub caddies come with a transparent plastic cover that you slip over your book or tablet to protect it from splashing.
Spa trays: Spa trays allow you to hold bath bombs, soaps, and other items. They may also have a candleholder or cell phone holder. You might want a bathtub caddy that has a removable spa tray so you can more easily store the caddy while keeping your bath add-ons organized.

Cupholder: A standard cupholder in the caddie keeps a beverage handy and doubles as a candleholder. Many caddies also come designed to specifically hold a wine glass or two. Some of these holders secure the base of the glass. It requires you to slide the glass in and out of a slot, but it’s fairly reliable and sturdy. Some other caddies have a clip-style holder designed to secure a wine glass by its stem.

Cell phone holder: Some bathtub caddies have a slot designed to hold a cell phone upright for viewing movies or talking on the phone.

Grips: You may enjoy the natural feel of bamboo until it slides into the tub. Silicone, rubber, or another grippy material on the bottom of the caddy will help hold it in place. Grips can also protect your tub from scratches.

Bathtub caddy prices

Inexpensive: A basic plastic or stainless steel bathtub caddy starts at about $15. Most of these models have book stands and cupholders but not many other features.

Mid-range: If you’re looking for a bamboo bath caddy, you’ll need to spend about $25. Some of these models are made of a combination of bamboo and metal. They offer expandable arms for the best fit on your tub and have several organizational features.

Expensive: The best bath caddies on the market don’t cost much more than the mid-range models, at about $30 to $40, but these may be more durable. High-end features include removable spa trays and extra soap dish holders.


  • Look for a bathtub caddy that can do double duty. A bathtub caddy with foldable legs can double as a desk for using your laptop in bed.

  • Look for a bathtub caddy with a removable soap dish. Being able to remove the soap dish to wash it separately will help keep the caddy cleaner.

  • Look for a wooden caddy that’s well lacquered and rated “mold free.” It will last longer.
Content Image
Most wooden bathtub caddies come with a natural finish. One with an extra coat of lacquer will likely hold up longer.


Q. Is a bamboo caddy better than teak?

A. While teak contains natural oils that help to make it water resistant, bamboo, which is a fast-growing grass, is lighter weight, easily grown, and free of toxins. Even though bamboo won’t last as long as teak, bamboo is a good choice because it is beautiful, affordable, and more eco-friendly.

Q. Is a bathtub tray the same thing as a bathtub caddy?

A. Yes. The two items generally serve the same function of providing you with a small tabletop for your tub. Bathtub caddies are designed to hold food, drink, book, grooming aids, soaps, candles, and other accessories, while a tray has fewer features.