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Best Xbox games for kids on Amazon

Which Xbox games are best for kids?

Xbox is one of the leading game consoles in the world. For the last 20 years, the Microsoft gaming juggernaut has delivered quality entertainment to children of all ages (and adults, too) with popular titles like Forza and Halo. With an ever-widening collection of video games of all genres, there is an enjoyable game for everyone, from hard-core first-person shooters to riveting platformers and puzzle solvers. Determining which game will be suitable for your children will boil down to what kind of games they'd be interested in.

Xbox Game genres

There are dozens of game genres out there. These are some of the best-known ones.

Shooter games

"First-person shooter" refers to games that involve weaponry of any kind, but these games usually, of course, mean gunplay. These are popular games like Fortnite, Call of Duty and Halo.

Adventure games

These games often go hand in hand with first-person shooters, but not all action games are created with shooting in mind. Some more recent and popular action/adventure games include Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and the new Spider-Man game series.

Platform games

Platformers require characters to overcome obstacles in their paths through simple mechanics like running, jumping and rolling. Perhaps the most popular platform game series of all time is the Mario franchise.

Puzzle games

This is self-explanatory, and these games involve players looking to solve various riddles and puzzles to reach an ultimate goal. This category includes games like the Professor Layton series.


An acronym for role-playing games, in which layers often control multiple characters at once in a fantastical setting. These games tend to be turn-based, meaning in combat sections, the player and enemies take turns attacking, Dungeons and Dragons-style. One of the most popular RPGs of all time is the Final Fantasy series.

Racing games

These games can involve any kind of vehicle, from cars to go-carts or even bikes. Popular games in this genre include Xbox's Forza series and Nintendo's Mario Kart titles.

Sport games 

In these, players can assume the role of many of their favorite athletes. One of the best-known sports games is the long-running Madden NFL series.

Ten best Xbox games for kids on Amazon

Minecraft Starter Collection

One of the most popular games of all time, Minecraft is an excellent game for youngsters of all ages, allowing the player to create a world of their own limited only by their imagination. The game comes with additional content (similar to expansion packs) for even more customization. Minecraft might be a little too complicated for younger children, though.

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Nickelodeon Kart Racers

This one is great for kids who know the characters from television, and comes with co-op and local multiplayer modes to allow for racing against friends. Players race as 12 of Nickelodeon's most iconic cartoon characters on 24 different tracks. The biggest drawback is that there are no voice lines for the characters.

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Overcooked! + Overcooked! 2

Two games for the price of one, the Overcooked! duo lets players become chefs in a kitchen, needing to work together in crazy environments to complete orders. Up to four can play in co-op mode for even more fun. The game includes more than 20 different chef characters and 75 levels to reach culinary excellence in.

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Lego Worlds

Players create their own Lego worlds and make them come to life in this fun brick-by-brick editor. Players have complete freedom to build as they like, but the game provides premade characters, objects and structures. Hidden treasures can be found throughout.

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Just Dance 2023

A fun game for the whole family, Just Dance has players follow the characters' dance moves onscreen to get maximum points. This edition features BTS songs and other pop tracks to dance along to. The game includes a month's trial of Just Dance Unlimited, with access to more than 600 songs.

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FIFA 23 Standard Edition

The biggest soccer stars in the world take to the virtual pitch in the latest installment from EA Sports. Players can create their own unique character before building their dream squad from thousands of players from teams all around the world. Competitive play against others online is an option.

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Rocket League Ultimate Edition

Take everything fun about soccer, add monster trucks to the mix, and then you have Rocket League. With fully customizable cars, players can create their dream vehicle for bringing maximum mayhem to the field.

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Carnival Games

Players can get all of the joys and excitement of the county fair from the comfort of their own couch. It's all about simple, old-fashioned fun as you play 20 classic carnival games, win tickets and trade them in for new outfits and prizes.

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Hello Neighbor

This light horror game may be scary for younger kids, but they still may enjoy solving the mystery of the next-door neighbor by exploring his massive house. Players must use the game's stealth tactics to unlock all of the secrets that the neighbor's house has to offer. 

Sold by Amazon

Marvel's Avengers

Players get to assemble their team of the world's mightiest heroes to defeat the ultimate evil and save the world. Kids will love the big-name characters (Black Widow, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man and Thor) that are featured prominently. Big superhero fans can download and play as other Avengers for an extra fee.

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