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Best 'Harry Potter' Advent calendar

Which 'Harry Potter' Advent calendars are best?

Make your countdown to Christmas extra magical with a "Harry Potter" Advent calendar. As you wait for Santa, you'll find a new "Harry Potter" treat each day. Since most Advent calendars contain 24 gifts, you'll build a "Harry Potter" collection quickly. From mini-figures to paper ornaments, socks to mini plushies, you can find an Advent calendar to suit your preference. If you are looking for a "Harry Potter" Advent calendar with adorable, authentic characters, wave your magic wand and summon the Harry Potter Funko POP! Advent Calendar to your home!

What to know before you buy a 'Harry Potter' Advent Calendar

Amount of surprises

Most Advent calendars contain 24 surprises, counting down the days from December 1st through the 24th, Christmas Eve. Some will include an extra surprise for Christmas Day, for a total of 25. Within each door of the Advent calendar, you will find one gift waiting. Some Advent calendars with larger presents limit the days to the 12 Days of Christmas, and therefore only contain 12 gifts. You will have to decide which Advent calendar best suits the needs of your recipient.

Type of surprise

Figurines, plushies, stickers, mini snowglobes, accessories and socks! "Harry Potter" Advent calendars contain surprises that would please anyone from Hermione to Dobby (yes, he would love those socks)! When you choose an Advent calendar, consider the age and interest of your recipient. For young children, toys may be more appropriate, but adult fans will love something a bit more useful or sophisticated. Luckily, there are enough options to fill an entire shop on Diagon Alley!


Advent calendars often serve as Christmas decorations in themselves, as you will have the box on display for the entire month of December. Consider the size as you choose a calendar. You may even decide to keep it as a decoration for years to come.

What to look for in a quality 'Harry Potter' Advent calendar

Variety of characters and accessories

With 24 possible surprises, the last thing you want is a parade of similar "Harry Potter" figurines taking up space in your house. Luckily, the Potterverse has a cast of dozens of characters, many of whom make appearances in "Harry Potter" Advent calendars. From the classic three friends, Harry, Ron and Hermione to the professors like Dumbledore and Snape, to even the most villainous You-Know-Who (Voldemort for those brave enough to say his name), you will find a vast array of figurines. Look for sets with magical creatures like Hedwig the owl and Dobby, as well. Some come with mini accessories like wands and Quidditch equipment. The more variety, the better!

Authenticity of figures

Look for sets that have figures dressed in authentic costumes from the stories. Whether you like your Harry dressed in his Hogwarts robes, Quidditch uniform or Yule Ball tuxedo, you can find an Advent calendar that contains the version you prefer best. This is true of the other characters, as well. With seven books and eight movies, it is easy to find a "Harry Potter" Advent calendar that matches your favorite.

Yearly variations 

If you plan on buying a "Harry Potter" Advent calendar every Christmas season, you must be sure that the brand you choose changes its surprises from year to year. Although the surprises are hidden, you can check the box and websites to get an idea of what is inside. Avoid doubles by doing your research like Hermione!

How much you can expect to spend on a 'Harry Potter' Advent calendar

"Harry Potter" Advent calendars cost between $30-$65, depending on their contents.

'Harry Potter' Advent calendar FAQ

Can a 'Harry Potter' Advent calendar be used to countdown something other than Christmas?

A. Yes. You can countdown to a birthday or a vacation if the Advent calendar is "Harry Potter"-themed and not Christmas-themed.

Can a 'Harry Potter' Advent calendar be reused?

A. Yes.  Don't worry if you find a "Harry Potter" Advent calendar you like that is a few years old. Advent calendars depend on the days of December, not the year, so you could still use it.

What are the best 'Harry Potter' Advent calendars to buy?

Top 'Harry Potter' Advent calendar

Harry Potter Funko POP! advent calendar

What you need to know: This Advent calendar is filled with 24 Pocket POP! size characters from the series. 

What you'll love: The best thing about this calendar is that it is filled with 24 extraordinarily detailed miniature versions of the Funko POP! "Harry Potter "collection. Since there are so many different characters in "Harry Potter," you will find something different in every door. You can save space in your home by collecting these mini figures instead of the full-size ones.

What you should consider: If you already have the full-size versions of the Funko POP!s, these will be doubles.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Top 'Harry Potter' Advent calendar for the money

Harry Potter: Holiday Magic: The official advent calendar

What you need to know: An officially licensed product, this Advent calendar book also contains photos with holiday scenes from the movies.

What you'll love: This Advent calendar book contains 25 days of collectibles including a keychain, buttons, stickers, coloring pages and recipe cards. You can even decorate your Christmas tree with the included paper ornaments.

What you should consider: With so many paper prizes, this Advent calendar is more delicate to keep for future years.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Worth checking out

LEGO Harry Potter advent calendar

What you need to know: This calendar contains 24 LEGO toys to build and play with to recreate Harry's journey from his home on Privet Drive to Hogwarts Castle.

What you'll love: With Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Dudley Dursley and Griphook minifigures, you'll have a variety of characters to play with. There are also buildable models of Platform 9 ¾, Gringotts' gold vault and other iconic "Harry Potter" places and things.

What you should consider: Due to the small parts, this set is for children ages 7 and up.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Kohl's

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