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Giant inflatable sprinklers make kids and adults alike happy

A giant inflatable sprinkler is an economical way to enjoy the summer


Even though inflation is currently down, that doesn't mean all industries have followed suit. For instance, according to an article on NewsNation, airline tickets have outpaced inflation, making travel prohibitive.

However, that doesn't mean your summer will be devoid of fun. A giant inflatable sprinkle is an affordable way for the entire family to stay cool and enjoy outdoor time in the warmer weather. Here's what you need to know about these popular products.

Benefits of a giant outdoor sprinkler

When it comes to family fun, a giant inflatable sprinkler is a solid option for several reasons.

  • It's a great value. When compared to a swimming pool, a family vacation, summer camp or many other activities, an inflatable sprinkler is an affordable option that offers a great deal of value.
  • It's easy to set up. As long as you have an air pump, setting up an inflatable sprinkler only takes a few minutes.
  • It keeps kids active. An outdoor giant sprinkler keeps kids active, running about the yard, getting exercise and having fun.
  • It's portable. If you want to bring your giant inflatable sprinkler to a friend's house, when deflated, it folds down to a size even a child can carry.
  • It can last for several years. Besides being manufactured with durable vinyl, kids don't actually jump on an inflatable sprinkler, they just run through it. With proper care, a giant inflatable sprinkler can last for several seasons.
  • It's easy to repair. Even though an inflatable sprinkler features a rugged build, accidents can happen. If they do, a leak can be easily patched with a repair kit for inflatables.
  • It's easy to store. After the summer ends, you can deflate your sprinkler, let it dry and roll it up for storage.

Features to consider in a giant inflatable sprinkler

There is a wide range of inflatable sprinklers available. To help you zero in on what's best for your family, here are some things to consider.

  • Fun design: When buying a giant inflatable sprinkler, look for an animal or object, such as a rainbow, that your child loves.
  • Bright colors: In general, the brighter the color, the more inviting a toy is to a child. Consider a giant inflatable that features colors your child likes.
  • Number of sprinkler valves: Some sprinklers have just a few valves, while others have an abundance. For instance, an animal might spray everything out of its nose, while a rainbow creates a curtain of water to run through.
  • Location of sprinkler valves: Some inflatable sprinklers rainwater down from an arch, while others spurt fountains up from the ground. There's no wrong way to have fun — choose the design that's most exciting to your child.
  • Overall size: Some giant inflatable sprinklers may only appear large to a child. Others might truly be massive. How much room do you have in your yard? Will adults be playing as well? Answering these questions can help you discover the size best for you.
  • Bonus features: Besides spraying kids with water, an inflatable sprinkler might offer a fun game, such as a ring toss. Alternatively, much larger models may include slides, climbing features and a basketball hoop. However, these items are considered as an inflatable water slide, not a sprinkler.

Best giant inflatable sprinklers

Joyin Inflatable Unicorn Sprinkler

This adorable inflatable unicorn is 36 inches high by 53 inches long. It has a rainbow-colored mane and tail along with a purple horn that squirts a fountain of water for kids to run through. To set up this backyard toy, just inflate and connect a standard-sized hose and you're ready to play.

Sold by Amazon

SplashEZ 3-in-1 Splash Pad

The 3-in-1 Splash Pad is an educational kids' sprinkler that's a little different from other options. The splash pool "inflates" with water — only a hose is needed to get this toy to rise. It has a built-in sprinkler system, and the bottom features an alphabet design to help kids learn while playing.

Sold by Amazon

Anpro Giant Inflatable Shark Sprinkler

Just when you thought it was safe to go into your backyard again, this giant land shark inflates into a 68-inch arch so kids (and adults) can run in and out of its mouth while getting sprayed with water and inventing all sorts of imaginative play scenarios.

Sold by Amazon and Wayfair

GoFloats Giant Inflatable Giraffe Sprinkler

At 7 feet, this is one of the tallest inflatables available. The weighted base holds the giraffe in place so kids can run about without concern. The toy is made out of UV-treated raft-grade vinyl for durability.

Sold by Amazon

Sabuy Inflatable Splash Pad Sprinkler

This versatile airplane-themed inflatable play mat is 70 inches in diameter and can function as a pool, a sandbox, a ball pit or a sprinkler. It features several sprinkler valves as well as a tail fin spray to ensure everyone gets drenched. If you prefer a gentler experience, however, you just have to dial back the water pressure at the faucet.

Sold by Amazon

Bestway H2OGo Jumbo Inflatable Caterpillar Sprinkler

The cute caterpillar design of this sprinkler makes it an appealing toy that the whole family will love. It's recommended for kids two and up, and the sprinkler features a 6-foot arch that kids can easily run through. A repair patch is included with purchase for peace of mind.

Sold by Home Depot and Wayfair

Intex 70-Inch Inflatable Gorilla Sprinkler

Kids can hide under this giant 70-inch inflatable gorilla or they can take turns racing through the water spurting from the creature's nose. It's made of rugged 16-gauge vinyl and has water chambers in the feet for added stability. The design means this toy can be used for parties or everyday backyard fun.

Sold by Home Depot and Wayfair

Other sprinklers worth checking out 

  • Is there any giant inflatable sprinkler more appropriate than this elephant that squirts water out of its trunk?
  • Admittedly, this triceratops sprinkler isn't giant (it's rather small, actually), but it made the list because it doubles as a ring-toss game.
  • This brightly colored rainbow arch sprinkler is big enough even for adults to run through.
  • Are you and your kids brave enough to face this Ginormous Monster sprinkler that stands over 6 feet tall?
  • This jumbo pink flamingo inflatable is tall enough for both kids and adults.

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