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12 Nintendo Switch gifts for gamers

Gifts for Nintendo Switch gamers

From Bowser in "Super Mario" to cultivating gardens (and friendships) in "Animal Crossing," Nintendo Switch gamers are diehard fans that can't get enough of their favorite system and titles. When it's time to buy them gifts, you might be wondering what to get them besides more Switch games.

The Nintendo Switch has been around for a few years, and fortunately, that means there is a robust assortment of first- and third-party accessories available. Besides classic gifts like extra Joy-Con controllers, you'll find plenty of gift-worthy travel cases, game library organizers and even Nintendo memorabilia. 

Key considerations for Nintendo Switch gifts

Is there more than one Nintendo Switch?

There are currently two Nintendo Switch consoles available, with a third one slated to arrive in October 2021. Learn how these systems compare so you can be sure you're buying the right accessories.

  • The original Nintendo Switch is the gaming console that can be used in TV, tabletop and handheld modes. It comes with two Nintendo Joy-Con controllers that dock into the console for charging. 
  • The Nintendo Switch Lite is a handheld gaming system that resembles a pared-down version of the original Switch. It's only compatible with Nintendo Switch games that support handheld mode.
  • The Nintendo Switch OLED model is an upgraded version of the original Switch. It will have a 7-inch OLED screen, wide adjustable kickstand and enhanced audio. Like the original Switch, the new OLED Model offers three-mode gameplay.

What's the difference between first- and third-party Nintendo Switch accessories?

Video game accessories fall into two categories: first- and third-party accessories. First-party accessories are made by the video company itself, such as Nintendo. 

Third-party gaming accessories are made by other companies, like HORI, Razer and Logitech. When third party-products are officially licensed by Nintendo, they feature the "Official Nintendo Licensed" product seal.

Some Nintendo Switch gamers, including those who collect Nintendo products and memorabilia, may prefer first-party accessories. Others Switch gamers may be open to using third-party accessories, especially when there are no first-party equivalents available. 

Popular categories for Nintendo Switch gifts

Practical gifts include items for everyday or frequent use, such as screen protectors, charging docks or extra controllers. Nintendo Switch playstands, as seen in the BestReviews buying guide, are popular for gamers who enjoy tabletop play.

Travel-oriented gifts for Switch gamers include gaming backpacks, portable game cases or Nintendo Switch car mounts. Many of these are ideal for Switch gamers that commute or enjoy gaming on the go. 

Novelty gifts, such as collectibles and memorabilia, make great gifts for true Nintendo fans who enjoy the brand to its fullest. These include posters, T-shirts, jewelry or figurines like this Funko Pop Spyro.

How much are Nintendo Switch gifts?

There are many Nintendo Switch accessories priced $25 and below, which mostly include third-party controllers and collectibles. For $30 to $50, you'll find several first-party accessories and licensed Nintendo merchandise. Nintendo Switch games and Joy-Con controllers cost $60 to $80, and if you're open to high-ticket gifts, like gaming chairs, you'll spend $100 to $400. 

12 best Nintendo Switch gifts

Extra controller

Nintendo Joy-Con Controllers

Having an extra set of Joy-Con controllers means more gaming buddies can join in multiplayer fun. This first-party set is available in a few dual color schemes, including one for "Fortnite."

Sold by Amazon

Legend of Zelda T-shirt

Fifth Sun "The Legend of Zelda" T-Shirt

This Zelda-inspired T-shirt, available in five colors, depicts iconic scenes and characters from the best-selling games. The licensed shirt has lightweight construction and a classic fit. 

Sold by Amazon

Nintendo Switch Lite skins

Controller Gear Officially Licensed "Animal Crossing" Skin

Add some curb appeal to a Nintendo Switch Lite with an "Animal Crossing" skin. The two-pack set, available in over a dozen designs, includes front and back skins. 

Sold by Amazon

Gaming messenger bag

PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag for Nintendo Switch

This licensed Nintendo Switch messenger bag, compatible with both models, has padded compartments to protect the system and accessories. It has a full-length rear case to hold game guides. 

Sold by Amazon

Portable game case

HORI Game Card Case for Nintendo Switch

Keep 24 Nintendo Switch games in your pocket with this premium hard case. The sleek design features a secure snap closure and easy-access slots for quick retrieval. 

Sold by Amazon

Expandable storage

SanDisk 128GB microSDXC Card

Boost your Nintendo Switch storage with this 128GB memory card, which holds plenty of downloaded content, screenshots and video captures. The licensed card is available in a few Nintendo-themed designs. 

Sold by Amazon

Thumb grips

GeekShare Shark Thumb Grips for Nintendo Switch

Ease up on your controller with these animal-themed thumb grips. Made with odorless silicone, the grips have non-slip designs and hold up well to everyday use. 

Sold by Amazon

Joy-Con grip

PowerA Pokemon Joy-Con Comfort Grip

Upgrade to this color Joy-Con comfort grip, whose ergonomic design is considered more comfortable for prolonged gaming sessions. It has double-injected silicone grips and lightweight construction. 

Sold by Amazon

Gaming chair

X Rocker PGB Prism Pedestal Gaming Chair

Kick back and relax with this RGB light-up Bluetooth gaming chair. It has wireless audio capabilities with headrest-mounted speakers and a rear subwoofer to deliver high-quality sound. 

Sold by Amazon

Protective case for Nintendo Switch Lite

LeyuSmart Tempered Glass Protector Case for Nintendo Switch Lite

An affordable investment, this tempered glass protector may minimize damage from drops, bumps, shocks and scratches. Its finish is also dust- and fingerprint-resistant. 

Sold by Amazon

Deluxe accessories set

HEYSTOP 12-in-1 Nintendo Switch Case Accessories Kit

Pick up this deluxe Switch accessories set and travel case. It comes with classic accessories, including steering wheels and Joy-Con grips, as well as an adjustable playstand and 18-card game storage.

Sold by Amazon

Pokemon poster

Trends International Pokemon Kanto Grid Poster

Appreciated by dedicated Pokemon fans, this grid poster features dozens of Pokemon in full color. The print is available in two sizes and can be hung on its own or mounted in a frame.

Sold by Amazon

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