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Is the Tile Tracker the ultimate travel accessory?

What is the Tile Tracker?

Traveling can enrich your life, but it can also be a pain, especially if your luggage goes missing, you misplace your passport or forget where you packed crucial items. This is where the Tile Tracker comes in. These small, Bluetooth tracking devices can help you locate your belongings, taking the stress out of travel. 

For many, the Tile Tracker is the ultimate travel accessory, but you can use it for so much more, from helping you find your phone to making sure you never lose the remote again. Choose from several different Tile Trackers to find the best one for your needs.

How does Tile Tracker work? 

The Tile Tracker uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone or other devices. To use it, you'll need to download the Tile app. When you want to find something with a Tile Tracker attached to it, open the Tile app and ask it to ring the tracker. The chosen Tile Tracker will emit a noise so you can find it. 

You can also use smart home devices to ring your Tile Tracker hands-free. Although it doesn't use GPS, you may be able to find your Tile Tracker when out of range. When any other people running the Tile app on their phone pass a Tile Tracker, its location automatically updates on a map in your app. While there's no guarantee that you'll be able to find items out of range, you can ask for help from the Tile Network to find lost items. 

Why is the Tile Tracker great for travel? 

You'll find a range of uses for Tile Trackers when you're on the road, whether you're on a weekend getaway or a six-month trek around the globe. 

Keeping track of luggage

Whether you're struggling to find your luggage on the carousel or it ends up lost in transit, your Tile Tracker can help you find it. When your tracker is within range, you can simply ring it through the Tile app. This sets a jingle playing so you can easily find it. This is an excellent choice if you're having trouble differentiating your bag from others on the luggage carousel. Your luggage will be the one playing an audible tune. It's a little trickier if you want to find luggage that's out of range. There's a map with its last known location on it, but this may be out of date. It will only update if someone running the Tile app passes in the Tile Tracker range, which may or may not happen. 

Finding your passport

Few things are as stressful as the mad dash to find your passport minutes before you need to leave for a flight or the worry that you've lost it on your travels when it's actually back at your hotel room. Some Tile Trackers are slim enough to tuck inside your passport case, so it's easy to ring it when in range or work out the last place you had it if it gets lost or you think you may lose it. 

Tracking other items

There are plenty of other items that you might want to track on your travels. You can attach Tile Trackers to small items like keys and wallets that are relatively easy to misplace around your hotel room. While there's no dedicated Tile wallet tracker, you can either slip a Tile Slim inside your wallet or, if you have a wallet with a zip compartment, you can attach a Tile Mat or Tile Pro to the zipper using a keyring. You can also stick some types of trackers to items such as cameras, bags or anything else that you're worried about losing while on vacation.

Other uses for Tile Trackers

When you're home from your travels, you'll find plenty of other ways to use Tile Trackers. They're great for attaching to those small items that you often misplace at home, such as your keys or your TV remote. Although a Tile phone tracker isn't a specific product, you can use any Tile Tracker as a phone tracker. Simply double-press the logo on the tile tracker, and it will make the phone linked to it ring, even when in the silent setting. 

Although they have many uses, if you're looking for Tile pet trackers, a GPS dog tracker is a better choice due to the limited range of the Tile’s Bluetooth. You can, however, attach a Tile Tracker to your pet's leash if you often misplace it.

Types of Tile Trackers

Tile Slim Bluetooth Tracker

This slim tracker is the perfect size to fit into luggage tags to keep track of your cases or to slip inside your wallet or passport case. It rings within a range of 200 feet from your phone.

Sold by Amazon

Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker

A compact tracker that fits onto a keyring so you can attach it to your keys, backpack and so much more. It has a Bluetooth range of 200 feet.

Sold by Amazon

Tile Pro Bluetooth Tracker

The Tile Pro tracker is roughly the same shape and size as the Mate but has a louder ring and a larger 400 foot Bluetooth range.

Sold by Amazon

Tile Sticker Bluetooth Tracker

The smallest Tile Tracker adheres to items so you can stick it onto practically anything with a smooth surface. When traveling, it's great for attaching to high-ticket items that you could misplace, such as camera equipment.

Sold by Amazon

Tile Tracker Essentials Bundle

Perfect for anyone who wants multiple varieties of Tile Trackers. It includes one Slim, one Mate and two stickers. You can control all of them through the same app.

Sold by Amazon


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