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Best Pocahontas doll

Which Pocahontas dolls are best?

Pocahontas is one of the more unique Disney princesses because she is the only one based on a real-life figure. Adventurous and fearless, Pocahontas could not wait to see what she would find "just around the river bend." Although the 1995 animated feature film received much criticism for its historical inaccuracies, the Walt Disney Company has tried to make things right by making its subsequent releases of "Pocahontas" toys as historically accurate and respectful as possible. Pocahontas dolls wear traditional Indigenous American clothing that truly reflects the past. If you're looking for a Pocahontas doll that is authentic and beautiful, the Disney Pocahontas Classic Doll with Pendant is the top choice.

What to know before you buy a Pocahontas doll


You can find Pocahontas dolls made by Disney, Madame Alexander and Precious Moments. These dolls represent both the Disney and historical versions of Pocahontas. They all have Pocahontas' long black hair. Most are dressed in traditional Native American garb, reflecting her culture. 

Age of Pocahontas

Toddler versions of the Disney princesses are popular, and Pocahontas has several different ones from which to choose. They are dressed in her classic faux suede dress with her turquoise necklace. One even comes with a plush Meeko the raccoon. The Disney Animators' Collection reimagines the princesses as beautiful little girls. 

Material of doll

Many plastic dolls are in the Pocahontas collection, but the plush ones are sweet versions of the princess. Companies like Funko use stylized features to make their plush dolls super cute. Fashion dolls tend to be plastic with Pocahontas's famous flowing black hair.

Size of doll

Some Pocahontas dolls are small mini-figures, and some are tall plush dolls. Consider the doll's purpose when choosing a size and whether it's for play or display.

Comfy Squad dolls

"Wreck-It-Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet" introduced the Comfy Squad versions of the princesses, which are casually-dressed dolls in comfortable, modern clothing. The Pocahontas doll wears a dark blue long-sleeved shirt with a picture that reflects the lyrics, "Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon?" from "Colors of the Wind." She also wears capris with a traditional Native American print. Pocahontas has her long black hair and holds a mug.

Retired dolls

Because Disney's Pocahontas is nearly 30 years old, there are many retired dolls that you can purchase from third-party sellers. Although they may be more expensive than they originally were, they make special collector's items for any Pocahontas fan.

What to look for in a quality Pocahontas doll


Some Pocahontas dolls come with accessories for you, like pendants and rings for you to wear. Others have brushes for you to style her silky black hair. Many of the dolls come with removable clothing and accessories. 

Color-changing bath toys

Can you paint with all the colors of the wind? With a Pocahontas color-changing bath toy, the answer is yes. One doll even comes with a Meeko squirt toy.


You can find Pocahontas in sets with animal friends from the movie, such as Meeko the raccoon and Flit the hummingbird. You can also find her packaged with Captain John Smith. Pocahontas dolls are also part of Disney Princess collection sets, alongside other characters like Tiana, Jasmine, Ariel and Cinderella. The Comfy Squad Pocahontas comes with Ariel.

Disney Designer Collection

The Disney Designer Pocahontas doll wears a couture dress inspired by her Native American culture. She is a detailed and elegant piece that is truly a work of art.

How much you can expect to spend on a Pocahontas doll

Pocahontas dolls range from $12-$350, depending on if they are designer or retired. When buying older dolls from third-party sellers, you may find that they are much more expensive than the original price.

Pocahontas doll FAQ

Are the dolls poseable?

A. Yes. Most Pocahontas dolls have movable arms and legs that users can pose. They can also sit.

Are there any Pocahontas singing dolls?

A. Yes. There have been dolls that sing songs such as "Colors of the Wind." However, many of these dolls are retired, and you will have to buy them from third-party sellers.

What are the best Pocahontas dolls to buy?

Top Pocahontas doll

Disney Pocahontas Classic Doll with Pendant

What you need to know: This fully poseable 11.5-inch doll for ages 3-years-old and up comes with a pendant for you to wear.

What you'll love: Pocahontas wears her faux suede dress with fringe trim and a glittering pattern of filigree on the skirt. She comes with a clip-on cameo pendant of Pocahontas' profile for you to wear.

What you should consider: A few people said the dolls' legs broke off, so they might not be appropriate for very young children.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Pocahontas doll for the money

Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Pocahontas Doll

What you need to know: This 14-inch Pocahontas fashion doll for ages 3-years-old and up comes with several accessories.

What you'll love: Pocahontas has her signature long black hair. She wears her traditional dress with brown boots and a blue headband. The bodice of the dress shimmers above the glittering skirt.

What you should consider: Some people reported that the hair was not appropriate for styling by little children.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Disney Animators' Collection Pocahontas Doll

What you need to know: This 16-inch authentic Disney Store Animators' Collection doll for ages 3-years-old and up represents Pocahontas as a little girl.

What you'll love: Pocahontas is dressed in her traditional two-tone faux suede dress with fringe trimming and glittery blue filigree. She wears her classic blue satin ribbon necklace. She holds a mini plush pillow of Meeko the raccoon.

What you should consider: Some people felt that these dolls were more like collectibles than toys, so they might not be the best choice for young children.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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