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Best LED Halloween mask

Which LED Halloween masks are best?

The best Halloween masks are generally a matter of opinion and personal taste. But if you want the best light-up Halloween mask, some are certainly better than others.

If you want a fully customizable and programmable LED mask for Halloween, the top choice is the AINSKO Light-up Mask with Bluetooth. Users can pair the mask with their phone via Bluetooth and program the LEDs on the surface to display virtually any design.

What to know before you buy a LED Halloween mask

Type of LED mask 

Some masks use some LED lighting to add a bit of stylish flair to your Halloween costume. Some are very plain masks where the lights are the main purpose and focal point of the design. There are also high-tech masks that allow users to display fancy designs using many LEDs. A light-up mask can be a fun costume piece on its own or a nice supplement to another outfit. 

Complexity vs. simplicity

There are very simple and sleek LED masks or you could go the DIY route and create your own simple mask design. For more complex LED masks or designs inspired by characters in film, TV and games, it may be difficult to replicate the look you are going for if you have not worked with LEDs before. 

Light-up parts

The entirety of a mask could light up with LEDs, but the design could use lighting sparingly for a subtle and scary effect. A few LED lines to highlight certain features or fake light up eyes look unnatural and can be fun for a Halloween mask. Remember that an LED mask does not need to be very detailed because in the dark it would be difficult for anyone to notice details anyway.

What to look for in quality LED Halloween masks


You could get an LED screen mask that is adaptable to any costume or event since the mask itself can be programmed to show any design you want. While these models are usually pretty expensive, they offer immense customization options and can be used and reused for a multitude of costumes or events beyond the Halloween season. If you are going to invest in a light-up mask, consider if it is an item you need to wear and enjoy many times.


Some fancy LED masks have their own power storage for keeping the lights on. However, many will require the use of separate batteries. The best options can get hours of use out of a few batteries. If you find that your mask has trouble staying on for long periods of time, you may be able to conserve the battery by only lighting it up when necessary.


Many LED masks will be made from simple, cheap Halloween mask materials and molds. The better quality options can hold up to normal wear and tear more efficiently. If you find an LED mask that requires delicate treatment, that does not mean you should avoid it, but remember that you will have to be careful while wearing it. 

How much you can expect to spend on an LED Halloween mask

For a simple Halloween mask that has LED designs on it, you can expect to pay about $10-$20, plus the cost of batteries to power the device. Fancy face masks that are essentially an entire screen of LEDs can be found for under $100.

LED Halloween mask FAQ

Are LED Halloween masks safe to wear?

A. It is highly unlikely that an LED light could get very hot or cause a fire hazard because LEDs do not emit light from a vacuum like lots of light bulbs do. Light created by an LED is done without very high temperatures and power levels that could cause serious danger. The biggest safety concern is the material of a face mask itself and the positioning of lights. Check that the LEDs do not shine directly into the user's eyes. Consider if you have allergies to any materials that could be in the mask. If you have a latex allergy, for example, you should not wear a latex mask.

Can you make an LED mask?

A. If you have some time and want a custom light-up mask for Halloween, you can definitely make one yourself. First, find a plain mask from a craft store or a Halloween mask that you want to alter. Next, you will want to buy some flexible glowing wire lights and attach them to your mask as decoration in whatever design you prefer. If you want individual LEDs instead of strip lights, you could get small individual LEDs too and attach them to your mask. Once you have the lighting hooked up to a battery, you are good to go on Halloween.

What's the best LED Halloween mask to buy?

Top LED Halloween mask

AINSKO Light up Mask with Bluetooth

What you need to know: This light-up mask is completely programmable with thousands of LEDs to display limitless designs.

What you'll love: The mask can display text, images, animations and more. The LED visuals are completely customizable and controlled through the mobile app. Users turn on the mask and connect it to their phone's Bluetooth to take control of the high-tech light-up Halloween mask. The wearer can configure the mask to change animations via sensing gestures. It supports multiple different languages for the user interface.

What you should consider: Some customers reported receiving defective and faulty copies that did not work properly.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top LED Halloween mask for the money

heytech LED Costume Mask

What you need to know: This very affordable LED Halloween mask is inspired by "The Purge" but serves as a spooky mask for anyone who wants a scary neon design.

What you'll love: It comes in a few different color options so that your lighting can match your outfit. The mask itself is a simple plastic design with LED light strips strapped near the eyes, nose and mouth. Lights are powered by two AA batteries in a connected battery pack that can be clipped to a belt or held in a pocket. It has a few different lighting modes, allowing for more variety than simply turning it on and off.

What you should consider: Some customers got copies of the mask that would not light up or turn on correctly.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

"Demon Slayer" Fox Mask LED

What you need to know: This LED mask resembles masks from the popular "Demon Slayer" anime and manga, but has the ability to light up at night.

What you'll love: There are three variations in pink, red and yellow. The plastic is nontoxic Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) and each of the different designs is a separate mold, not just a different LED arrangement. The mask is battery-powered with two AA batteries contained in a battery pack that could be stored safely in a wearer's pocket or attached to the belt.

What you should consider: Some customers have received damaged or broken copies of the mask that were unwearable.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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