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These microwavable stuffed animals are becoming everyone's favorite


Warmies are Oprah's favorite and very, very cute

Staying cozy in the colder months can be tough, but Warmies microwavable stuffed animals help keep you toasty — and they're incredibly cute while they're at it. For those not in the know, Warmies are microwavable plush toys that double as heating pads. They've just been named America's bestselling toy by Giftbeat for the second year running. And, they were one of Oprah's favorite things in 2022. Basically, everybody loves them and they're about to become your favorite too. 

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What are Warmies microwavable stuffed animals? 

Warmies are plush animals stuffed with natural grains and French lavender for a relaxing scent. They come in dozens of designs, including dogs, cats, sharks, sloths and axolotls, so there's something to appeal to almost any animal lover. They're designed to retain heat, so after warming them in the microwave, they can keep you warm for hours. Or you might want to use them to soothe cramps or other aches and pains. 

Because of their grain filling, they're weightier than average stuffed toys. This can have sensory benefits or help with stress relief. Although they're considered toys, Warmies microwavable stuffed animals aren't just for kids. People of all ages use Warmies and so can you. 

How do Warmies work? 

The natural grains inside Warmies microwavable stuffed animals hold on to heat, which is how these toys can act as a heat pad or hot water bottle. It's super simple to warm them up. You just put the toy in a microwave for 60 seconds on a 1,000-watt setting. You can also turn Warmies into a cold compress, which is handy on hot days or for kids who have a fever. To chill your Warmie, put it in a sealed freezer bag and stick in the freezer for two to three hours. 

Best Warmies microwavable stuffed animals

Warmies Microwavable French Lavender Scented Plush Junior Husky

Measuring 7 inches long, this adorable husky is smaller than most Warmies, making it a great choice for little kids. It has soft, super-plush fur and cute features — what more could you want from a plush toy? 

Warmies Calico Cat Heatable Lavender Scented Stuffed Animal

Calling all cat lovers, this calico kitty is in need of a home. It's 14 inches long and weighs 1.5 pounds, so it can act as a weighted toy with sensory benefits.  Like other Warmies, the whole toy is microwavable. There's no need to remove an inner bag to microwave it. 

Warmies Microwavable Plush Cow

With its soft fur and brown and off-white patches, this has got to be one of the cutest cows we've ever seen. In true Warmies style, it's weighty and can be used hot or cold. At 8 inches long, it's a compact, huggable size for kids. 

Warmies Microwavable Plush Manatee

This 14-inch-long manatee covers plenty of area to keep you warm or help deal with aches. It's great for kids and adults alike. We love how soft it is and appreciate having an alternative to the more conventionally cute offerings. Manatees can be cuddly too.

Warmies Microwavable Plush Sloth Wrap

Thanks to its elongated shape, this plush can be worn over the shoulders or wrapped around the abdomen, so it's great for pain relief. But, it still has all the cuteness you'd expect from Warmies, with an adorable sloth design. 

Warmies My First Warmies Microwavable Plush

These sweet stuffed animals are lighter and smaller — at 6 by 4 by 2 inches — than average ones, making them perfect for little kids. You can choose from four types of animals: a donkey, a hippo, an elephant, a pig and a sloth. 

Warmies Microwavable Plush Starfish

Strangely adorable and intensely huggable, this starfish is the plush toy you didn't know you wanted. It measures 13 inches at its longest points and weighs almost 1.5 pounds, so it has good coverage and sensory benefits. 

Warmies Microwavable Plush Otter

You'll have to excuse the pun, but this Warmie is otter-ly cute. At 13 inches tall, it's the perfect size for kids to cuddle up with in bed. Or, if it's for an adult, it's large enough to have a good surface area for warming. 

Warmies Microwavable Plush Platypus

You don't have to go all the way to Australia to get acquainted with this fuzzy little platypus. It measures just over 10 inches long and has super-soft pale pink fur.

Warmies Microwavable Plush Raccoon

If you have a soft spot for trash pandas, you might like to take this precious plush racoon home. At 19 inches long, it's big and has plenty of surface area for warming and cooling. It lays flat easily to cover shoulders or laps. 

Warmies Microwavable Slippers

Okay, this isn't a microwavable stuffed animal, but this pair of microwavable slippers is perfect for keeping you cozy in cool weather. These slippers have the same soft plush finish as Warmies toys. They're gray and fit feet sized 6 to 10.

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