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Best dinosaur costume

Which dinosaur costume is best?

With Hollywood maintaining a steady flow of entertainment featuring prehistoric beasts running rampant, dinosaur costumes show no sign of waning in popularity. Whether you’re looking to dress up as a cowboy comically mounted on a Tyrannosaurus steed or want to wear a detailed, movie-accurate mask that looks straight from a film set, there is a costume available to suit every dinosaur fan's preferences.

The Rubie Inflatable T. Rex Costume continues to be a favorite thanks to its winning combination of high detail, quality and humor.

What to know before you buy a dinosaur costume

Funny or realistic

Dinosaur costumes can be divided into either funny or realistic aesthetics. Consider the vibe you’re going for this Halloween and choose a costume that will suit your style.

  • Funny dinosaur costumes forgo accuracy in favor of exaggerated, cartoony proportions. Many depict dinosaurs as brightly colored and some are designed to make it look as though the wearer is riding on the creature’s back. While quality varies, most funny costumes are made of inexpensive materials and not built for longevity.
  • Realistic dinosaur costumes appeal to people who want a more accurate representation of what scientists believe dinosaurs looked like. These costumes usually consist of just a mask, although some include a pair of gloves and a tail to complete the look. Realistic dinosaur costumes are highly detailed and usually made of durable latex, foam or other materials that can sustain repeated use. 

Full costume vs. mask

Consider where and when you will wear your costume to decide if you want a full-body option or something easier to take on and off. Full-body options are bulky and cumbersome, so if you’re planning on spending your Halloween indoors at a party, you may find yourself crowding others or knocking things over. Masks, however, don’t allow for a head-to-toe look and may not satisfy someone looking to fully embrace their inner dinosaur.

Inflatable costume considerations

Inflatable dinosaur costumes are easy to put on and almost certain to provide some comical moments. However, costumes that envelop your entire body are challenging to see out of and can also make it difficult to hold onto items, open doors or otherwise use your hands. If you pick an inflatable costume, be sure to have a partner with you to prevent you from tripping over unseen obstacles, keep you away from sharp edges and help you with any street crossings. 

What to look for in a quality dinosaur costume


One of the most important features to consider in any costume is your ability to see while in it. Some inflatable costumes have a transparent window to look out of, but these still greatly reduce your peripheral vision. If you opt for a mask, choose one with eye holes large enough to see clearly through. It’s also important to make sure that the holes line up with your eyes, and that the mask won’t slip and leave you blindfolded when you least expect it.

Material quality 

While you shouldn’t expect your costume to last for 65 million years, if you want to make repeated use of it you should pay special attention to the quality of its material. Inflatable costumes should be tough enough to not easily stretch or tear while walking normally. When it comes to masks or gloves, look for costumes that are thick and flexible. Avoid any made of brittle plastic or vinyl thin enough to see through.


Even an amazing-looking costume is no fun if it’s uncomfortable to wear. Make sure any masks you choose don’t rest too heavily on the bridge of your nose or on your ears. Slight pressure and discomfort can lead to soreness after an hour or two. If you live in a hot climate, inflatable costumes that cover your entire body may result in a stuffy, sweaty experience. 

How much you can expect to spend on a dinosaur costume

They cost $30-$70, depending on the quality of the material.

Dinosaur costume FAQ

Are there fabric dinosaur costumes?

A. Yes. While most are made out of vinyl or latex, many children’s costumes are available in light fabrics.

How do inflatable dinosaur costumes stay inflated?

A. They use a built-in battery-powered fan to stay pressurized and keep the air flowing inside.

Is there a costume that will let me dress up as my favorite dinosaur?

A. While T. rex is the most popular costume option, other dinosaur species can also be found with a little digging. Whether you want to celebrate as a pterodactyl, brontosaurus or triceratops, chances are you can find a costume to suit your preference.

What’s the best dinosaur costume to buy?

Top dinosaur costume

Rubie Inflatable T. Rex Costume

What you need to know: This hilarious, easy-to-wear costume has become a viral pop culture hit.

What you’ll love: Available in four sizes, this inflatable suit never fails to amuse. Its battery-powered fan keeps it inflated and also pushes a steady flow of fresh air to the wearer inside.

What you should consider: Its small viewing window makes it challenging to see anywhere but directly in front of you.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top dinosaur costume for the money

Decalare Inflatable Full Body T. Rex Costume

What you need to know: This playful costume is generously sized and great for those on a budget.

What you’ll love: At more than 6 feet in height, this costume is sure to be noticed in a crowd. It’s made of brightly colored polyester and its built-in fan runs on four AA batteries or a USB power bank of your choosing.

What you should consider: It can get hot inside and can be most comfortable in cooler weather.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

LarpGears Latex T. Rex Dinosaur Mask

What you need to know: This mask is great for those in search of a more realistic dinosaur look.

What you’ll love: Available in either brown or green, this mask is highly detailed and made of comfortable, flexible latex. You can see clearly through the hole in its mouth and its soft construction lets you turn your head.

What you should consider: Because this mask is so rubbery, some users stuff theirs with cardboard or other materials to prevent it from losing its shape while worn.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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