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Best drone for kids

Which drone is best for kids?

Professional drones in the hands of expert pilots can capture truly amazing scenes. It has become more common to hear the propellers high above while someone records a video of a breathtaking sunset.

However, for kids interested in aviation and drone flying, a photography drone isn't an option. Besides being several times more expensive, photography drones are also incredibly complex. You can better sow the foundational seeds of flying with a drone specifically designed for kids. The Holy Stone HS210 Mini Drone for Kids and Beginners is an excellent starting gadget.

What to know before you buy a drone for kids

Look for a drone with an altitude hold

Your child will, at some point, test the boundaries of the drone. One of the most dangerous aspects of drone flying is losing control or going too high.

There are several safety aspects for losing control, but to curb the height, look for a drone with an altitude hold function. This lets you fly the drone to a safe height and then hand over controls. The drone will then safely fly at the specified altitude.

Teach kids about battery safety

Any drone comes with rechargeable batteries, and the most common are lithium polymer. But when not handled correctly, these can quickly become dangerous.

Teaching kids to handle Li-Po batteries with care is crucial, as they can explode or catch fire when impacting an object. It would be best if you also showed them to check that any wires on the drone are tucked away neatly so that it doesn't snag on objects or get pulled out by kids.

Talk about how and where to fly a drone

Depending on your state, specific laws might govern drone flying, whether for recreational or professional use. Before handing over controls to children (who should always be supervised), it's important to talk to them about flying a drone safely. This should include where they can fly, what not to do and that a drone isn't a toy.

What to look for in a quality drone for kids

Propeller guards

You can't always count on kids paying attention, and even if you have already warned them, they still might stick their fingers where you told them not to. And since the most dangerous part of any drone is the fast-spinning propellers, a good-quality drone will have some form of protection.

Usually, drones have propeller guards that prevent damage when accidentally flown into objects, but kids' drones are different. The guards are there to prevent flight damage, but more importantly, to protect the hands and fingers of children.

Battery life

Kids often expect to be entertained for the entire duration of their concentration span. If something stops or gets interrupted prematurely, they won't enjoy it. A drone is an exciting gadget, so a good-quality model has a long flight time.

Unfortunately, the flight time is determined by the drone's batteries, weight and capabilities. Since kids' drones aren't that complex, the batteries often have a lower charge capacity than professional drones. On average, you should get about 20 minutes of flying time from three rechargeable batteries.

Easy controls

Flying a drone can seem complex, but it doesn't need to be. If kids understand how objects move through the air, they'll be able to pilot a drone easily. However, it also helps if the controller is made with them in mind.

A good-quality drone for children has large buttons that are easy to press, thumbsticks that are comfortably within reach and additional buttons for executing tricks and flips. Depending on the flying skill, some drones have cameras you can view through a smartphone.

How much you can expect to spend on a drone for kids

Drones for kids are significantly more affordable than professional drones. While those can easily top $1,000 for a basic model, an entry-level kids' drone costs $20-$30. Something a bit more complex can cost $50-$70.

Drone for kids FAQ

What is headless mode on a drone?

A. Drones can fly in several directions but always have front and back sides. Movement is executed based on the relation of those points in the air. However, with a headless mode, that isn't the case. Instead, the drone's movement is related to the controller.

What are the three speeds on a kids' drone?

A. A handy safety feature, most drones for children can fly at three different speeds to get better accustomed to the controls. Typically, the lowest setting is at 30% of the maximum speed, the mid is at 60% and the high is at 100%.

What's the best drone for kids to buy?

Top drone for kids

Holy Stone HS210 Mini Drone for Kids and Beginners

What you need to know: This drone is perfectly safe for kids, as the propellers have a sturdy cover around them.

What you'll love: With the "toss to launch" function, there is no more struggling to get the drone airborne. Additional features include automatically flying in a circle, 3D flips and auto rotation. It comes with three rechargeable batteries and an easy-to-use controller.

What you should consider: The included batteries only provide about 20 minutes of flying time.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top drone for kids for the money

UranHub Mini Drone for Kids

What you need to know: The propellers are completely covered with plastic mesh, making it safer for small hands to fly and land.

What you'll love: With a kid-friendly controller, this drone is easy to fly with one-button take-off and landing, altitude hold, emergency stop and one-key returning. It has three flying speeds and can perform various flips and tricks.

What you should consider: While it is offered at an affordable price, a few customers noted that this drone is a bit difficult to control.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

DEERC D20 Mini Drone for Kids with 720P HD FPV Camera

What you need to know: An upgrade for kids who are comfortable with flying, this drone has a 720p front-facing camera.

What you'll love: The D20 connects to a mobile phone through Wi-Fi that lets you navigate it through the display. It can land and take off by pressing one button and has four propeller guards, emergency stop and altitude hold.

What you should consider: The included rechargeable batteries only give about 20 minutes of flying time.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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