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Trending Star Wars toys you can get online

Best trending Star Wars toys 

There’s something special about Star Wars toys, and when new ones come out, it’s safe to say that fans and collectors go wild. When new releases hit the shelves often, scooping up the hottest ones is a top priority— especially before they sell out or are discontinued. 

Before you search the galaxy for new Star Wars toys, consider checking online retailers first. Besides saving you a trip to the store, you may be able to find retailer-exclusive releases, catch restocks or pre-order upcoming merchandise. 

What you need to know about Star Wars toys

Who manufactures Star Wars toys?

The “Star Wars” franchise is currently owned by Disney. According to Investopedia, Disney spent a whopping $4.1 billion to acquire intellectual property rights from Lucasfilm Ltd., which also included the “Indiana Jones” franchise.  

While Disney manufactures its fair share of Star Wars merchandise, they also license Star Wars to other toy companies. That’s why you’ll find a wealth of Star Wars merchandise made by LEGO, Hasbro, Playskool and others. For more information on Star Wars toys made by some of these companies, visit the complete BestReviews buying guide. 

Benefits of buying Star Wars toys online

Buying Star Wars toys online is convenient for a multitude of reasons. For one, you can browse and compare toys in the comfort of your own home. There’s no need to rush around because you can select store or curbside pickup for many retailers. If you view a toy that hasn’t been released yet, you may be able to ditch the crowds and pre-order it for no-hassle pickup.

Drawbacks of buying Star Wars toys online

While product images and specifications are helpful, you won’t get a good look at a Star Wars toy until it’s delivered. Sometimes, these products appear much different in person. It’s also important to make sure you’re buying from authorized sellers only. Unfortunately, there are several counterfeit Star Wars toys on the market, so stick to reputable retailers. 

How do I know whether a Star Wars toy is collectible?

There’s no way to predict whether a Star Wars toy will be collectible. Some take the toy world by storm unexpectedly, and to this day, there’s still no explaining why it happens. Regardless, if you’d like to know whether a Star Wars toy is collectible, pay attention to a few key features.

Character popularity

While toys of popular Star Wars characters are often thought of as being the most collectible, many Star Wars enthusiasts gravitate toward other ones. Some collectors feel there’s a greater likelihood that popular figures or toys, such as Star Wars The Child Plush, will be reproduced and restocked. Less popular characters, such as those who appear in just one episode or scene, may become scant or discontinued. 

Retailer exclusives

There are some retailer-exclusive Star Wars toys. The Playskool Heroes Star Wars Galactic Heroes Millennium Falcon Set and this six-inch Mando figurine, for example, are both Amazon exclusives. These are considered more collectible by certain Star Wars enthusiasts, especially when they have unique retailer-branded packaging.

Discontinued merchandise

Some Star Wars toys have become valuable or collectible simply because they’re discontinued. While Sphero still manufactures a few app-enabled Star Wars droids, their R2-D2 model is no longer made. However, it’s still available through select retailers until stock runs out. LEGO Star Wars sets are occasionally discontinued as well, such as this set featuring General Grievous' Combat Speeder

How much are Star Wars toys?

There are hundreds of Star Wars toys available for $25 or less, ranging from small LEGO Star Wars sets to plush critters. Several electronic toys and collector’s quality figurines are priced between $30-$100. The most expensive Star Wars toys, including some deluxe playsets, run as high as $1,000. 

Top trending Star Wars toys available online

Millennium Falcon LEGO set

LEGO Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Millenium Falcon

A perennial favorite, this 1,351-piece building set features the most loved starship in the galaxy. The updated set has seven LEGO Star Wars characters, which now include BB-8 and D-O. 

Sold by Amazon

Interactive The Child 

Star Wars The Child Animatronic Edition

Dive into a rousing conversation with The Child, who responds with over 25 sound and motion combinations. It’s suitable for children ages 4 and older and is easy to operate with a couple of taps between the ears. 

Sold by Macy’s

Clone Wars LEGO set

LEGO Star Wars 501st Legion Clone Troopers

Relive the action with this battle-ready set featuring Clone Troopers. The 285-piece set builds two iconic vehicles, including an AT-RT Walker and a BARC Speeder.

Sold by Amazon

Poe Dameron NERF Blaster

Star Wars Nerf Poe Dameron Blaster

Practice your blasting skills with the Nerf Poe Dameron blaster. The light-up blaster is designed for rapid-fire and comes with three darts. 

Sold by Amazon

Mando bobblehead

Funko Star Wars: The Mandalorian Bobblehead

If ever you hoped Mando would nod in agreement to you, this is the bobblehead to buy. It stands at 3.75 inches tall, which is enough to intimidate other items on your desk. 

Sold by Amazon


Star Wars Scream Saber

Kids ages 4 and older can record their own “pew-pew” sound effects into this lightsaber. It’s equipped with three sound modes, including a classic option featuring sounds from the original films. 

Sold by Amazon

Star Wars Monopoly

Monopoly: Star Wars Complete Saga Edition Board Game

Dive into all three trilogies with this deluxe Monopoly Star Wars game. The board comes with finely crafted game pieces featuring favorite droids and ships. 

Sold by Amazon

The Child RC helicopter

Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Sculpted UFO Helicopter

Take The Child out for a spin with this RC-controlled helicopter. It’s easy to control and, thanks to infrared motion-sensitive technology, The Child won’t bump into nearby objects. 

Sold by Macy’s

Cuddly Chewbacca

Pillow Pets Disney Star Wars Chewbacca Plush

Pillow Pets now offers a cuddly Wookiee with a brushable mane. This nap-ready Chewbacca features his iconic belt and toothy smile. 

Sold by Amazon and Macy’s

Rey action figure

Star Wars Forces of Destiny Rey of Jakku and BB-8 Adventure Set

This 11-inch Rey action figure has fine details, including rooted hair and textured accessories. She also comes with a companion, BB-8, and a lightsaber. 

Sold by Amazon

The Mandalorian BrickHeadz 

LEGO BrickHeadz Star Wars The Mandalorian & The Child Building Kit

A best-seller, this LEGO Star Wars set features chunky 3-inch versions of The Child and Mando. The set is a quick-to-build project, and the finished duo remains favorite desktop companions. 

Sold by Amazon


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