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Best Cry Babies toy

Which Cry Babies toy is best?

Cry Babies toys are small plastic dolls that make realistic baby sounds. All Cry Babies cry real tears when you take their pacifiers away. When you give them back their pacifiers, they stop crying and their faces light up. 

There are many Cry Babies characters to choose from. If you are looking for a Cry Baby that comes with its own playset, take a look at the Cry Babies Magic Tears Tutti Frutti Playset - Pia’s Factory. This Cry Baby comes with recipes kids follow to mix powders with Pia’s Magic Tears to create pretend juices, smoothies, jams and jellies.

What to know before you buy a Cry Babies toy

In the TV series, Cry Babies explore a world of imagination where tears are magical and carry special powers. The tears are triggered by emotions of love and happiness as the babies band together to overcome challenging situations. All Cry Babies dolls can cry, but there are several different series of dolls to consider. 

Cry Babies series

  • Starry Sky dolls: These 12-inch dolls have pendants tied around their necks with ribbons. Push the button and the pendant projects a night sky with stars and a moon on walls and ceilings. Starry Sky dolls also play five different lullabies for up to 10 minutes to help your little one go to sleep.
  • Dress Me Up dolls: The 5-inch dolls in this series come with interchangeable clothing, shoes and hats. Dolls in this series come with complete outfits to dress them from head to toe. All the dolls in this series include accessories like shoes, tops, clothes hangers and mirrors.
  • Kiss Me dolls: The 12-inch dolls in this series have a special trick of their own. When you kiss your Cry Babies dolls, it triggers sensors inside and their cheeks blush pink. Dolls in this series make up to 15 realistic baby sounds.
  • Tutti Frutti dolls: There are 12 fruit characters to collect in this series and some cry special jelly tears. 
  • Cuddles dolls: These 9-inch baby dolls have super-soft and cuddly bodies. Each comes dressed in a onesie with a pacifier.
  • Goodnight dolls: These 12-inch sleepy-time dolls cry light-up LED tears when you take away their pacifiers. Press the switch and listen to them play five different lullabies for up to 10 minutes.

What to look for in a quality Cry Babies toy

Fantasy pets 

These 2-inch Cry Babies toys are sold separately or in multi-packs. Kids open the tiny pet houses to find out which fantasy creature is inside. You might find a unicorn, dinosaur, magic pony, gator, moose or other colorful creatures. These tiny babies come with lots of glitter and stickers.


Decorate envelopes, place cards and snacks with these round, self-adhesive stickers that come in packs of 160, enough for even the biggest events.

Themed party packs

Throw a Cry Babies toy-themed party with Cry Babies toy flags, cake toppers and masks. Kids join in the Cry Babies fun for birthday parties and any occasions where kids want to have some Cry Babies fun. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Cry Babies toy

Cry Babies toys start at just under $20 and run as high as $65. Cry Babies toys playsets cost from $15-$30 and accessories cost from $10-$20.

Cry Babies toy FAQ

Do Cry Babies make toys that the dolls can sit in?

A. Yes, Cry Babies Toys makes baby carriers, doll seats, high chairs, playpens and strollers, most of which are foldable.

Are all Cry Babies toy dolls made of plastic?

A. Heads and hands are plastic and bodies are made of soft and cuddly plush materials. 

What are Cry Babies’ tears made of?

A. Tears are regular tap water that you use to fill their baby bottles, which in turn fill reservoirs.

What are the best Cry Babies toys to buy?

Top Cry Babies toy

Cry Babies Magic Tears Tutti Frutti Playset - Pia’s Factory

What you need to know: This Cry Babies toy playset for toddlers and young children comes with more than 20 interactive and fun accessories. 

What you’ll love: Kids follow the recipes to mix powders and glitter with Pia’s Magic Tears to create pretend juices, smoothies, jams and jellies. This playset includes a 5-inch-tall Magic Tears Pia with baby bottle, pacifier, dress and sunglasses, couch and table, four recipes, three toppings, three spoons, storage pot and a sticker sheet.

What you should consider: Use caution with little kids who may try to drink the smoothies and juices and eat the jams and jellies.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Cry Babies toy for the money

Cry Babies Kiss Me Stella

What you need to know: Give this 12-inch-tall doll a sweet little kiss and watch as her cheeks blush pink.

What you’ll love: This Cry Babies toy makes 15 realistic baby sounds, including cooing and crying like a real baby. Fill her sippy cup with water, feed it to her to fill her reservoir, and watch Stella cry real tears when you take away her pacifier. This toy arrives wearing a trendy shimmery purple and pink outfit with fur trim, purple shoes and a pink hoodie. This Kiss Me series doll can also be ordered in Daphne and Sydney versions.

What you should consider: The ribbon that attaches the pacifier may pull loose if kids are not careful.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Cry Babies Goodnight Starry Sky Jenna Sleepytime Baby Doll

What you need to know: Press Jenna’s stomach and her purple pendant projects a starry night sky with a moon in any room, night or day.

What you’ll love: Remove Jenna’s pacifier and watch her cry LED light-up tears. Give her back her pacifier and she stops crying. Jenna makes eight realistic baby sounds and plays five different lullabies for up to 10 minutes when you press her tummy again. Press the button on the back to turn off the music. Light up your dreams with this magic toy that comes dressed in Pegasus-themed pajamas.

What you should consider: This Cry Babies toy requires 2 AAA batteries.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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