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Best 'Star Wars' model kit

Which 'Star Wars' model kit is best? 

"Star Wars" is among the most loved film franchises, spanning 12 feature-length productions across 45 years. Including several television show additions and spin-offs, the trademark is worth an estimated $70 billion.

With such an illustrious history, there is plenty of merchandise for fans to collect. Action figures and memorabilia might top the most-wanted list, but for those who want to get their hands dirty, there are model kits to build. For a real challenge, the amazing Lego "Star Wars" Ultimate Millennium Falcon is sure to keep you busy for hours.

What to know before you buy a 'Star Wars' model kit

Different kinds of model kits

"Star Wars" model kits are no different from others, like airplanes, ships or submarines. They are available in different kinds of builds, giving you the option of working in your preferred medium. Lego fans might opt to put together an officially licensed "Star Wars" Lego set, while there are paper-based kits for easier builds and 3D wood puzzles that can be painted when you are done.

The skill level will determine the complexity

Just as the models are available in different build types, so too are the skill level needed for completing them. Generally, the skill level will be indicated on the model’s packaging and should give you a rough indication of how difficult or easy it will be. But the skill level shouldn’t be seen as a deterrent. You might find it more enjoyable to tackle something complex than a build that only consists of a few pieces.

Consider the scale of the model

Inexperienced model builders often don’t realize how large model kits can be. The regular scale measurement won’t mean much to you if it’s based on a fictional object. Since there is no real-world reference point, the kits often indicate the measurements of the completed object. Keep this in mind if you want to display the model or if you have limited space where you live.

What to look for in a quality 'Star Wars' model kit

Highly detailed and accurate

Any model kit, no matter if it is "Star Wars" or World War II airplanes, must be highly-detailed to get the full enjoyment from finalizing the construction. The overall shape might be accurate, but it's the smaller details that will bring a smile to your face. Look for a good-quality model kit that includes finer elements like trimmings, customizable parts and accurate color schemes.

Robust construction materials

It would be terribly unfortunate if you spent countless hours putting the model together, just for it to crumble to the floor from a slight breeze. A good-quality model kit will be made from robust construction materials which won’t fall apart easily. Most sturdy models are made from wood or plastic. Builds made out of paper are relatively stable, but extra needs to be taken to protect them from damage. 

Officially licensed product

To ensure that you get the most accurate and high-quality model kits, you must look for kits that are officially licensed by Disney — which owns the "Star Wars" brand. If you buy a product that isn’t officially part of the merchandise, there would be no guarantee as to the authenticity of the detail or quality. Knockoff kits can be much cheaper than licensed items, but it isn’t worth the risk.

How much you can expect to spend on a 'Star Wars' model kit

The average price of a "Star Wars" model kit will depend on the medium and the intricacy of the build. An entry-level kit that consists of wood or paper can retail for $20-$40. Highly detailed, larger kits with thousands of pieces can retail for $800-$1,300.

'Star Wars' model kit FAQ

Do you need special tools to put the kit together?

A. While there might be some kits that require tools, the majority of model kits these days don’t. That is because the technology behind model kits has evolved to feature click-in or snap-together designs. For Lego builds, the pieces easily stay together.

How long does it take to build a 'Star Wars' model kit?

A. That will depend on the complexity of the build and how nimble your fingers are. Larger builds can take around 10-12 hours to complete, while smaller kits should only take a few hours. 

What’s the best 'Star Wars' model kit to buy?

Top 'Star Wars' model kit

Lego "Star Wars" Ultimate Millennium Falcon

What you need to know: It’s going to take more than a few hours and a bunch of friends to complete this massive 7,541-piece kit. With intricate details and seven classic "Star Wars" minifigures, this Millennium Falcon will be the star attraction in any house.

What you’ll love: Any "Star Wars" fan will grab at the chance to tackle this enormous build, that measures 8 inches high, 33 inches long and 22 inches wide. It includes the smallest details to accurately replicate the famous Millennium Falcon, and it comes with minifigures of Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, C-3PO, an older Han Solo, Rey and Finn. On the inside of the ship, you can put together the seating area, the Dejarik holographic game and the engine room with hyperdrive and console.

What you should consider: This kit is best suited for adults with lots of patience or expert builders. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top 'Star Wars' model kit for the money

"Star Wars" Tie Fighter 3D Wood Puzzle and Model Figure Kit

What you need to know: Made from sturdy wood, this iconic Tie Fighter kit can be painted with any colors that you want.

What you’ll love: The puzzle is made from 63 interlocking pieces to create a free-standing model. It comes with step-by-step instructions for assembly and the accompanying booklet delves deep into the history of Tie Fighters, the different variants and notable battles.

What you should consider: The assembled build is relatively small, standing 4.5 inches tall and 3.3 inches wide. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

"Star Wars" Imperial Star Destroyer Paper Model Kit

What you need to know: You’re going to need a delicate touch and steady hands to complete this paper-based model of the infamous Imperial Star Destroyer. It comprises 342 pieces, all held together with the included craft glue. 

What you’ll love: Included in the build are step-by-step instructions and a display stand. But the set doesn’t just feature the Star Destroyer, as it also comes with smaller paper models of two Tie Fighters and an Imperial Shuttle. 

What you should consider: You’ll need some extra room to display this build, as the Star Destroyer measures 30 inches long, 15.1 inches high and 16.5 inches wide.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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