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Best Iron Man plush

Which Iron Man plushies are best?

Iron Man is one of the few superheroes that wasn't actually born with or gifted any abilities. Instead, Tony Stark, the man behind the Iron Man suit, is a genius-level engineer who designed his suit from scratch. This unique storyline has made Iron Man a staple of Marvel Comics and even a member of the famed Avengers group of superheroes. The suit he created is built with specialized armor to protect him from intense pressure, as well as various weaponry and jet propulsions that allow him to fly. 

Iron Man products are everywhere these days. You can find action figures, posters and even plushies. The best Iron Man plush is from Bleacher Creatures, which shows a 10-inch tall superhero in great detail with high-quality stitching.

What to know before you buy an Iron Man plush

Tony Stark

Tony Stark is as rich as he is smart. His father started Stark Industries, which has provided him massive wealth through the creation of advanced weaponry and aerospace technology. Not surprisingly, this is much of the same tech that he uses in his self-made Iron Man suit. Tony Stark is not only known for his successes in business and science but also for his personality. Some may call it wit, while others may consider it annoying. Either way, he appreciates a good joke. This wit is on full display as Robert Downey Jr. plays Tony Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Iron Man suit

Iron Man's suit is what makes him the superhero that he is. The suit has various weapon technologies attached to it as well as thrusters that let him fly and quickly change direction. The main weapon he uses is the repulsor rays that shoot from his palms. These high-powered lasers can cut through nearly any man-made material. Not to mention they are great for taking down supervillains. There are also the thrusters that attach to his back and feet. This way, he can fly through the air at incredibly fast speeds. It even allows him to travel quickly underwater. 

Arc Reactor

The Arc Reactor is the lifeblood of the Iron Man suit. You'll notice in the very center of his chest is a blue light emanating from the armor. You can also see the same from his palms. The reactor is powered by a palladium core which creates an ultra-strong source of energy. This material is essential to give the Iron Man suit all the power it needs to produce the repulsor rays and thrusters. Given its sheer power, it's no surprise certain evil individuals have been on the hunt for a piece of this superpower-giving material — that includes Loki in the first Avengers film. 

What to look for in a quality Iron Man plush


Chibi is a Japanese term used to describe cute creatures and people drawn in an anime style. They can even include inanimate objects with large eyes, big heads and small bodies. For fans of Chibi art and superheroes, you're in luck because there's actually an Iron Man Chibi doll. This plush shows the Avengers' joke-maker sitting down in his Iron Man suit with an oversized head and small feet. If you've ever wanted a squeezable, adorable Iron Man to add to your collection, this is the plushie for you. 


Plush Iron Man superhero toys vary by design from one to the other. There are no single template toymakers use for the graphics, so sometimes they can appear with different styles. Ideally, you want one that looks as close to the comic book version as possible. For Iron Man, you want sharp lines that appear like the complex mechanics that surround his suit. It's difficult to show dimension with graphics alone, but some high-quality graphics can give the impression of texture. Look to manufacturers like Bleacher Creatures for the best quality graphics. 

Standing up

Plush toys are normally designed to stand up on their own. Sure you can lean them against your other pillows and toys, but it's rare to find a brand that creates a soft toy that's capable of standing without assistance. Bleacher Creatures, a well-known plush maker, has made their Iron Man toy to do just that. Its unique, balanced design lets it stand up all by itself. This makes it an ideal toy for those who want a cuddly Iron Man but may also want to display him on a shelf.

How much you can expect to spend on an Iron Man plush

Iron Man plushies cost between $1-$20.

Iron Man plush FAQ

Do Iron Man plush toys require batteries?

A. There are some versions of the Iron Man plush toy that require batteries because they have included sound effects. However, most plushies are not electronic. 

How tall are most Iron Man plushies?

A. Iron Man plushies can reach up to 14 inches in height. While this is one the larger end of the spectrum, others are around 10 to 12 inches tall. Keep in mind that some toys are designed to sit down instead of standing, making them shorter.

What's the best Iron Man plush to buy?

Top Iron Man plush

Bleacher Creatures Iron Man Plush

What you need to know: This high-quality Iron Man plush toy has incredible graphics throughout, including a realistic helmet.

What you'll love: This toy is 10 inches tall and comes in classic Iron Man style with a red base suit and gold highlights. The actual stitching is relatively hidden by the complex-looking graphics of his metal suit. His eyes and the palms of his hands are blue to match the Arc Reactor in his center chest. 

What you should consider: This plushie does not make sound effects or light up.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Iron Man plush for the money

Bleacher Creatures Chibi Iron Man Plush

What you need to know: This toy takes a different approach to the superhero by turning him into a cute sitting plushie. 

What you'll love: This plush is modeled after a Chibi, which is Japanese slang for something small with exaggerated features. Here you can see Iron Man with a large head atop his body as he hits down with his hands outward. He looks more adorable than intimidating. He's 6 inches tall sitting down and the exterior is made with soft velboa fabric.

What you should consider: The red and gold colors are much darker than other Iron Man plush toys.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Marvel Comics Iron Man Plush

What you need to know: Marvel Comics' official line of plush includes a standing cartoon-like Iron Man toy.

What you'll love: He stands 14 inches tall, making him one of the tallest Iron Man plushies out there. The graphics on the doll are modeled after an animated version of the superhero. If you're a fan of the Marvel Super Heroes Adventures cartoon, then this is the toy for you.

What you should consider: This Iron Man plush has enlarged feet and hands compared to the rest of his body. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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