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Best superhero toy

Which superhero toy is best?

Since superheroes first became popular in the 1930s, some have disappeared into obscurity, while others have stood the test of time. Superman, Batman, and Captain America have become household names thanks to their comic books and blockbuster movies. 

Naturally, superhero toys have been added to birthday and Christmas wish lists for just as long. Now you can choose from a wide variety of different toys, from action figures to masks and costumes. For an excellent superhero toy, look no further than the Lego: Marvel Avengers Tower Battle.

What to know before you buy a superhero toy

There are hundreds of superheroes out there these days. Gone are the days when blockbuster movies would feature only one superhero. Today there are cinematic crossover universes, and those who have seen the Avengers movies know how many characters they can fit into a few hours. So there are also hundreds of toys out there. What should you know before buying one?

The era

Some characters have gone through many transitions over the years, and some of those old appearances are still available as toys. Ensure your child gets a toy matching the era they are most interested in. For example, you can buy Batman action figures that look like the camp 1960s TV show character. This could well disappoint a child wanting the very different Ben Affleck version from the more recent DC Extended Universe movies.

Most popular characters

There are many secondary and B-list characters, and buying one of their toys instead of a more popular character’s may result in disappointment. Unless you know your child really loves one of those lesser-known heroes, you should stick with the more famous ones. Superman toys have been popular for over 80 years. Other well-known characters include Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, and Captain America.

Toy or collectible

Not all toys are bought to be played with. Some are bought by collectors looking to display or increase value. Collectible toys include action figures designed for posing and display. These toys are usually at the higher end of the budgetary scale and will be found in comic-book stores and auctions rather than a toy store. Keep in mind that any toy could become a collectible, and it may be worth taking care of them, just in case.

What to look for in a quality superhero toy


Any toy with accessories to purchase will prolong interest and fuel imaginative worlds. Adding symbolic shields and gauntlets to costumes or vehicles and iconic buildings to worlds created with action figures will help develop any child’s imagination.

Part of a collection

Superhero toys that are part of a collection can ensure the longevity of children’s interest. Collecting all the action figures or costumes can inspire the creation of bigger fantasy worlds and encourage better interaction between children as they learn to share toys and work together.


This will always be important to a collector. But in a world where painting and sculpting techniques are a very high standard, attention should be paid to detail for any toy superhero you buy. 

How much you can expect to spend on a superhero toy

You can spend anything from a few dollars for a simple action figure to hundreds, even thousands, for collectibles. A regular quality toy that will pique interest for a while will probably cost somewhere between $30-$120.

Superhero toy FAQ

How can I keep my toy superhero in good condition?

A.  Keeping your toy in heat or cold will damage it over time. Keep them at room temperature, but also remember to wash your toy regularly and dry it carefully. To make sure a collectible reaches the maximum value, consider not removing it from its packaging.

Can young children safely play with toy superheroes?

A. Of course. However, always pay attention to the age-range recommendation. Manufacturers will not recommend toys to children younger than 3 if the toy contains small parts since they are choking hazards. On top of this, some characters can be scary for young children. Superman characters are generally OK, but a Batman action figure that laughs and carries a knife and sickle may be on the terrifying side for younger ones.

What’s the best superhero toy to buy?

Top superhero toy

Lego: Marvel Avengers Tower Battle

What you need to know: Most children love Lego, and the company has provided yet another well-detailed Marvel set aimed at children 5 and over.

What you’ll love: Based on the iconic Avengers Tower from the comics and movies, it features popular Marvel superheroes and villains. As with all Lego, the fun is in the building. With five floors, lots of accessories, and characters, this set will provide weeks of eager play.

What you should consider: Legos are small parts that can be choking hazards, so this toy is not recommended for very young children.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top superhero toy for the money

Playskool Heroes Marvel Superhero Adventures Ultimate Set

What you need to know: These are small action figures designed for small hands. Children from 3 on up can safely play with them.

What you’ll love: This all-in-one set contains 10 iconic Marvel characters whose size fits perfectly into a toddler’s hands without being so small that they are easily lost. They also have points of articulation for playing out battles.

What you should consider: Children age 7 will probably prefer better-detailed, more articulated figures.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Batman Voice-Changing Mask

What you need to know: This is a great mask that can be played with on its own or coupled with accessories to make a complete Halloween costume for children aged 4 to 6.

What you’ll love: The included batteries provide power for a voice changer that will make your young child sound just like Batman in the recent movies. It features light-up eyes and a button that triggers famous Bat-phrases.

What you should consider: Accessories such as the cape and gauntlet are sold separately.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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