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12 best Halloween Squishmallows

Which Halloween Squishmallows are best?

These adorable, cuddly stuffed toys are popular from babies and toddlers through teenagers. Made of machine-washable polyester and stuffed the perfect amount to be squished, they are among the softest and cuddliest toys. Not only can they be snuggled and loved, they also make a great pillow. There are plenty of themed Halloween Squishmallows as well as beloved spooky characters. 

What is a Squishmallow?

Squishmallows are stuffed animals shaped like pillows and known for their super-soft exterior and squishy interior. They were created in 2017 and started to get a large following in 2020. Kids love to snuggle them and can also use them as pillows. Adult collectors look for the rarest Squishmallows and their favorite characters.

There are over 1,000 Squishmallow characters, including licensed favorites from Disney. Each has its own name and backstory.

Best Halloween Squishmallows

Joldy the Purple Winking Bat

The winking face brings the signature Squishmallow cuteness to this purple bat. It has soft black wings, a black belly and embroidered fangs. Joldy also has iridescent silver ears, which appeal to younger kids. At 10 inches tall, Joldy is a good size for older kids to use as a soft pillow. Joldy is new to the Squishmallows lineup for 2022. 

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Felize the Ghost

This 10-inch white ghost has an orange and purple striped witch's hat with a buckle perched on his head, perfect for kids who love ghosts, witches or both. She has an adorable smile, closed eyes, rosy cheeks and the word "Boo!" embroidered on her chest in matching orange and purple.

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Holly the Mummy Owl

Holly the Owl is a fun Squishmallows character and this 8-inch version features her as a spooky mummy. The mummy wrappings are printed on the stuffed animal over her owl features, which you can see peeking through. She also has her signature purple ears. This is a good addition if your child already has and loves Holly, one of the best-known members of the Squishmallow squads. 

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Patricio Vampire Bat

This 7-inch Squishmallow is portable and perfect as a comfort item for younger children. Patricio is a vampire bat with black wings and the iconic Dracula haircut. He also has a Hershey's chocolate logo, a fun nod to the tradition of trick-or-treating at Halloween. Other candy-themed Squishmallows in this squad include a Reese's octopus, a Jolly Rancher dragon, a Twizzlers bat and a Kisses werewolf.  

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Tally the Cat Vampire

Tally is Halloween-ready in a vampire costume complete with a purple vest, red bow tie, black and red cape, and vampire fangs. The cape extends beyond the Squishmallow body for added play and detail. This 8-inch Squishmallow is a good stuffed animal for snuggling or taking with you while you trick or treat.

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Minnie Mouse Witch

This officially licensed Minnie Mouse has a purple outfit and cape, connected to the Squishmallow body with a cat-shaped applique. Don't worry — the cape is also sewn in and very durable. Minnie wears a matching purple witch's hat that covers one of her ears. She has embroidered eyelashes on her adorable face. Mickey Mouse is also available in a vampire costume. 

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"Nightmare Before Christmas" Jack Skellington

The 8-inch Jack Skellington brings the spooky to Halloween with his pinstripe suit, round eyes and smile. He is officially licensed by Disney and has all of the features that make Jack Skellington and the world of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" so distinctive. The licensed Squishmallows do tend to cost a bit more than other basic characters. 

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"Nightmare Before Christmas" Sally

Jack just wouldn't be complete without Sally! She is also an 8-inch Squishmallow, wearing her rag doll design and sporting stitches on her face. She is part of an entire line of "Nightmare Before Christmas" 8-inch Squishmallows, so you can play and snuggle with all of your favorite characters.

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Bella Spider with Witch's Hat

Spiders and Halloween go together perfectly. Bella has eight soft legs connected to her body, a red belly and a red smile. When you add a purple witch's hat with twinkling stars, it completes the look. This 8-inch Squishmallow is simpler than some other characters, which appeals to a wide audience.

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Riba the Pumpkin with Hat

It doesn't get more iconic than a grinning jack-o'-lantern. Riba is designed with an embroidered toothy smile, triangle-shaped eyes and a small nose. It also wears a black bowler hat over one side. The hat's sewing and the embroidery on the Squishmallow are durable enough to go through multiple cycles in the washing machine if needed. Riba is a 10-inch Squishmallow and makes a great pillow.

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Jerome the Blue Triceratops

You can love this soft dinosaur Squishmallow year-round, but he makes a great friend to bring along if your child is dressed up as a dino for Halloween. Jerome is a 10-inch Squishmallow with a plush blue body, three white horns and a dark turquoise frill to mark his neck. He also has a white belly that's the perfect size for a small child to use as a super soft pillow. 

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Zelina the Day of Dead Black Cat

Celebrate the Day of the Dead with Zelina, a black cat with a painted face and skeleton design. She has the traditional white face paint with flowers and embellishments around her eyes, forehead and cheeks. Her ears are gold and also have colorful embellishments as part of her costume. Don't confuse Zelina with Jack the Black Cat Squishmallow, one of the rarest — and most expensive — characters. 

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