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8 products your kid needs to be like Craig of the Creek

Which product does your kid need to be like Craig of the Creek?

Craig of the Creek is a fun cartoon that teaches kids about friendship, inclusivity and the power of imagination. Craig and his friends are nice to other kids, and there is a range of ethnicities and genders represented in the show. If your kid wants to be like Craig of the Creek, it may be a good idea to nurture their desire to follow this positive young role model.

Craig of the Creek characters

  • Craig - Craig Williams is a 9-year-old boy who is a natural-born leader with inquisitive traits. Craig is the group’s leader and cartographer, who aims to make a thorough map of the creek they play in.
  • Kelsey - Kelsey Pokoly is an 8-year-old girl who values honor, her friends and her pet bird Mortimer. Kelsey loves to read novels and often has internal dialogues that only she and the viewers can hear.
  • J.P. - J.P. Mercer is a 10-year-old boy who has an incredibly open mind, despite not being very bright. He's known for getting dirty and wearing his trademark oversized orange jersey.
  • The Green Poncho - Omar, also known as the Green Poncho, is a mysterious young boy who guards the creek. Although he used to be a funny young kid, he lost his sense of humor and took on a more broodish personality after being forced to fight his best friend by the King of the Creek.

What does your kid need to be like Craig of the Creek?

Four-Piece Hand-Painted Light-Up Wizard Staff

One of the most important accessories your kid will need to be just like Craig of the Creek is a staff. Craig’s trademark staff in the series features a pointy end, but this hand-painted wizard staff has the same look as Craig’s, without the pointy end. This four-piece staff breaks down for easy storage and stands 4 feet tall, making it the perfect size for most children.

Sold by Etsy

Jeelow Small Canvas Tote Crossbody Handbag

In the show, Craig uses one of his mom’s purses as a "Purse of Holding," which is a reference to the "Bag of Holding" from Dungeons & Dragons. This high-quality bag is sturdy enough for kids to play with and has plenty of room to fit your child’s adventure accessories. The Jeelow bag comes in five colors, so you can find a shade that fits your kid’s personality.

Sold by Etsy

How to Make Hand-Drawn Maps Book

One of the things Craig is known for in the TV show is keeping an up-to-date map of the creek. If your kid wants to be just like Craig, chances are pretty good they’ve picked up an interest in making a map of their own. This paperback book features many examples of different maps and easy-to-understand instructions on how to make them. Most users find this book is creative and practical and gives plenty of useful tips and instructions on map-making for all skill levels.

Sold by Amazon

120 Sheets of Antique Looking Vintage Paper

If your child wants to make maps like Craig, they’ll need some fun paper to do it on. These vintage-looking sheets of paper make the perfect material for your child’s hand-drawn maps and they can tape them together to create larger maps, just like Craig does for his map in the show. It’s worth noting the paper has a petroleum smell to it, but this won’t likely keep kids from enjoying it and it even adds more of an "aged" appeal to the sheets.

Sold by Amazon

BIGXIAN Kids Hooded Velvet Cloak

If your child wants to be like Kelsey from Craig of the Creek, they’ll likely need a cool cloak to wear. This velvet cloak has a hood that kids can pull over their heads when they want to feel mysterious, and it's much more durable than many of the other options out there. This cloak is 39 inches long, which is an ideal size for most children. Some users don't like that the fabric begins to roll up at the end, but this can help keep your child from tripping as they play.

Sold by Amazon

Liberty Imports Giant Foam Swords

Kelsey is known for carrying a toy sword in the show, and although hers is a paper towel roll, kids will likely need something a little more robust to play with outside. These foam swords are sturdy enough to last years, even if used every day. The Liberty Imports Giant Foam Swords are an excellent value for the money, and the thick, soft foam is perfect for ensuring children don’t hurt each other when playing.

Sold by Amazon

Terra Hiker Waterproof Rain Poncho

Another favorite character from Craig of the Creek is the Green Poncho. This mysterious character oversees the bridge, making sure enemies of the creek don’t make their way into their side of the creek. This durable green poncho is 43 inches tall when worn, making it perfect for most children. The material is sturdy but lightweight, so it’s ideal for most weather conditions, and your kid won’t get too hot while wearing it.

Sold by Amazon

SainSmart Jr. Kids Bow and Arrow Toy

If your kid wants to be like the Green Poncho, they’ll need a toy bow and arrow to defend their play area. This toy bow is perfect for pretend play, as the suction cup arrows are soft when they hit. Still, it’s a good idea to teach your kid about the importance of not aiming for other children’s faces.

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