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Best road trip games for kids

Which road trip games are best for kids?

Going on a road trip with your family is a great way to create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re going to a national forest, an amusement park or a fun annual event, your trip is sure to be a memorable one. 

Still, lengthy car rides can become boring, especially for young kids. If you want to keep your next road trip entertaining the whole way through, consider picking up a few fun-filled road trip games.

13 best road trip games for kids

Paint by Sticker Kids: Zoo Animals 

Creative children are sure to love this paint-by-number activity book, and you’ll love its mess-free design. Kids color the pictures by finding the correct sticker rather than using messy paint or markers. This book has 34 different animals for your children to color, including a giraffe, an elephant and a gorilla.

Sold by Amazon

Briarpatch Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game and University Games Travel Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are awesome for getting your kids interested in the road trip scenery. These fun decks of cards have various objects on them that kids can look for, such as license plates with specific letters, houses of certain colors or people doing particular activities. 

Briarpatch Games deck sold by Amazon and University Games deck sold by Macy’s

Regal Games Auto and Interstate Travel Bingo Set

Travel Bingo is an easy-to-understand game that’s fun for all ages. Kids will love keeping an eye out for certain types of buildings, vehicles and animals. These bingo cards feature translucent shutters that you use to mark your cards, making them easy to reuse over and over again.

Sold by Amazon

Coogam Travel Tangram Puzzle

This magnetic puzzle challenges your child’s creativity and problem-solving abilities. The book contains 360 different silhouettes that your child can try to recreate using the included puzzle pieces. Additionally, the magnets on the pieces are strong enough to stay attached to the book while you’re driving, so you don’t have to worry about lost pieces or frustrated kids.

Sold by Amazon

Dr. Biscuits' Radical Road Trip

This diverse compilation of minigames is ideal for keeping kids of all ages entertained on the road. Players will engage in unique activities such as hunting for loose change, writing postcards to the future and way more. The thematic designs and zany activities add to the game’s appeal, and it has more than enough variety to be fun on multiple road trips.

Sold by Amazon

Heidi’s Super Fun Coloring Activity Book & Crayon Set 

This popular book contains 24 pages of fun coloring activities that your children are sure to love. The sturdy front and back covers ensure the book can survive long trips, and the included crayon set makes it easy for kids to jump right into the activities. If you decide to get a coloring book for your trip, it’s a good idea to check your car for stray crayons when you reach your destination, or consider purchasing crayons that don’t easily melt.

Sold by Bed Bath & Beyond

Brain Quest Second Grade Q&A Cards

If your child loves to think, they’ll get a kick out of this robust set of flashcards. Many schools keep these around for academic free time, so your kids may already be familiar with Brain Quest. These cards contain 1,000 different questions that challenge your child’s knowledge of math, science, language arts and more.

Sold by Amazon

Games on the Go Portable Road Trip Family Games

If you’re looking for variety, look no further. Each card in this deck is its own unique game, and there are a staggering 50 of them in total for your kids to enjoy. The cards are conveniently held together with a carabiner, so you don’t have to worry about them getting scattered in your vehicle.

Sold by Amazon

Kid Made Modern Comic Book Kit

Creative children will love making their own comic book with this intuitive kit. The book contains 24 pages with various blank comic panels on the front and back of each page. Using the included coloring pencils and fun stamps — with popular comic book action phrases like pow, zoom and wack — your child can exercise their imagination and design a story from scratch.

Sold by Kohl’s

TableTopics to GO Road Trip

TableTopics is a fun way to get to know your family better. This deck of cards contains thought-provoking questions that will give you more insight into the minds of the other passengers in the vehicle. The deck is meant for children ages 6 and older, so don’t expect anything too philosophical. Still, this is a fun way to bond with your family while on a long trip.

Sold by Amazon

Road Trip Reusable Marker Car Games

This collection of simple games is more than enough to keep your kids entertained for a few hours and can be reused over and over again. This set of dry-erase cards features games like Battleship, Tic-Tac-Toe, Connect the Dots and more. This fun set of cards also includes a deceptively simple clothespin car that your kid can move from state to state throughout your trip — it may not sound like much, but kids love it.

Sold by Amazon

I SPY Travel Card Game for Kids

Fans of the classic “I Spy” books will love watching their kids enjoy the travel edition of the game. These cards use cutouts of the classic images you likely remember from the books, and help keep your kids interested in the scenery around them. This game is even fun for kids to play by themselves.

Sold by Amazon

Big Mo’s Toys Magnetic Travel Board Games

This bundle of classic board games features a magnetic design that makes it ideal for road trips. With favorites such as Checkers, Chutes and Ladders and Tic-Tac-Toe, alongside games they’ve likely never heard of — such as a unique racing board game — your kids are sure to be entertained for hours.

Sold by Amazon

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