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The best cheap laser tag set

Affordable laser tag sets for home use

You no longer need a fancy arena or specifically designed course to enjoy a game of laser tag. With plenty of companies now making affordable sets, you can play both indoors and outdoors while at home, at a friend’s house or even at a local park. 

Perfect for small groups or larger parties, laser tag is a safe and exciting game that will keep kids and adults entertained time and again. To help you choose the laser tag set that works best for you, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list featuring some of the sets we believe provide the best value for your money. 

Top laser tag sets

A good laser tag set should be simple, easy to use and durable enough to withstand ordinary wear and tear as well as the occasional drop. The most common types of laser tag sets include either two or four laser guns but are often compatible with multiple sets from the same brand. 

Best two-pack laser tag sets

Best Choice Products Infrared Laser Tag Blasters

This set of two blasters offers excellent functionality, such as realistic sound effects, several ammunition modes and up to 130 feet of shooting range, all for a budget-friendly price. With the option to play single-player or in teams, these laser guns can be paired with any other Best Choice products to create multi-player showdowns.

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ComTec Laser Tag For Kids

With vibrating vests, four team color options and four weapon styles to choose from, this affordable two-pack has excellent bang for your buck. The simple controls and fun sound effects make this set great for all ages.

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HISTOYE Laser Tag Set

Great for indoor and outdoor use, these laser tag blasters have an impressive shooting distance, allowing you to hit targets over 100 feet away. With several different revival mode options that are great for groups, you can strategize by reviving your team members or recruiting your opponents.

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Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Two-Pack

Although this set isn’t the cheapest on our list, you can expect quality, long-lasting products from a reputable brand like Nerf.

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WenToyce Two-Pack Infrared Laser Tag Set

The WenToyce set is another strong budget option that doesn’t require vests but sports a shorter effective range. The laser gun itself will flash and vibrate when hit by an opposing player, so you’ll know when to take cover.

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Laser X Two-Person Gaming Set

Complete with a voice coach and even an in-game soundtrack, this set is ideal for kids, teenagers and parents. Since this two-person set is compatible with all other Lazer X products, you can play with multiple users and hit your targets from a distance of 200 feet.

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Ryan’s World Laser Tag For Two

Designed with younger children in mind, these laser blasters come in fun shapes and feature kid-friendly graphics so even the youngest in the group can enjoy the game. Though they might not be as durable as some other models, they still offer plenty of attractive features, such as a reload button and three shooting modes.

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Four-pack laser tag sets 

Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns

For under $50, you can have four-person laser tag battles with booming sound effects and interactive light-up indicators. The set has been tested for quality and durability, providing you with confidence for use outdoors and at parties.

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Play 22 Laser Tag Set

With four distinct blaster and vest colors, you can quickly identify opposing players or see your team members’ location when playing in larger groups. The vests themselves are adjustable and can fit all body types.

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POKONBOY Laser Tag Set

Like all of the sets included in our guide, these laser guns emit infrared light that is safe for all age groups and won't cause any damage to your eyes or body. The vibration effects will help create a realistic atmosphere that is sure to be a favorite at birthday parties.

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Kidpal Infrared Laser Tag Set

Sets like this four-person option from Kidpal let you play in the dark. The infrared light can locate the receiver no matter the lighting conditions. Plus, with colorful team indicator lights, you can play an exciting nighttime round to see who has the best shot.

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VATOS Laser Tag Set

When hit by an opposing team member, the vests in this set will spray a fine mist into the air to simulate smoke, making this one of the most realistic options. The LED screen also makes it easy to view your life and ammunition levels.

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TINOTEEN Laser Tag Set

The laser tag blasters in the TINOTEEN set have an increased range of 150 feet, giving you the chance to hit your target from across the yard. Recommended for children three years old and up, even younger kids can grip and handle the lightweight blasters.

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ArmoGear Laser Tag Set

This set may be the most expensive option, but it offers additional features not found with most other models. The built-in flashlight lets you see obstacles and other players during a lights-off battle, while the invisibility mode gives players a stealth advantage when needed. With a shooting range of over 200 feet and the ability to sync with all other ArmoGear products, the high quality is worth the significant investment.

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