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Best 'Big Hero 6' toy

Which 'Big Hero 6' toys are best?

Loosely inspired by Marvel comics, the 2014 Disney animated film "Big Hero 6" was an instant success around the world. The family-friendly adventure spawned a TV series, video game, new comic storyline as well as countless toys that fans can embrace.

"Big Hero 6" toys come in a variety of forms, with the top pick, Flying Baymax, offering plenty of interactivity for young fans. Any toy, however, should be safe, well-made and in the preferred style or aesthetic to maximize enjoyment.

What to know before you buy a 'Big Hero 6' toy

Toy type

A wide range of products fall under the "toy" umbrella, with action figures among the most popular. These come in different sizes, styles and levels of interactivity. Most feature various points of articulation that allow the figurine to be positioned in various ways. There are other figures that are more detailed or unique that are meant for display only.

Plush toys also are common, embraced by younger kids. Activities and crafts may be regarded as toys, with coloring books and other interactive books available for younger fans.


While the group features six heroes, Baymax arguably is the most popular. The sweet, lovable and powerful character resembles a giant marshmallow but is a robot with a carbon-fiber exterior that allows him to be both flexible and strong. Baymax is white with black eyes, but he utilizes red body armor when it comes to battle.

One crew member is Hiro, who is credited with creating Baymax from his deceased brother's technology and is Baymax's closest friend. There also is Fred, Go Go, Wasabi and Honey Lemon. They are all college students with interests in science, technology and engineering who were close friends with Hiro's brother. The characters have costumes or armor that they don when in battle, including a kaiju outfit for Fred.

Age range

"Big Hero 6" is family-friendly and appeals to younger audiences. As such, most toys cater to kids ages 3-16. Smaller, softer toys that are safe and easy to handle are ideal for the younger range, while more detailed action figures that may include accessories and moveable parts are best for those around ages 8 and older. Any figurines meant for display typically appeal to teens.

What to look for in a quality 'Big Hero 6' toy


"Big Hero 6" is part of the umbrella of a wide-ranging lineup of Disney toys. Seek out toys from trusted brands and licensed partners to avoid cheaply-made products that may be unsafe or misleading.

Some older fans may be interested in toys by Funko POP! The company makes a wide range of adorable bobblehead-like figurines that stand just under 4 inches tall. They boast big heads and black eyes with small bodies and come at a lower price. They are meant for display, however, as they do not move.


Some toys aimed at a slightly older audience may include electronic components for increased interactivity. This may include parts of action figures that flash lights or make noise. In most cases, batteries are not included.


Some "Big Hero 6" toys come with various accessories that add versatility to the product. This may include armor or battle costumes. Other options may have projectiles that can be shot off from the toy. While older kids may enjoy such toys, be sure to monitor younger fans when using small accessoires.

How much you can expect to spend on 'Big Hero 6' toys

Most toys are $10-$25.

'Big Hero 6' toy FAQ

Are 'Big Hero 6' toys educational?

A. The characters at the heart of the movie and series are dedicated to science, with each boasting a strong acumen in a particular field, including chemistry and engineering. Their dedication to learn may inspire young viewers to be similarly curious. Toys also can help develop fine motor skills, foster imagination and teach cooperation. Kids may learn how to be responsible by taking care of their toys so they last a long time.

Are 'Big Hero 6' toys related to Marvel toys?

A. While "Big Hero 6" originally was a Marvel comic series, the film took a different tone and path to appeal to a wider, more family-oriented audience. The "Big Hero 6" characters do not interact with other Marvel superheroes.

What are the best 'Big Hero 6' toys to buy?

Top 'Big Hero 6' toy

Flying Baymax

What you need to know: Sizable and versatile, this action figure lets fans reenact their favorite action scenes with this battle-ready Baymax.

What you'll love: Armor-coated Baymax offers interaction with projectile accessories and battery-powered sounds. It features a 20-inch wingspan. Baymax says a variety of catch phrases. It includes a small Hiro figure.

What you should consider: It is expensive. Some young kids may prefer Baymax without armor.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top 'Big Hero 6' toy for the money

Squish-to-Fit Baymax

What you need to know: This inventive interactive set is inspired by the series that features a plush Baymax designed to fit into various outfits and vehicles.

What you'll love: Large, squishy Baymax is designed to be crammed into either two suits or a tiny van inspired by the TV series. It is ideal for younger fans and is a good value.

What you should consider: Baymax is only 4 inches and easy to get dirty.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

"Big Hero 6" Figure Playset

What you need to know: This set of Disney-approved action figures features all six heroes in colorful detail.

What you'll love: This is a set of six authentic, high-quality action figures. All heroes are in action poses with battle attire, including Baymax wearing his armor. It includes a playmat for display and immersion.

What you should consider: There is no articulation because the figures are meant for display.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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