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Best Melissa & Doug toy for 1-year-olds

Which Melissa & Doug toy for 1-year-olds is best?

Melissa & Doug make simple, high-quality toys. Its original toys were made of wood and now include toys made of metals, plastics and fabrics. All Melissa & Doug toys are designed to foster a sense of wonder, nurture healthy imaginations and inspire creative thinking. 

Melissa & Doug has joined with the American Academy of Pediatrics to champion the many benefits of open-ended play. The Melissa & Doug K’s Kids Take-Along Shape Sorter Baby Toy helps babies and toddlers develop sensory, motor and communication skills. Babies and toddlers develop creative thinking skills with this toy that has them match simple shapes and colors.

What to know before you buy a Melissa & Doug toy for 1-year-olds

Melissa & Doug brand

Melissa & Doug toys are the top parent-recommended toys for early childhood creativity and learning. Melissa & Doug is considered by many to be the gold standard in interactive toys for early childhood play. For 30 years, Melissa & Doug has been committed to making toys of the highest quality and with the highest standards.   

Melissa & Doug makes more than 2,000 toys of all types for several different age groups, starting with toys for children in 1- and 2-year age ranges from 0-6 years old.

Age range

The American Academy of Pediatrics believes that in order to foster early brain development in small children, toys must prioritize hands-on play, be free of electronic screens and help children connect through interactive play. Melissa & Doug toys meet all three of these criteria.

Children who are anywhere from 1-24 months are unlikely to benefit from the majority of the Melissa & Doug toys because they’re geared for toddler and preschooler learning. Pre-toddlers will enjoy simple and soft Melissa & Doug early development toys and plush toys.

What to look for in a quality Melissa & Doug toy for 1-year-olds

Developmental toys

Melissa & Doug is the leading company in making toys that get kids started early on the road to developing motor, sensory and cognitive skills. All Melissa & Doug toys develop motor skills while children learn naturally through hands-on play. Little kids develop their senses of touch, shape and proportion with interactive toys. 

One-year-old children are fascinated by colors, shapes and motion. Melissa & Doug toys have pictures, pieces and places to put them. These toys teach kids to match colors and shapes. Gear sets are colorful ways to spin wheels and watch them turn other wheels. All developmental toys help small children learn as they play.

Plush toys

Little kids love plush toys. Plush toys are not only cuddly friends and companions, they’re also make-believe toys that stimulate young imaginations. Plush toys for very young children are usually animals. Many Melissa & Doug plush toys are realistic-looking, keeping with Melissa & Doug’s commitment to realism. As kids get older, they move on to larger stuffed animals, like realistic life-size dogs. 

Giant plush toys

The Melissa & Doug giant plush animal collection includes sea turtles, very tall stuffed giraffes and an incredibly realistic giant tiger. For older kids, Melissa & Doug have some fantastic creatures, including dragons, dinosaurs and unicorns with pink spiral horns.

How much you can expect to spend on a Melissa & Doug toy for 1-year-olds

Most small toys for children this young cost $15-$20. Some Melissa & Doug activity toys cost as much as $70.

Melissa & Doug toys for 1-year-olds FAQ

Aren’t 1-year-olds too young for developmental toys?

A. When it comes to learning through interactive play, kids even younger than 1 get a head start on learning with Melissa & Doug’s early childhood developmental toys.

Why were all of Melissa & Doug’s first toys made of wood?

A. Melissa & Doug began by crafting learning toys made of solid wood because it was the ideal material for making smooth, sturdy and durable toys. When people asked for developmental toys made from fabrics, plastics and metals, Melissa & Doug met their needs.

What’s the best Melissa & Doug toy for 1-year-olds to buy?

Top Melissa & Doug toy for 1-year-olds

Melissa & Doug K’s Kids Take-Along Shape Sorter Baby Toy

What you need to know: This Melissa & Doug baby and toddler toy is a two-sided activity bag with nine textured shape blocks.

What you’ll love: The crinkly flaps of this shape sorter toy have colorful pictures of familiar shapes like stars, circles, triangles, ovals and diamonds. Babies and toddlers match the colorful shapes by inserting them in the activity bag that also stores all the pieces. This Melissa & Doug toy helps babies and toddlers develop sensory, motor and communication skills.

What you should consider: The plastic blocks are hard and can hurt if thrown.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Melissa & Doug toy for 1-year-olds for the money

Melissa & Doug Burrow Bunny Rabbit Stuffed Animal

What you need to know: This realistic stuffed rabbit has long floppy ears and big feet made of extra-soft plush fur.

What you’ll love: This Melissa & Doug toy rabbit is 10 inches tall and sits up with his feet flopped open. Children love the friendly features and the irresistibly soft plush polyester fabric. Little kids can snuggle with their rabbit friend and engage in imaginary play.

What you should consider: Don’t leave this toy in an unattended crib.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Melissa & Doug Rainbow Caterpillar Gears Toy

What you need to know: Babies turn the gears slowly and watch as each interlocking star-shaped gear moves next to “crawl” along a sturdy wooden board.

What you’ll love: The solid wood board is smooth and has caterpillar feet and a smiling caterpillar face. The six colorful plastic gears are mounted on sturdy, colorful pegs and can be easily interchanged. This Melissa & Doug toy promotes color recognition, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

What you should consider: Be careful that tiny fingers don’t get caught.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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