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Best Disney LEGO sets

Which Disney LEGO sets are best?

As an iconic toymaker, LEGO has teamed up with a variety of properties over the years to make exciting sets with lovable characters for builders of all ages. In 2009, LEGO formed a partnership with Disney, allowing the Danish company to make sets inspired by live action movies and animated stories.

LEGO continues to add to their Disney series, and with over 10 years of products in their catalog, there are plenty from which to choose. One of the most elaborate and stunning sets is Pirates of the Carribean Silent Mary, but there are other options still for all ages and interests in the LEGO Disney series.

What to know before you buy Disney LEGO sets

Disney LEGO properties

Knowing what's available in the LEGO Disney series is the first step to narrowing down a search and finding what you want. LEGO defines their Disney series as those sets inspired by Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios. Notably, LEGO Disney sets feature Disney princesses such as Elsa, Moana and Cinderella.

Historic Disney characters will also be featured in this series, including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy. Pixar's Toy Story is prominent as well. Select LEGO builds are inspired by popular live actions films, namely Pirates of the Caribbean.

While Disney also owns two other popular properties in LucasFilm and Marvel, these LEGO sets for Star Wars and Marvel Super Heroes each have their own specific series, as they are vast and unique on their own.

Disney LEGO minifigures and mini-dolls

Most LEGO sets, including those in the Disney series, include figurines with which to play and interact. Most sets feature the iconic minifig, a small, angular, articulated character made of three or four interchangeable parts. They may represent a generic person or professional, or be modelled after a specific character from popular culture, like Minnie Mouse or Jack Sparrow.

While minifigs are included in sets, LEGO has sold a set of minifigures in a bundle without an associated build. These coveted collectors items feature 18 minifigs each from the world of Disney.

However, some Disney sets, particularly those featuring Disney princesses, feature mini-dolls. These came available with the Friends series in 2012: they are slightly taller and rounder figurines that boast larger facial features. Mulan, Anna and many other princesses are available in mini-doll form instead of as a minifig. 

Disney LEGO age range

LEGO Disney sets cater to most ages and will specify a recommended minimum age or range. While most are aimed at ages 6 and up, there are some simpler sets for those around 4, as well as more complex builds geared towards teens and adults.

Generally, as the recommended age increases, so does piece count. Most Disney sets feature between 250-500 pieces, but bigger builds may approach and even exceed 1,000 pieces.

What to look for in quality Disney LEGO sets

LEGO Duplo

This series of LEGO sets are designed to introduce young children to the world of LEGO. They are geared for those ages 1 to 5 and feature simple, colorful builds and large pieces to capture attention. Some Disney sets fall under the Duplo umbrella.

Disney LEGO Storybook Adventures

These inventive sets are inspired by Disney princess stories and are contained with large, LEGO-styled 'books' that open up to reveal exciting scenes. Within are characters, accessories and scenery that pop-up. The enclosure doubles as a storage and travel container and each exterior features a unique color and engraved name; fans are encouraged to collect the entire series of storybook adventures.

Disney LEGO sets as home decor

Select LEGO Disney sets are meant to be put on display when completed. There are portraits of notable Disney characters that can be hung on a wall or placed on a desk. Some sets feature a specific character that comes with a stand so it can be displayed as well.

How much you can expect to spend on Disney LEGO sets

Mid-size LEGO Disney sets run from around $25-$75, with price increasing along with size. The largest sets may exceed $100.

Disney LEGO sets FAQ

Q. Why are some Disney LEGO sets harder to find than others?

A. LEGO retires products at the end of every year, ending production and selling off what they have left on their website in order to make room for new sets. However, while they may not be available directly from LEGO, they are likely still offered from secondary retailers or resellers. They may come at a higher price though, particularly if they're rare and coveted.

Q. How do I replace missing or damaged LEGO bricks?

A. If your set arrives with missing pieces, LEGO will offer an exchange for the proper, complete set. If you lose bricks over time, you can look up replacement parts online. Each set has a unique number so that you can pinpoint exactly what you need. LEGO bricks are more likely to go missing than be damaged, as they are rigorously tested to withstand dropping, pressure and heat.

What are the best Disney LEGO sets to buy?

Top Disney LEGO set

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Silent Mary

Our take: Vast and challenging set with plenty of moving pieces, ideal for those who want an involved, detailed build.

What we like: Features eight minifigs, including Jack Sparrow. Includes rowboats and LEGO sharks. Can be proudly displayed when complete. Among the larger LEGO sets at over 2,000 pieces.

What we dislike: Expensive and time-consuming. Requires a level of care and focus that may deter some.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Disney LEGO set for the money

LEGO Disney Moana's Island Home

Our take: Small, colorful set inspired by the film Moana that offers versatility and plenty of playful accessories.

What we like: Features mini-doll of Moana. Includes HeiHei and a baby sea turtle. It also comes with a separate waterfall with a spinning whirlpool disc. Easy for younger kids to put together.

What we dislike: Accessories can be easily lost.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

LEGO Disney Princess Elsa's Magical Ice Palace

Our take: Elaborate Elsa castle for younger builders seeking something interactive and majestic to create and play with.

What we like: Larger set with over 701 pieces that's still fairly easy to build, offering something simple yet time-consuming for ages 6 to 12. Three-story castle has lots of rooms and movable parts. Includes both Elsa and Ana mini-dolls, plus Olaf.

What we dislike: Expensive. Some smaller pieces may prove challenging to put together.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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