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Best road trip games

What are the games to play on a road trip?

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This summer, many families will hit the road. It’s one thing if you plan a trip with your spouse or a group of adults, but if you have children in the backseat, an easy two-hour drive can feel like a cross-country journey if your kids aren’t occupied. 


Nowadays, it’s easy to shove an iPad or a tablet in your kids’ hands to keep them busy. Even if you let them stream movies on your laptop, it will only be a matter of time before someone asks, “Are we there yet?” 

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Before pulling out of the driveway, you want to ensure you’re stocked on games that will keep them distracted and help you enjoy a little peace on the open road. 

Types of road trip games

Travel cooler

Once you have your travel cooler packed with snacks, an emergency roadside kit and a car seat organizer prepared with anything you need, you can turn your attention to entertainment. 

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Road trip games for kids

Talk to any parent and they will tell you that keeping the kids occupied on a road trip is a priority. Luckily, there are games for kids of all ages because if you’re stuck in the car long enough, even teenagers can be bored. So make sure you have something for everyone. 

Road trip games for families 

Even best-laid plans fall through. The last thing you want to do is purchase a bunch of games for kids and have them show no interest. If you fear your children might fit into this category, consider games that everyone in the car can play to build up the excitement and competitive atmosphere.  

Road trip games for adults 

Games are primarily for kids, but some adults get bored too, and if you plan on doing a lot of driving this summer, it doesn’t hurt to pick up something you and your friends might enjoy to help the time go by faster. 

Best road trip games for kids

Melissa & Doug Flip to Win Travel Hangman Game

Don't worry about losing pieces under the seat with this child-friendly guessing game because it contains zero loose parts and has a sturdy wooden design. This comes with an erasable whiteboard, eraser and marker.

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Fat Brain Toys Coggy

Keep your kids entertained while stimulating their cognitive ability with these 40 brain-teasing puzzles. With four levels from easy to extra-hard, this game is great for children of all ages and can last for years.

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Educational Insights Travel Blurt! Game

A great word-recall game for kids 10 and over, players simply take turns reading clues and the first person who knows the answer shouts it out. The game comes with 450 words on 75 double-sided cards, plus a card sleeve, scoreboard and four magnetic score pieces.

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Regal Games Original License Plate Bingo Travel Set-Continuum Games

Take your eye-spy game to the next level with a round of license plate bingo. This game includes four reusable bingo cards for kids and adults who want to experience a little bit of nostalgia.

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My Arcade Go Gamer Portable Handheld Gaming System

Keep your kids occupied with the retro video games you played when you were young. With 220 games included, there is something here for everyone. This portable video game is battery-powered, so no need to worry about plugging in cables.

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The Best Ever Back Seat Games: Fun games to play while you are traveling

When it's time to take a break from the high-tech portable games, you need to break out this book, which contains over one hundred varieties of fun games that focus on community and being present. This is an excellent opportunity to bond with family and make memories.

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Shotgun! The Hilarious Family Card Game for Road Trips 

This family game for kids 12 and up will have the whole squad in hysterics and involves a series of dares, trivia and challenges. The person sitting shotgun is your card reader, and the rest of the non-drivers will play based on the prompt. This card game a great way to keep the whole family occupied until your next pit stop.

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Best road trip games for adults

Adult on Board: Travel Games for Grown-Ups

This travel game exposes your travel buddies’ deepest secrets while also including singing, rhyming, memory games and much more.

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Travel Games for Adults: Coloring, Games, Puzzles and Trivia

This book of travel games is perfect for one, two or the entire group of people in your car. With adult coloring options for solo travelers or games for multiple people, including scavenger hunts and word association games, this go-to option has a little bit of everything.

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Adult Loaded Questions: A Rousing Adult Party Game

Start the party in the car with 308 new and classic adult-loaded questions. These stimulating questions with wildly personal answers will get you and your group ready for your next adventure.

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Say Anything: 10th Anniversary Edition

This game lets you decide how witty, silly or wild you want to be with your answers while also learning how well your buddies know you. There are 400 questions, with 180 that are brand new to this updated version.

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