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Best RC truck

What is the best RC truck?

Adults and children know the excitement of operating a remote control truck. The sights, sounds and speed mimic a full-sized truck. The power and precision make you feel like you are behind the wheel. But you don’t have to worry about insurance claims or injuries when the truck inevitably crashes. Flip the truck right side up and start again.

RC trucks have a wide variety of features that appeals to beginners and serious enthusiasts. They boast high speeds and can be used on most surfaces inside and outdoors. For its all-terrain capability and speeds up to 30 miles per hour, the best RC truck is the Laegendary Remote Control Off-Road Truck.

What to know before you buy an RC truck

Where will you be driving your RC truck?

If you plan to drive your RC truck inside or on flat surfaces outside, the majority of RC trucks will meet expectations. If the driving destination is rocks, sand or dirt, look for RC trucks with rubber tires and an all-terrain design. This will ensure your best experience with more hours of driving and less time getting the truck unstuck.

Racing or just for fun

There are two types of RC trucks. Electric trucks are what most consumers purchase. They are less expensive, durable and can reach speeds between 20 to 30 miles per hour.

Nitro RC trucks have internal combustion engines that reach speeds of 40 miles per hour or higher. They are more expensive and used by serious racers.


There are transmitters that can reach 100 feet or farther, but 20 to 50 feet is a typical range for controlling the truck. If you know where you will be driving your truck and how far you will need the transmitter to work, it will guide you toward the right RC truck.


Some operators look forward to the crashes and collisions that most RC trucks are designed to endure. Look for trucks with strong chassis and durable bodies. The longest-lasting RC trucks have a singular body that wraps around the frame and lacks plastic add-ons that easily break off when the truck flips over.

What to look for in an RC truck


RC trucks are powered by rechargeable batteries. Most batteries last for 15 minutes. Look for RC trucks that have an extra battery included for quickly changing out batteries when the first one runs out. Keep in mind that charging batteries can take up to one hour.

Sounds and lights

Most RC trucks come with real-life sounds and lighting. The sounds mimic life-size trucks with horns, engine noises and turn signals. LED lights decorate the truck and power the headlights. These features are best experienced away from natural light inside your home or at night.

Four-wheel drive

Four-by-four RC trucks with four-wheel drive are excellent for driving in snow or rain. Like real trucks, four-wheel drive provides greater traction and control for slippery conditions. If you will be using your RC truck in snowy or wet conditions, consider a model with four-wheel drive.

Replacement parts

RC trucks may need replacement parts as the wear and tear take their toll. Look for manufacturers that have lifetime warranties and replacement guarantees.

How much you can expect to spend on an RC truck

Inexpensive RC trucks are priced between $25-$75. They have moderate handling with speeds up to 25 miles per hour and can be used on hard surfaces and grass. For $75-$150, you can get RC trucks with remote-control transmitters with long ranges and more technological features. For $150 and above, you can find RC trucks that are typically used for racing and have more powerful engines with precise steering control.

RC truck FAQ

Why won't my truck respond to the transmitter?

A. The transmitter and truck communicate via radio waves. If your truck is nonresponsive, check the power switches on both the truck and transmitter. Confirm that your batteries are charged. Transmitters with telescoping antennae should have the antenna fully extended. Make sure that the truck is within the transmitting range and hasn't traveled too far away.

Should I start with a nitro RC truck?

A. Nitro RC trucks are designed for serious racing. Even if your future goal is to join a racing league, beginners should start with an electric truck. Once you have mastered how to control an RC truck, you can confidently upgrade to the power, speed and cost of a nitro truck.

What is the best RC truck to buy?

Top RC truck

Laegandary Remote Control Off-Road Truck

What you need to know: Designed for all surfaces, this two-speed RC truck runs fast for adults and slower for children.

What you’ll love: The electromagnetic motor generates speeds up to 30 miles per hour. The rechargeable lithium polymer battery lasts for over 30 minutes. The remote control is easy to hold and use up to 250 feet away.

What you should consider: It is expensive compared to similar models.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top RC truck for the money

Double E Remote Control Semi Truck

What you need to know: This multifunctional truck is licensed by Mercedes-Benz and comes with batteries for the truck and transmitter.

What you’ll love: It comes with an extended 86-centimeter trailer that works with other Double E construction toys. The transmitter operates up to 100 feet. It is packaged in a gift box that is ideal for holidays and birthdays.

What you should consider: Some consumers needed customer service support for understanding the instructions.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Sharper Image Thunder Tumbler

What you need to know: Designed for children, this remote control mini truck is fast and performs stunts.

What you’ll love: The mini truck is designed as a hybrid with a race car. A dual joystick operates both sides to simplify spinning and flipping. The LED lights add to the excitement. It comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

What you should consider: Batteries are not included in the packaging.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Kohl's


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